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Ubisoft Entertainment SA (; French: [ybisɔft]; formerly Ubi Soft Entertainment SA) is a French video game company headquartered in Montreuil with several development studios across the world. It publishes games for several video game franchises, including Rayman, Raving Rabbids, Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Just Dance, and Tom Clancy.

A user mentioned, "Ubisoft sucks ass, nothing ever works with their crappy ass servers. Get ready for a headache whenever you see their logo.”"


Al W says "Bought online game through steam from UbiSoft. had to CREATE A ACCOUNT to play. Next day had to re-enter account info but put in wrong email.Can't play game ever again now/ locked access- no customer service. Steam refunded money, NEVER GOING TO BUY ANOTHER CRAP UBISOFT GAME EVER."
Former Employee - Customer Support Manager says "Management, HR, amenities, pay was awful"
Customer Relationship Supervisor (Current Employee) says "An absolute mess of top-down management. Keeps everyone in the dark and then gaslights any employee who complains. The agents who did most of the work were wonderful but management is poor and manipulative."
Jesper Sørensen says "Impossible to reach any kind of support. Their entire support site structure is a collection of linkes sites that does absolutely nothing to help the customers. Their are treating their customers like complete morons and clearly dont give a f*** about it! I dare anyone to try and create a support ticket and if you dont run away screaming after 5 minutes of being thrown around on various web sites that all claim to help, but does absolutely nothing, you are clearly employee material at ubisoft!"
Former Employee - Customer Support Representative says "Everything else. You are expected to work like a robot copying and pasting answers which 99% of the time does not resolve the customer concerns. Also, because of unrealistic metrics, no one takes the time to figure out real solutions. The environment became as toxic as it could be, and everyone started to hate coming to work. No one want to even do overtime when it is offered. Pay is very low compared to industry for work and the. If you can make a decent wage somewhere else, I highly recommend to not apply because you will regret quitting your job for this. You will start getting weekly harassing emails from your manager telling how bad you are doing even though you have never received training that shows you how to handle those type issues. Monthly you will discussions your failures and how to improve and you will get written up. You will mostly likely get let go in few months. I have seen thousands of people come and go, some were fired and most left before they get fired. I loved working for this company when started, however things are getting worst after every upper management meeting and the only one affected are the ones at the bottom. Believe me when I say this, you will regret quitting your full time for this job. If you currently have a par time or temporary job somewhere else and needs stable pay and benefits, you could give this job a try temporarily till you find something better but do not think you will be in this job for years."
E-Commerce Manager (Current Employee) says "Une vrai clique; Parisienne et sans qualification"
Bazza says "Purchased games says they are in library but where because I don't see them. Been told to wait 24 hours for them to appear. Had same issue 2 months ago game never appeared. Won't be using these again in fact I have no idea how they are even in business."
Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says "- My computer was stolen from the ubisoft building from my desk, a hobo off the street somehow came in and stole it. My work PC mind you. I lost 1-month worth of work. - I was robbed the second time when the fire exit door was remarkably left open, allowing more hobos to come in and steal my personal belongings this time. I wasn't the only one robbed in the building. The second time it also seemed like they didn't use insurance to cover the cost because then the insurance rate would go up, and I was told to suck it up. - Management was horrifying about the ordeal, claiming it was my fault my stuff got stolen the second time because a companywide e-mail was sent telling people not to have their personal items at work. So, you can't customize your desk on the fear of being robbed. Seriously, this is a multi-billion-dollar company that can't afford security. - My lead didn't know the direction we wanted to go. Using vague terminology to describe what he wanted in Wikipedia, then yelling at team for not going the direction he thought he wanted to go. - My leads and upper management wanted me to fail by not revealing to me issues they had with me and my work until the project was over. Unwilling to resolve issues amicably. - Producers had less experience in the industry than the development team. This let to many issues when producers would offer solutions that were bad ideas, but demand they be put in anyways, then removed when they didn't work, wasting time and resources from the devs. -Producers managed time but lied about the time we had to finish our part of the game. There are parts of the game untouched by our department because it was never scheduled. And yet my lead had the audacity to blame me for not finishing, left my head scratching. - Wasted food. We would get free food in the cafeteria, but management kept buying food no one wanted, resulting in a lot of food no one would touch. I can't believe I'm saying this, but the company had an unhealthy obsession with buying skim milk for everyone. There would be 1-2 jugs of skim milk that would go untouched rotten by the end of each weak, the fridge would be over-crowded with jugs of different types of milk. Meanwhile, when I requested one of the jugs be whole milk because the skim-milk goes wasted, I sent them a picture of the wasted milk, just so they'd believe me. I got written up for it because that insinuated the person ordering food is wasting food, and I hurt her feelings, apparently by sending the proof via pic. Can't believe that happened. - Instead of hiring a maid to clean dirty dishes, management would often throw away dirty dishes, cups, and silverware, rather than clean them. This happened more than once during production - Mandatory morning meetings wasting 2 + hours of work, providing little to no use to the majority who attend. They expect you to make up the time we missed in OT. - When they tell you to come to OT you better come, otherwise you'll be gone before you know it. - I got harassed by a disgruntled employee because he didn't like the way I worked on his stuff, even though I was asked by management to work on it. -Some leads JUST DON'T COMMUNICATE with their teams. Like, am I supposed to be working on this? Who is supposed to be working on this? It was never communicated, sometimes resulting in two team members having worked on the same thing. -Despite the many women and LGBT crowd at the company, I got picked on for being gay. In fact, one person calling me names, was a lesbian just trying to fit in with the guys. - One time I found spit in my coffee cup. I told my lead about it and he told me it was no big deal and to ignore it."
Game Programmer (Former Employee) says "I have been at Ubisoft less than a year. Even people are not staying there less than a year. Very bad management and manager. HR is not cooperative. Salary is very less compared to other industry."

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