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UBank is an Australian direct bank, that operates as a division of National Australia Bank (NAB). It was established in 2008 and provides savings products and home loans over the Internet and telephone. UBank operates under NAB's banking license and uses its balance sheet, risk management, and technology infrastructure. UBank also participates in the Australian government's deposit guarantee scheme.

A customer shares her frustrating experience on, "I've been a Ubank customer for a year or more, the number of times I have tried to log on and I get the "Sorry, Internet Banking is temporarily unavailable message: is ridiculous. How can a bank constantly be down with no forewarning to customers? Looking elsewhere for a better savings bank account."


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Current Contractor - Customer Advisor says

"-micro managment - you will on a casual contract you do not know when they give you a call and tell you not to go back to work without any warning"

Current Contractor - Customer Service Associate says

"Processes are far too inefficient and this should be addressed with urgency"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Certain areas and leaders with old school ways of thinking and lack of “big picture experience” who tend to attempt to bully if you call them out constructively and professionally. They seem to hire “yes” people or mates from NAB, rather than people who are actually experienced to do the roles at hand (lack of experience in a lot of the senior leadership roles, most of them have never lead teams before or not worked outside of the organisation). Most areas are heavily under resourced and pay is below market rate for most roles."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"the business is relatively small on a global scale"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Terrible leadership They play favourites Spend money tech that never arrives or never adds value to the business or the customers Very hard to progress in the company if you aren’t friends with the leadership team regardless of how qualified you are"

Administrator (Current Employee) says

"I feel the bank has a long way to go. They need to structure their products in place and hire competitive staff members especially managers they will see a difference. They must compensate their employees fairly currently their salary packages are pathetic.What they preach is not what you get"

Cost Manager (Current Employee) says

"An OK place to work at. Great social investment initiatives. Catering for the low income salary individuals. Growing annually in the competitive market. The organization has potential."

teller (Current Employee) says

"innovative and productive, fast learner, team player. Doing Over counter transactins. loading and balancing of atm, managing the teamno luncheslong hours"

HR Information Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The organisation is poorly led and it has very outdated management practices. Their Information Technology systems are outdated. There is a palpable sense of job insecurity because of competitors that are very aggressive targeting the same market e.g. Capitec.LocationOutdated systems"

Sales Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Selling basic banking productsThe bank is not well positioned to compete with the competitorssometimes free mealsno benefits ie overtime"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Well i started work at 08:00 and maybe end at 17:00 on a good day,if not it can be 19:00.I gained a lot from this company ,such as experience in the banking industry.The hardest part of my job was the long lunch at timeslong hours"

IT Service Desk Agent (Current Employee) says

"Given your Mentality this can be a fairly wonderful environment. Working with users and the vendors (business partners) is a beautiful experience when all faults have been cleared and you know you were part of the procedure to see it to conclusion. Making sure you do not bridge company SLA. The systems/applications used by the specialist being a Service desk Agent makes you feel more involved and prompts you to want to do more. Especially the network applications and the Technical duties that come with it. The pressure of System downtime is a Punch on the face for the company and especially for an Agent, you cannot afford to slack or treat such an 'Incident' like any other everyone jumps in both the team leaders and management, and when on team proved to limp during such urgency the fault is always diverted to the Service desk. Non the less, the Job is worth it, and space for improvement and growth is still vacant on their part.FAIS and FIC training and exams"

Microsoft Systems Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Team i work with is the best but the company needs an improvement. Performance Review criteria ratings and policies need to be reviewed. Marketing strategies need to be changed. not improved but changed."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Managing large teams internally and external contractors; access and engagement with Executives; Flexi hours for us project managers; knowing where to go when you require information (basically knowing almost everybody in the organization); training; eetc"

Team Leader Tellers (Former Employee) says

"It was very stressful working environment,so much of multiskilling where mistakes occurs very easily.I have learned to be independent,professional and also networking.The hardest part of the job was working until late."

Bank Teller (Former Employee) says

"Ubank is good but the salary too bad I have 6years in a company but stii earning same salary. Working for ubank it is not bad they put food on the table for my children at the end of the day"

Administrator (Current Employee) says

"When I started it was fun working for the company and then there were changes in management. That's when everything changed and with retrenchments and the business culture was lost because we lost experienced personnel with knowledge of the business culture and it's operations. No investors coming in, loss of customers, failure to attract new customers and failure to build a lifelong relationships with existing customers meant no profits for the past 5years. No profits comes with minimum salary increase and no motivation for personnel.AccessibleNo bonus"

IT Maintenance Technician (Current Employee) says

"I am a technician for the North Region which includes Brits ,Rustenburg and Northam ,working with so many branches has thought me how to manage myself and my SLA ,the toughest thing about my job is to travel long distances to attend user requests and the most enjoyable is getting to delivery IT solutions to so many users and exceptionally and on time .Cellphone allowanceLong Distance travelling"

Sales Consultant (Current Employee) says

"It was a great journey and really enjoy being part of it. I start working as a taker for the first 2 years then change to sales consltant where I managed to developed my self . I managed to write fais and pass. I was also awarded as the best sales consultant 2014"

HR Administrator (Current Employee) says

"With an outgoing personality, I find it easy to communicate with people at all levels and within different walks of life, and under any circumstances. I had to align my behaviors, with the needs, priorities and goals of the organization through dedication and excellence, as well as the ability to learn and grown to improve my competence and to achieve my goals. I have learned to go the extra mile in order to keep customers satisfied, and to use my initiative to make decisions to benefit the company and, most of all, the client.No prosLong hours"

Sales Consultant (Current Employee) says

"What i learned so far is strengthened communication skills,responsibilities and management skills (supervising and mentoring) . My typical day at work is assisting clients and doing admin. My co-workers are great team players,boost each other where the others lack. What i enjoy about my job is working with people,helping them make right decisions and making a difference in their lives. What i find challenging is having to turn down clients when they are desperately in need of my services when they don't meet the requirements.CompensesatiopnHaving to work on public holidays"

HR Benefits/Recruitment Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Ubank is a company that takes care of it employees interests. Working for the company was very pleasant yet challenging. I can work for Ubank again at any given time."

Teller (Former Employee) says

"It is a good company. I gained a lot of experience in banking industry because they offered me a chance to learn e.g loading atms. We had long ours especially during pay days but that was nothing to me because I am a hard worker. Management was very fun to work with. I had to leave them because of the long distance.NothingLong hours"

Call Centre Manager (Current Employee) says

"the hardest part of the job When something that would benefit the company or staff takes very long to motivate and implemented the most enjoyable part of the job to satisfy a customer's request there and then with every process in place and to delight a customer with this wow service or resolution. a typical day at work Respond to emails - escalate, follow up or resolve Attend to meetings and prepare where necessary Respond to phone calls Follow ups with any outstanding issues Check in with Call Centre staff - personal and job what you learned Never give up on something good Management of people Time management Recruitment - instinct To be flexible management Management will come and go with their own ideas, have to stay open minded and flexible to new ideas and a new way of doing things co-workers I strongly believe in doing onto others what you want for yourself. All kinds of people are in every project, job, etc, you have to learn more of them to understand themFlexi hours - big pro, bonusses, UStar nominations per month, pension fund, medical subsidyLong distance to drive"

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