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SIRIUS Travel Link is a premium data service owned and operated by Sirius XM Holdings. The service requires a subscription fee and includes a variety of services not included with a standard Sirius XM Satellite Radio subscription.

One angry costumer of SIRIUS Travel Link wrote: I cancelled my portable radio and they are charging me $15.80 MORE than I paid for all 3 radios and their service is so expensive! I chatted with SIRIUS Travel Link and they just give you the run around and never explain the reasoning for this. How do they get away with this? Think I will stick to bluetooth and CD's and local radio. They suck.


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Adrian Moghaddassi says

"This is the first time in my life I ever write a review about anything at all. I am not a person who complains nor do I have general interest in talking bad about any company since I understand that things dont always go as planned. But with Travellink, I really have to make this statement: From the bottom of my heart, I feel disgusted and truly disrespected by the way my refund (or, more accurately, my abscense of refund) has been handled. This is beyond disaster. Travellink should primarily aim to be qualified as a disaster, to then aim to be very bad, to bad, to then OK. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen. I myself work in a callcenter. I myself have worked in the airline industry. I know how these things work, and I personally despise when customers disrespect people who work in cuatomer service. That is a very bad characteristic. Hence - with my own experience taken into account - I have been very calm, understanding and forgiving towards them. But now I have to leave this review because it has gotten to the point where it would be immoral for me to not warn others about Travellink and make the same mistake as I did. They dont hold their promises. And I dont mean the company as a whole, which actually applies to most companies nowadays... No, I mean individual agents who promise time after time after time after time to call back if the call gets cut which it almost ALWAYS does (OR maybe they intentionally just hang up, although this is something I can neither confirm or deny and will therefore give them the benefit of the doubt. Lets assume its just an error in their phone system.) Its humiliating to desperately beg an agent to please call back if the call gets cut, to hear them empathetically swear that they will do so - that they are somehow different then the last one I talked to - for the call to then get cut and not receive any call back. I feel foolish for falling in this trap over and over again. And every time, I have to explain the same story to the point that I am going to have nightmares about it soon. I don't know how many times I have called them, nor how many hours ive spend explaining the same issue, but its unacceptable. I have heard the same thing so many times that my ticket will be escalated, that I will receive an email and/or that I will be called, that it doesnt matter what they say anymore. At this point, I trust them about as much as I trust North Korean news channels. And they can not blame high call volume either, since I always get to talk to them directly without being in queue (ie they dont have high call volume). When I worked in the airline industry and other call centers, we had situations with 2 hours of queue, and we would still call back customers who we had promised to call. Travellink is a straight out horrable company, I dont recommend anybody to travel with them. I am entitled to refund but dont know if I will get it this month or this year. My money is simpy frozen."

margus saar says

"They dont return your money. Airlane company send my money to them and thats it. There is no way to contact them. Real webgangsters."

Fred Mwelwa says

"In my entire life, I've never written a review for a company because I'm not the kind of person who has the time to be bothered with things like this, but this company truly are an ACT OF EVIL!!! This is literally a scam. Do NOT whatever you do, buy anything from them."

Mark Joseph Adams says

"If you are stupid enough to buy from them you deserve what you get next! And I guarantee you it will end in tears for you... this company is a scam!"

Mehdi A says

"Money is still on pending. Customer service says they can't find anything. So my only solution is to empty my PayPal account and book a hotel in real life instead even though It's more expensive it's less fraud."

Jason Wheatcroft says

"Still waiting for my refund after waiting 9 months. I have had both telephone and mail contact with Travellinks employees. Travellink have received the reimbursement from the flight company Norwegian and every time I come in contact with Travellink they keep telling me to wait 10 more days for the transaction. I really doubt they are going to pay me back the money they received from the flight company Norwegian. Good luck to anyone that's in the same situation as me."

Nora says

"This website does not deserve a single star. I booked a flight and within a minute I realized that the dates are wrong, with any normal airlines/travel agencies it is possible to change it. So disappointed!!!! Also, they charge outrageous amounts for their services and still no customer service!"

ivan loncarevic says

"Purchased flight ticket via Travellink. Carrier canceled the flight. I have to cancel the purchase, but TRavellink does not have mail telephone or contact point on their website. It is not possible to cancel the ticket. It seems that this spanish comapny from Barcelona is some kind of Mafia Business website. Once you send them the money there is no way you can get it back."

Rohit Mehra says

"Can someone please get me contact for travellink. I can't find any customer care number or email id. The refund is in process from April'20, which is almost 7 months now. Still I get email that its under process. Please, it will be great helo if someone can post their customer care contact."

Jeff Saul says

"I have now waited for more than 5 months to get my refund from Travellink for a trip that was cancelled back in June. This is a disaster and I can not recommend anyone buying tickets through Travellink, with such a service. It is hard to get hold of customer service and once you succeed it does not help. I will now turn my case into the Consumerombudsmand in Denmark"

Zana Kemal Taher says

"I did order my tickets and hotell. got the hotell confirmation right the way, but flight confirmation didnt came. 1h befour takeof i called travellink. they told me that flight company couldnt charge my card, they told me my flight is also cancelled. i did go to airport to find another flight, and found out all was a lie from costomorservice. bought new tickets on the very same flight and ordered same hotell. first and very last time i use travellink. be smart and use someone els."

Nate Algez says

"This is the worst customer service ever, the name of the passenger was misspelled so I called in order to solve the issue. I've been calling for 6 days and they keep telling me to wait maximum 24 hours and they'll email me, and the issue will be solved, yet I've never received an email from them. Everytime I call them they give me different information. WORST customer service."

Peter Lauridsen says

"The most "secure" way to loose money, without going any where. No place to contact for complaints No confirmation of travel towards traveller, airlines or hotel No refund No reactions Nothing but regrets Sad that a Company like that can do business from an European Country"

Elo says

"Poor Poor service. Made a reservation but it was never comfired. Had to make a other reservation on Holiday Auto at a higher price. But Travelling and Holiday auto appently is the same company. I will use a alternativ next time."

Sebastian says

"Hard to get in touch with customer service"

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