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Thrifty Car Rental is a subsidiary of The Hertz Corporation with headquarters in Estero, Florida. Formerly operating as Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Thrifty shares 340 corporate and 1,500 franchise rental car locations in the United States and Canada with Dollar Rent A Car as of February 2017.

Maggie mentioned, "Thrifty is the worst car rental company I have experienced and I advise everyone to not use them for their renting needs. My flight got in early so when I picked up the car early they charged me over double what the original base price was because "base price can change base on time". Sorry my flight got in early... Good to know Thrifty doesn't honor prices. The lady at the counter told me to take it up with customer service, which should essentially be nonexistent. They take forever to answer the phone and give you attitude on top of it. :) I paid over $500 for a two day rental thanks to thrifty. Finally got in touch after a month or two and they are doing nothing about the mishap here."


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Former Employee - Rental Agent says

"Salary, management, hours, benefits, really everything about this place is a Con. I resigned my position with Thrifty because I had a family emergency (Grandmother fell and was unconscious) that caused me to call out from work, they let me know that any unexcused absence is not okay and that my next one would result in termination. This company firmly believes that they have to be the number 1 Priority in your life."

Rental Agent says

"Very bad conditions work standing up for 8 hours and you have to sell coverage for rent a cars to customers that all ready have????? ripoff , You have to work every weekend no family life.... if you are sick and cant work they penalize you."

Former Employee - Car Rental Agent says

"The managers always want you to talk to them when there is an issue. However when it's brought up everything is pushed under the rug. It's unfortunate that I, nor my coworkers had a voice. And don't dare try to go higher up, because they're just as corrupt. I usually don't write reviews, let a lone bad ones but I really hope someone is able to look into this establishment. If only I had the time to really explain how flawed Fayetteville NC thrifty is. Now please, do not late my rating discourage you from applying to Thrifty itself, it's just the Fayetteville branch I would steer clear of."

Former Employee - Rental Sales Agent says

"Must meet sales goals or risk loosing job."

Former Employee - Rental Sales Agent says

"Management can sometimes show favoritism"

Former Employee - Rental Sales Agent says

"Pressure Employees to Sale Insurance too much"

Counter Sales person (Former Employee) says

"very bad management as you go, fake people from the GM to the bottom manager, sad to talk about rights and open your voice , you are the target if you lazy and low class performer you are very welcome. please go elsewhere, do not waste your energy and effort . please pleaseweekly pay 14 doolor big dealbad managemnt and low class employees"

Instant Return Representative (Former Employee) says

"The people at thus company is weird and very childish they spy on you around buildings also while your on break very negative work environment they have people to befriend you to spy. On you"

Rental Agent (Former Employee) says

"This company is the worst place to work I would not recommend any one to seek employment there! Managers are rude and they unprofessional the company does regard anyone but their business whether you sick or not you have to work or you will get fired"

Instant Return Representative (Current Employee) says

"You’ll NEVER have a set schedule, sometimes they will change the schedule unannounced which have you making last minute decisions. This job is for a person who doesn’t have children."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This place in columbus ohio sucks , hr is a witch . Managers are a joke and one in particular is a wrench from moracco that thinks shes everything this company is nothin g to ride home about"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Avoid, Avoid as much as possible, Worst Company to work for, all they think about what money goes in there pocket, management are having parties, while your slaving away for them, always doing 3 peoples job, 20+ people, not including 3 managers have left there jobs in 4 months, people falling ill, having nervous breakdown due to how the work place is, If you are desperate don't even look at this place, Avoid completelyNoneNone"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They're rude, egotistical, and try to use manipulation tricks to take advantage of people. The Team lead made fun of me and laughed at me when i came to interview."

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"The employees, under management, they are pretty cool. The hierarchy is something different. They only care for themselves, and don’t care too much about the employees.Bonuses24/7 365 business"

Return Agent (Former Employee) says

"Some of the managers are rude! It's not a fun place to work. When your new the people take advantage of you, they walk off and just leave you to do all the work!"

Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"learning to clean cars understanding where to park the cars, working with co workers helping each other to get the job done. LEARNING where to park the cars."

VSA (Former Employee) says

"Extremely Poor management from San Antonio branch airport location, very stressful, they are not sympathetic to veterans needs or disabilities, they will lie on you, and they are abusive to their employees, Hertz must condone this behavior, because I have reported it to HR and they do nothing and allow the people to still work their, supervisions are very abusiveNoneEverything"

Trainer/Customer Service/Sales (Former Employee) says

"horrible company wont go back no pay rude management horrible never work there sc offices are the worst wouldn't recommend to anyone Columbia office is horrible"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"They try to justify selling and no one has any idea what they're doing besides the vice president and business manager.Company was a hand me down to an immoral president whom only looks to abuse the employees and treat everyone else like garbagepay, weekends offeverything else"

breakdown controller (Former Employee) says

"no good experience gained hours not good no promotion salary not market related cars not to standerd can not work there none none"

Rental Agent (Former Employee) says

"Sumamente extesante Hacer reservaciones y muchas otras cosas Gerenciales poco amables con sus empleados Ambiente muy competitivo Los cliente inconformes siempre Comapaneros de trabajo"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company was sold in an acquisition with Hertz. They are no longer operating as Dollar/Thrifty Rental, at least not as an independent company. The selling of the company was probably best after being in the culture of Car Rentals and Automatic Insurance being added to contracts without clear communication to the consumer."

Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Great Teenager job its really hard to write anything other than the fact that this is in fact a teenager job. you vacuum out cars and clean the windshields"

Customer Sales Rep (Former Employee) says

"Lots of opportunity and commission, great staff to work woth and endless overtime. this company allows you to grow with them its a great place to work"

Customer Service/Sales Agent (Current Employee) says

"A regular day work means non-stop movement. Always on the go! During my 6-year tenure at Dollar Thrifty Group, I've learned that multi-tasking is the lifelong for any successful business that deals with customer service. Management can be tricky, but very educational. My co-workers function like a army unit with every soldier looking to me as their General. The hardest part about the job is being able to satisfy every customer. The most enjoyable part would meeting new people from different avenues throughout the world and sometimes establishing friendships with some of those individualsInstant customer compliance, fast-pace environment, constant mobilityCustomers who sometimes can be unsympathetic or hasty with customer service, low stock of inventory for sales, unpredictable weather conditions"

Rental Sales (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately, Dollar Thrifty Hertz is no longer a very positive or upwardly mobile place to work. Super stressful. The minimum requirements to keep your job is pretty high. You are dealing with 2 brands at this location. Dollar and Thrifty. And both brands have minimum targets you have to hit in order to keep your job. If you are struggling on the Thrifty side and you are passing on the Dollar side or visa versa, your job is still in jeopardy. To make matters worse, you have no control over how many dollar or thrifty brand contracts you do because they have combined both brands under one roof. So you may not process enough contracts of either brand to pass your core yield for the month. they took the incentive away for selling the collision damage waiver, raised the price of the minimum coverage by $10, and still expect the agents to comply by selling it or their job is in jeopardy. Have fun with this one guys.Medical and Visionn is pretty goodHighly Toxic and Stressful Environment"

Stephanie says

"I am a Blue Chip member and they do not honor the quick checkout. So far I\'ve waited behind 40 people to rent my car. They have 2 people processing the rentals. Some of the customers are at the desk for over 15 minutes. So far I have waited 1.5 hours. I still have about 25 people ahead of me. I have prepaid tickets to the aquarium and will probably not make it¡!!!!!!!!!!! So done with this shit"

Al says

"Waiting over 1.5 hours to get a car at LAX and still waiting. Over 100 people in line and only 3 people processing rentals. A complete joke."

Jose Luis Gutierrez Mendoza says

"The person who attended me at the Las Vegas airport counter on January 2, 2021, added services without my authorization, without explaining that there would be additional costs. I have already claimed by different means and they do not respond. The service number is 656861995."

