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Trick is a 2019 American slasher film directed by Patrick Lussier and starring Jamie Kennedy and Omar Epps.

A viewer wrote this review "I was forced to watch it. In it's entirety, much to my protestations. The worst possible scripting, acting and story. Absolutely nothing made sense. A stupid killer with even dumber victims standing around to get killed. Seriously, not waste your time. Anyone giving this more than one star is totally clueless or just having a good joke on you".


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Former Employee - Gymnastics Coach says

"I worked at Tricks Gymnastics part-time for less than a year Cons: Compensation is minimum wage for essentially advanced skills and childcare of 7-8 kids at once. It's very difficult to take time off because kids rely on you being their "teacher" every week. There is a lot of turnover because of the low pay and high expectations. No benefits. Schedule tends to be random hours rather than blocks of time."

Gym Manager says

"I worked at Tricks Gymnastics Cons: The owners change their minds often, causing confusion among the staff. The opportunity for raises are few and far between, and while you don't know what fellow employees are making, it is easy to get underpaid for your skill and experience. Also, they mix professional and social lives to often for comfort."

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