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Test of English as a Foreign Language is a standardized test to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers wishing to enroll in English-speaking universities. The test is accepted by many English-speaking academic and professional institutions. TOEFL is one of the two major English-language tests in the world, the other being the IELTS.

Toefl has horrible service and score reporting are not accessible, Faisal Khan shared a review on

"Indeed TOEFL is a fraud money-making game. I had issues with the score reporting, been four months, and still did not receive my report. Here I am in a position where I could not apply to three universities just because I did not receive my score reports. I mean seriously the ETS officials don’t even give you a tracking number or something through which you could track your report. Really disappointed with the services provided by them. They probably consider your report a worthless piece of paper, since there is no tracking mechanism as well. I PAID FOR taking the exam and I HAVE THE RIGHT TO MY SEE/KEEP/HAVE ACCESS at least to the ORIGINAL SCORE REPORT. It’s funny how the organization with years of service has such an absurd process. Also, you cannot by yourself send the universities your report instead the TOEFL, greedy people will charge you a fee for sending the official report. My career was at stake if suppose I had not got that admit as the ONLY choice I had to go on with. This is how they earn from you provide you the worst service! Trust me I have gone through this and would want no one to go through the same experience. GO FOR IELTS and see for yourself, there are plenty of sites where test-takers have shared their experience of TOEFL and IELTS.i could not find many negative reviews for IELTS. They send you the scanned copy which is ACCEPTED BY UNIVERSITIES and you would save a lot of money if you’re thinking of applying to many universities."


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International Financial Accountant (Former Employee) says

"There was very little direction supervision was lacking systems were inadequate communication was lacking it was poorly run the was complete lack of communication with the overseas headquarters and lack of input from upper management"

Special Education Teacher (Current Employee) says

"You have to stay seated at your computer for 4-8 hours. Rude and unprofessional scoring leaders. Mac users are not allowed to be employed. mind numbing work. disorganized."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"As a temporary employee of Education Testing Services your hours are determined by the amount of work for the department, people are frequently let go in the middle of an assignment. Cons: The pay is not great"

Science Assessment 1 (Former Employee) says

"Management was very secretive and provided resources or opportunities on a "Need to Know" basis. Worst management and environment, I have ever experienced. Cons: Bad management, and stressful atmosphere"

Constructed Scoring Response Professional (Current Employee) says

"Wow. These people are a joke. Wasted years of my life with this company. Pay is extremely low. Management is very autocratic. Everyone except upper management was asked to take a pay cut which puts the wage at anywhere from $13-15/hr with NO benefits. And you're required to have a bachelor's degree. I ask anyone thinking of working here to reconsider, because ETS doesn't value what you're worth. Forget any raises, bonuses, or opportunities to advance. They treat you like a computer, because they sincerely wish you were one. You will never know when you're supposed to work. Management will sign you up for 2-3 shifts per month, often with less than 24 hours notice. They expect you to sign up for shifts sometimes 2 months in advance, limiting your ability to find another job. Don't even think of calling HR to complain. The wall of beauracracy and phone prompts is meant to discourage you from complaining. Cons: No benefits, poor hours, pay cuts, unappreciated, managed by autocrats"

Accounting Clerk Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Working here was like a sweat shop. Your are given little guidance but is expected to reach and surpass the previous days amount of invoices payments, without making one error. In addition additional task was given. Cons: Bad management"

Rater (Current Employee) says

"I have worked as a rater for ETS for several years. I am now hearing that only raters received a pay cut and not Scoring Leaders. Is this a joke? I am tired of this company treating me like a dog. Hold on, I think dogs get treated a heck of a lot better. They are rude and discourteous!!!! They cancel shifts regularly without really any consideration that I took a block out for this day and easily could have made money elsewhere and now I'm left holding the bag without compensation on a last second cancellation. PLEASE!! I have talked to other raters about this and we all are in agreement that this is killing rater morale and will lead to lack of productivity and will hurt the needlepoint accuracy that these tests command. It's only human nature to expect that. They brought it on themselves. They have a fat rater pool and a false sense of security about this decision that was made. It will hurt the brand, you better believe it. I am holding on here, but guess what you are gonna get what you pay for. And you can forget about loyalty and working overtime when asked. Cons: No Benefits, Bad Communication, No Pay Increases EVER, Pay reductions ALWAYS, Last minute cancellations on shifts"

