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Titanium Metals Corporation, or most commonly referred to as TIMET, a shortened version of "TItanium METals" that is a registered company trademark. TIMET, founded in 1950, is an American manufacturer of titanium-based metals products, focusing primarily on the aerospace industry headquartered in Warrensville Heights, Ohio. Its major U.S. operations are based in Morgantown, Pennsylvania; Henderson, Nevada; Vallejo, California; and Toronto, Ohio. Its overseas operations are primarily based in the United Kingdom (in the cities of Waunarlwydd and Witton) and in France (in the village of Ugine).

An employee shares his experience on indeed.com, "TIMET never has parts to fix machines, always cutting corners. Often have to modify or have parts machined, oil leaks everywhere. They invest in new machines that constantly breakdown vs buying machines that have proven reliability. No accountability for the purchases of these unreliable machines. Never seen so much money wasted. Now no overtime, currently seeking a new place of employment."


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