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The Topps Company, Inc. is an American company that manufactures chewing gum, candy, and collectibles. Based in New York City, Topps is best known as a leading producer of American football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, and other sports and non-sports themed trading cards.

A former employee says, "My time at Topps felt like working in a frat house. They were all good people just way to extra. My position was not what I had expected. I went into the role expecting more of a creative function and not so much data entry. I feel that was what I had applied for, I could be mistaken. The job was entirely data entry. The hours were extremely long. I enjoyed the people, but not my experience here."


Cat Conroy says "Disgraceful none existent customer service. All emails are ignored and phone lines are not operational. There is simply an answer phone message stating they are not providing this service due to Covid. To use the current C-19 crisis as an excuse for not providing even the basic customer service is simply shocking. If you are accepting orders then you need to provide customer service to go along side."
Former Employee - Sports Editor says "Where to begin, salary is terrible. Working with the ABMs and BMs was fine but working with individuals above them was awful. Totally disconnected from what is happening at the lower levels. Always trying to blame whoever they can when things go wrong... Raises denied, except for that 3% merit increase. Management says they want to see to more out of a group, then take credit for ideas that clearly were not theirs. Denied an exit interview, why?"
Material Handler (Former Employee) says "This plant in Scranton is the worse place i have ever worked. It is a very hostel environment.Stressful and your co-workers are very old fashion and not up to date with new ways of learning. They love to tell you how they get it done and expect you to do it there way or no way. As long as the work is getting done it shouldn't matter how you do it. They want to be in your business to talk smack which is very unprofessional. The job is easy but the employees is what turned this plant into a hostel work place. Theirs to much fighting and arguing."
Kelly Talcott says "The customer service is virtually nonexistent. This would not be a problem if the fulfillment center actually bothered to ship what you ordered. I received what was supposed to be a replacement for an order where I was supposed to receive two Mariano Rivera cards but instead received one Rivera and one Ricky Henderson. I returned the Ricky Henderson, and then had to call again before Topps would send the missing Mariano Rivera. EXCEPT the replacement itself was incorrect! Bob Gibson is NOT Mariano Rivera! Today I called and spent a full hour on hold before being disconnected; then a second full hour before being disconnected again. Order from Topps at your peril, because if they get it wrong you will spend hours trying to get their attention to get it right."
Freelance Illustrator says "Pay severely late and sent only after hounding. Non-monetary compensations damaged or lost. Low pay rate to begin with."
App Producer (Former Employee) says "Interesting job to try out, but all in all not for me. I want to do important work that makes a difference in people's lives; this job didn't do that.Casual work environment, work from home flexibilityLiterally on call 24/7/365; it's digital trading cards, not neurosurgery"
Sophia Sullivan says "Absolutely appalling service, my 7 year old spend his pocket money on a tin of 101 football cards and three weeks later still nothing arrived. I emailed customer service several times who eventually responded apologising and said they would provide a refund and as compensation for the inconvenience; they would send a couple of packs of football cards complimentary...months later we are still waiting, they also did not refund the postage costs even though it was no fault of ours that the tin never arrived. Really shocking service. AVOID as they will only leave your little ones disappointed."
Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says "Low pay, bad benefits, no recognition, low raises, low or no bonuses, too many higher ups, too many unqualified employees and managers, bad human resources, very high turnaround, unorganized, mismanaged department expenses, treated poorly"
Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says "I would wake up at 530 every morning to work at a small bakery. i loved my co- workers. I learned how to handle food as well as to prepare desserts. The owners were very nice and taught me a lot. I was in charge of opening or closing the bakery. I believe that the hardest thing about the job was not being able to get a break. The most enjoyable part of the job was working with the other girls. They were all so friendly and I made a lot of new productsno breaks"

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