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Die Länderbahn GmbH (DLB), formerly Vogtlandbahn GmbH, is a German rail transport company based in Viechtach, operating transport services originally only in the Vogtland, but now also on a regional basis. In March 2014, ZVON announced that Länderbahn would operate these services as part so-called Ostsachsennetz (East Saxon Network) under the brand name of Trilex.

Trilex wagons are outdated and there are failures due to lack of staff, and air conditioning only works in temperatures less than 15 degrees, according to Max Schmitt at google reviews

"Air conditioning only works when the outside temperature is less than 15 degrees or is not available. Wagons were already out of date before the war. Too few staff, therefore failures. Suggestion: Bring vehicles to the Nuremberg Railway Museum and let other companies run them."


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