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Union has limited vacation and sick days, management and insurance are bad, and salary and compensation are low, according to a former employee at glassdoor.com

"Not a ton of vacation time/sick days. Lay-off, bad management. Low compensation and not so great insurance. Bad pay, union scams you."


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Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Politics unfair if you don't speak Spanish not good if you trying to support a family that depends on you . Cons: Not enough work unless you are bilingual"

Foreman - laborer (Former Employee) says

"Good for high school grads that haven't gone to college or should be ditch diggers. Its very hard at times and you are treated like a work mule, convienent because thats what you are."

Apprentice (Former Employee) says

"Was not challenging enough for me. I wanted to learn more advance skills. I enjoyed working here but my pay was enough to support my family. Other than that good training opportunities."

flagger/laborer (Former Employee) says

"This was the highest paying job I have ever had and it was the toughest. I had to work in All weather in negative degrees and in triple digits. There was a lot of work place discrimination, not professional at all."

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Never knew if you would have a job next month, they placed you where they wanted you most of the time for temporary positions. And in the fall you would be laid off till spring rolled around Cons: No work"

Journeyman Laborer (Current Employee) says

"The pay is great as long as you become a journeyman laborer right off the bat. If you are able to the pay is generally $21.76 an hour for building trades, and $25.74 an hour for heavy highway jobs. The union has educational opportunities available which helps in preparing you for the various jobs available and gaining those jobs outside of general labor. There is a lot of travel involved. Unfortunately for me my vehicle was not able to withstand the demands of the travel involved, and I was laid off for not being able to make it to job sites, due to my car breaking down. And later for not having the gas to make the 2-1/2 hour trip to the site."

Local 261 (Current Employee) says

"Work-life balance"

Expedite Driver (Current Employee) says

"Get to the work yard start your work truck Cons: long hours weather conditions"

General laborer (Former Employee) says

"Great experience. Awesome people to work with and learn from. To much travel as well as down time. The pay when working is competitive but the unemployment rate when laid off is unbearable. Cons: The down time"

Laborer (Current Employee) says

"hard work good wages.scaffold work,paving,concretelearned alot management was good.very hard work most days.best part of the job great pay.i loved being outside most of the time."

Laborer/Foreman (Former Employee) says

"If you are willing to work hard and meat production it can be a great place to work. The laborers union has the best benefits of all unions and we are the hardest-working."

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Never made it to the call up. Before getting a new job. I really wish i did because i really enjoy that type of work.At the time work was really slow for the laborers. Cons: Never made the cut was #40 on list before new job"

Union Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Pour concrete, run jack-hammer, flagman for traffic control, other duties as assigned. Cons: lack of work in the area, only work a few months out of the year"

Workforce Leader (Former Employee) says

"warwick poultry. recieving. shipping.Forklift operator.invintories.And if needed class B cdl driver, Laboer foreman.Instruct and make sure daily tascs were compleated."

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