Rater (Former Employee) says

"This is the MOST awful place I have ever worked. The scoring leaders are rude, the company is SO paranoid, no transparency at all, they just lost their contract with the SAT so thousands will be laid-off. Cons: No raises, horrible management, lack of transparency, do not care about their employees."

Remote Rater (Current Employee) says

"They train you, ask you to provide a schedule you know you will be able to work and then...they give you no work. So disappointed that they request you make sure you can work (and you do) only to left without any actual work. No work = no pay. Scoring leaders constantly change and therefore so do the way they want you to was annoying following one leader's advice only to be told the next day that it was wrong. Then there were the leaders that just didn't bother responding to questions. I think they have to many raters and not enough work, especially since a former essay response was converted to multiple choice. It was disappointing since I cleared my schedule and got actual confirmation that I would be selected to work (after I reached out to confirm) only to be left out of work and was left with open schedule that I cleared in anticipation. Cons: no work, scoring leaders constantly change"

TOEFL Rater (Former Employee) says

"There was very little communication from supervisors on your overall job performance and how you could improve. The standards would change according to whomever was the leader that day. Cons: no feedback concerning job performance"

GRE Rater (Former Employee) says

"This January, ETS sent GRE raters an impersonal, unapologetic email saying that they were lowering rater pay from $20/hour to $15/hour to conform to "industry standards." A link was included to a survey for us to decide whether or not we wanted to continue working for ETS. This opaque, robotic approach is very characteristic of my experience as a rater for GRE. Training and feedback were both minimal. Scoring leaders were slightly more human at times, but often rude or with a questionable understanding of test scoring. Raters are kept completely in the dark about their performance, scheduling, opportunities for advancement, etc. You also don't get many hours, and it's extremely unreliable from month to month. Easy to cancel your shifts, but they can also cancel on you. Impossible to predict your income as a rater. Cons: inexplicable pay decrease, few hours, canceled shifts, poor supervision, robotic"

Writer, Copy Editor and Proofreader (Former Employee) says

"There were many days there no one in my department of just 7 people would say a word to me at all -- only communicate through email even though everyone was in close location to each other."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"This company has already been sued in the recent past for racist offenses...just google “ETS sued for racism”. They have the potential to be a better company, but they continue with the sick games of nepotism and racial bias that they in turn have repeatedly shot themselves in the foot. Companies that have more diversity across races, genders, etc. fare better as a whole, but ETS has not gotten this message. Additionally, they promote their friends and family members to positions of authority even though many lack the basic knowledge base to truly function well in their given roles. Don’t be fooled by marketing strategies this place doesn’t respect their minority employees. The associated press should research just how many minority employees they have by race not jut ethnicity. The findings I’m sure would be quite interesting and insightful bits of data."

CUSTOMER LIASON (Former Employee) says

"I answered questions concerning different educational test. I found the job quite interesting but management wasn't great for example certain managers knew about certain test so if you had a question about a test you would stand in a line while the customer was on the phone. I also found it strange they laid off temporary workers who worked there for 4 years, knowledgeable workers who answered my questions. I found out later it was to avoid paying them benefits. Cons: no appreciation for good workers"

TOEFL Rater (Current Employee) says

"Unstable hours which can be cut with almost no notice and no compensation, paycuts after years of work. I have heard that some raters are slowing down production to minimum levels to force more hours. For TOEFL speaking raters 17-22 responses per hour is what's expected but they don't convey these expectations so many score many more... hopefully knowing that may encourage folks to participate or at least not knock … Cons: Management has no regard for raters - low pay, no benefits, no stability, shifts are frequently cancelled 24 hours in advance with no compensation"

Test Creation Administrator III (Former Employee) says

"Tremendous lack of communication and workflow. They hire and rely on too many temp employees that have hard feelings towards full time employees because when the work flow slows it's the temps whom are the first laid off. Therefore, the atmosphere is rather hostile."

