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Toll Brothers is a home construction company based in Horsham, Pennsylvania that specializes in building luxury homes. In 2016, the company was the 10th largest homebuilder in the United States, based on the number of homes closed.The company is ranked 480th on the Fortune 500.[4] The company operates in 20 states. In addition to luxury home construction, the company designs, markets, sells, and arranges to finance for homes. The company also develops and operates for-rent apartments through joint ventures.

Toll Brothers Inc homes are not so luxurious, they use cheap materials and a lot of details are damaged or have defects, management has done nothing to repair the issues, Naheed of Katy, TX wrote a review on

"Overall, it's extremely poor quality and cheap construction home. Over a period of almost 9-month construction process, we noticed hundreds of defects and notified these defects to the construction manager but most issues were completely ignored during the entire construction process. During a pre-closing walkthrough, they promised to get them all fixed by the time we come back from closing, we came and noticed all blue tape from defective areas were removed without any fixes. The house is not built per design and specifications, severe damages to several areas of the house, upgraded items are not the same as shown in agreement and damaged. The front elevation and interior designs are not the same floor plan and agreement. The front door's keypad didn't work and they couldn't fix it for months, I replace it myself. The heating systems weren't working and it was freezing inside, had to call a local technician for emergency service in the middle of the night to get it to work. The Security Alarm system doesn't work at all. Countertops are damaged, floor tiles are uneven and have severely scratched everywhere, bathroom floor and wall tiles have permanent stains all over, wood flooring is awfully damaged, kitchen cabinets are damaged and not installed per spec, the cooktop is not the same brand as the other appliances installed, walls are not straight, the floor makes noise, front door and garage door is damaged, the front and back yard is not leveled and water puddles everywhere. The interesting thing is that most of these issues were reported several months before closing, they kept promising that the house will be build per signed agreement and all defects will all be fixed by the time we close. They also lie frequently."


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