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Unefon is a Mexican mobile telecommunications brand used by AT&T Mexico, a subsidiary of AT&T Inc., used for prepaid products. The company was partially owned by Grupo Salinas and Mexican media group Televisa, and its network was CDMA only, using no analog base stations.

Unefon is a deceptive company, the unlimited internet is actually limited, slow, and unfriendly, according to JC García at facebook.com

"Unefon unlimited Is a total deception, you can only see a couple of videos and the rest is pure crap, it does not let you do anything in a decent way, it becomes the worst internet in all of Mexico, exaggeratedly slow."


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Mir Murad Baluch says

"I have recharged and didn’t get my balance"

Don Green says

"My payment didn't go through"

NIZAR F says

"I have paid but they didn't send me the mobile charge. And its been more than 12 hours, they still didn't refund my money."

Ngoca Chibesakunda says

"The prices don’t match. I buy talktime for Zambia and I am charged so much when the dollar rate in Zambia is different from the pricing."