Test Evaluator (Current Employee) says

"enjoyable work with few, unreliable hours, that vary depending on their workload. Must give them availability, they schedule for their purposes and regularly cancel shifts without pay 24 hours in advance Cons: Treated as day labor, no benefits, recent pay cut"

Senior Director, Business Development and Strategy (Former Employee) says

"ETS is bureaucratic and risk-averse. Collectively they are afraid to try to put new ideas into practice. It is a place where employees are punished for a new idea failing, and not rewarded when a new idea succeeds. Cons: Risk-averse and bureaucratic"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"This company has poor management skills, they will never higher you on permanent if going through a temp agency,Managers are very classless. Look elsewehere.. Cons: Managers suck"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at this job consisted of logging into the phones and readying yourself to receive calls. Helping the customers with there needs rather it be making a payment or getting internet assistance. The software that was used was rather consistant with multiple screens being used, and all calls were repetitive. I learned from this job how to be patient, caring, and sensitive to the needs of others. Some Management was fun to be around and very helpful if you needed it, the co-workers were some of the best people I have every had the chance to meet and to this day I'm friends with most of them. THE HARDEST part of the job was hearing some of the struggles that the customers had gone through in there school career and personal lifes which affected there education greatly.The most enjoyable part of the job was the people I worked with and helping a customer when no one else could. Cons: short lunch breaks, csr's are always under a microscope my management an executives."

Current Contractor - TOEFL Rater says

"I have been working at Educational Testing Service for more than 5 years Cons: Pay slashed by $4.00 an hour by this so called "non'profit." Some uppity scoring leaders"

Current Contractor - TOEFL Rater says

"I have been working at Educational Testing Service Cons: On-going support from scoring leaders is non-existent. They do monitor your scoring and provide some feedback "depending "on scoring leader. However, when feedback IS given it often contradicts benchmarks and other printed scoring materials. Daily calibrations. Once a rigorous training process in passed, raters should be able to score without a daily calibration (sometimes twice a day). Calibrations should be on par with other ETS programs. Working directly with a person serves raters better."

Current Employee - TOEFL Rater says

"I have been working at Educational Testing Service part-time for more than 3 years Cons: First of all, after scoring for the company for 2 years and 11 months, I received an email stating that they are decreasing the pay for TOEFL rafters from $18.54 per hour to $15 because they want to pay raters a “comparable” hour rate. This con goes with my second point... The job is provisional so once you put in your availability for the next month, you wait for 2-3 weeks before they can confirm your days. Most of the time, I’m only on the schedule for a only few days per month. Prime example, for January and February 2018 I submitted my availability to be M-F 8:30am-12:30pm everyday for the both months. When my schedule came back, they gave me 1/22/18 as the ONLY day for employment for the month of January and 2/5, 2/6, and 2/12 as the only days for February. Being that the “new” pay went into affect on 2/1/18, that meant in January, I would only bring home $68 after taxes! And in February I should have about $170! This is an insult for someone with a Masters Degree. Fortunately, I’m not the bread winner of the family. I have been actively seeking a new job for 1 1/2 years and once I get one, I will be resigning from ETS. The STRANGE thing is, if I’m not mistaken, the letter came out right as Republicans we’re passing their “tax plan” that was “supposed” to put more money into the pockets of almost all working Americans. This didn’t happen with ETS... they took what little I did have and kept it for themselves."

Current Employee - TOEFL Rater says

"I have been working at Educational Testing Service part-time for more than 3 years Cons: Recent pay reduction (from over $18/hour to $15/hour) and massive hour reduction (from around 100 hours of work to just 28 hours of work per month, without providing any reason for this reduction)."

