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Trustaff is more than just a recruiting and staffing agency. We develop futures, deliver opportunities, and build relationships that last. We are dedicated to truly matching top talent with top employers nationwide. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, trustaff has experienced exponential growth over the last 10 years, rising from a healthcare-only recruiting company to a premier provider of staffing solutions spanning industries coast to coast, all disciplines top to bottom, and satellite offices across the nation. For over 17 years, trustaff has been a trusted force in healthcare staffing. We build lasting relationships with both the talented professionals looking for their next job and the companies that need their skills to succeed.

An employee had this to say, "My recruiter did not answer emails, did not begin to look for my next assignment before present assignment ended, three different weeks I did not have a deposit for my pay and I had to run hoops to get paid. For one week, I was not paid for a month and was calling every 3-4 days to try to wrap up the error. for time sheets, I was given 3 different sets of rules to follow to get paid requiring the supervisor at my assignment to sign twice for the same hours (something I'm sure she had plenty of free time to do.) On week 10, I was sent a new form and told to have the supervisor sign for those weeks all over again, and threatened that I would not be paid until that was done. Will not work for them again."