Current Employee - TOEFL Rater says

"I have been working at Educational Testing Service part-time for more than 8 years Cons: The recent cut in TOEFL pay was quite astounding and detrimental for those of us who have offered many years of faithful service. We are a highly educated, experienced, and skilled group of workers doing a job that requires intense concentration--a job that not just anybody can do. Many of us will be accepting the pay cut while looking elsewhere for work. We were told to accept the new rate or decline and we would be dismissed. I also know Test takers pay quite a bit to take these tests. These kind of measures do not build loyalty in employees. Very sad."

Current Employee - TOEFL Rater says

"I have been working at Educational Testing Service part-time Cons: No guarantee of work Frequent last-minute shift cancellations Recently reduced pay Very bureaucratic"

Former Employee - TOEFL Rater says

"I worked at Educational Testing Service full-time for more than 5 years Cons: shifts cancelled repeatedly scoring leaders inconsistent no benefits other than 403b CUT PAY BY 25% in an EMAIL with no recourse"

Current Employee - TOEFL Rater says

"I have been working at Educational Testing Service part-time for more than 5 years Cons: Perhaps you miss the good old days when you could slave away at a Dickensian workhouse, or labor in the backbreaking cotton fields of Ol' Dixie? Maybe you wish you were back in the time of the Pharoahs, helping to build one of those awesome pyramids? Well, look no farther than ETS. This is a company where you can work your very hardest for over five years without a pay raise and then be rewarded with a .... ((((drum roll)))) .... pay CUT!!! And they'll throw in a few reduced hours and nasty comments from scoring leaders who have undoubtedly become embittered by working for a soulless corporation for too many years. Yes, all this can be yours ... so don't hesitate to apply for a scoring job here. Oh, and you'll have the great responsibility of making decisions that can ultimately affect a test-taker's entire future, once a minute, knowing that every decision could be overseen and criticized by a faceless supervisor and possibly lead to your immediate termination if you make the wrong one. But what the hey ... those slaves on the pyramids could have laid a stone wrong and the whole structure would have come toppling down, and they worked for nothing."

Current Employee - TOEFL Rater says

"I have been working at Educational Testing Service part-time for more than 3 years Cons: Management tells us how valued we are and in the same breath offers continued employment with a pay cut through a survey."

Current Employee - TOEFL Rater says

"I have been working at Educational Testing Service part-time for more than 8 years Cons: After being with them for several years with no increase, no appreciation, nothing they just sent an email with a PAY REDUCTION choice or QUIT. This company is a joke."

Yr49 says

"I totally agree with the review shared by Faisal Khan. Even it is 2021, their customer service is still horrible and their delivery of score report still lacks a tracking number. I didn\'t receive my paper score report after I waited for it over 2 months and I had to contact the customer service to ask them to send another copy. What\'s worse is that the paper score report is not official report that I can use it to apply for univeristies by myself. The official report can only be sent to the university only via post by ETS, which takes longer delivery time and could cost the test taker extra money if the universities which you want to apply for is not in the ETS designation list or lacks institution code in their online system. I have asked clear questions in this regard over 10 times with the customer service in order to make sure if they can send my official report via E-mail or if I have to pay for the extra postal delivery of my official report. BUT they cannot answer these direct and simple questions correctly and some of them even asked me to call their service phone number in the US or transfered my case to the professional group who has to take 7-10 business days to handle my case even if I had already told them I am outside the US and my questions are urgent to be solved! In the end, I was lucky enough to receive a clear reply from their customer service responsible for Germany area and my univeristy can accept my online score report! This whole experience with the TOEFL customer service absolutely sucks! Besides, the free delivery of the official report can only be applied before you take the test. How can the test taker make sure that their score would meet the requirement of the univerities in which they are interested before they take the test? And this free service is only limited for the univerisities who have their codes in the ETS system. If the universities lack the code, the test taker has to fax or send the format by post to the US with paying extra money for this delivery sevice! The way that TOEFL offers this delivery service obviously reveals that they are money-making machine. Furthermore, they are the running dog of China because Taiwan is categorized as China in the colums of the nationality of the test taker. Even though the fee of TOEFL exam is cheaper than IELTS, I won\'t take TOEFL exam next time!"

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