Asad Islam says

"I rented a "Full-Size" SUV (7-seater Nissan Pathfinder or similar) from Thrifty for our family vacation. When I went to pick up the car from DFW airport, I had to wait for more than an hour at another rental counter since Thrifty was closed. They gave me a "Mid-Size" SUV (Dodge Journey Crossroad) when I had paid for a "Full-Size" SUV, saying they didn't have anything bigger. Our family couldn't fit in the smaller SUV with our luggage. Our vacation plans were turned upside down at the last minute. We ended up taking our own car along with the rental as that was the only way we could go as a family. Our plan to take the family trip together in one car was ruined. Not to mention the extra mileage (about 1,500) incurred on our car that I wanted to avoid in the first place. And the mental agony of being cheated out of the deal with our vacation plans upended at the last minute. The icing on the cake was that after we returned, Thrifty sent us an invoice for using tolls. The toll amount was $2.70. Thrifty charged us $47.70. Yes, $45.00 extra for administrative fee. Never use Thrifty."

k bugsbe says

"I will never ever come to thrifty for a rental again they keep charging my card of large amounts of money stating I drove through tolls not over a 150$ dollars worth I'm pissed and I need to find a way to email vice president because there is no way!"

Charlie Moore says

"Over Christmas i rented a car from Thrifty in Augusta Ga. I have found they are now running a SCAM i was caught in a storm in Va. I did not get back to Ga. on Sat. instead it was Mon. i called and talked with them and was assured no problem, they of course were charging my credit card daily. however they came to my house that night and took the vehicle before i could even unload it, not only did they charge me a premium for being late my daughters laptop was gone and NOW they want my to pay $800 for them taking the car, I have been renting cars for over 25 years documented and i have never in my life experienced anything like this, all of the trouble i had to go through to get my stuff back minus the Laptop of course, and not to mention the way i have been treated, So be sure to stay clear of Thrifty because this is their new scam, i mean i could see if i was way late and had not paid on the car sure, but not when they know where you and are charging your card daily have your address drivers license number employer address phone number, there is no way this is not a new scam to charge astronomical amount on your card. I will be seeing them in court!"

Mason says

"THE WORST RENTAL CAR SERVICE. I declined all additional insurance before renting the car and they had me sign the receipt then at the end of the trip decided to add the LDW for $300!!!! Since my signature was there, there was nothing I could do about it. THEY ARE SCAMMERS."

Shannon says

"Had a flat tire and no spare was in the car. Spent 4 hours trying to get a human being on the phone. There was no assistance whatsoever. Was hung up on repeatedly and I ended up having to pay $350 to a local company to replace the tire. How this company manages to stay in business is beyond me."

Camille Farhat Apker says

"I picked up a car from DFW to DTW on 11/21 and returned on 11/23. I accidentally left my wallet in the car. When I realized it I called the Thrifty at DTW immediately- nobody responded my phone calls or voicemails. I submitted a report and tried calling lost & found. They told me it will take 24-48 hours. I kept calling @thriftycars, trying to find out if I could just go look for the wallet myself. Nobody would answer me via phone, twitter or facebook. I was completely stranded with no ID or money. I missed my flight the next day as well due to not having any valid ID to travel with. It is now 12/1 and I still am being completely ignored by Thrifty. I have tried every outlet to get in contact with somebody (fb, twitter, phone numbers, customer service requests, hertz). I am shocked and appalled this is their customer service. I rent with @thriftycars all the time And have never been treated so poorly. I get there is protocol for everything but the fact that I have blatantly been ignored by Thrifty makes me think they don't care and are a shady business."

Serena Steyns says

"Literally terrible. Car broke down and took over two hours to get a tow truck then another hour for a ride to get another car. Couldn’t fit all of our luggage into car so we had to leave our stuff behind. Terrible, slow and unpleasant. Do not go with this company."

Famc Processing says

"1star is too generous. Had a pre paid reservation setup by my employer. The manager 1st. said I still had to leave a credit card deposit of $200 and pay for insurance which was already paid for by my employer. Received a charge of $107.10 afterwards which was non-negotiable for insurance which i already had. Use another less devious company for your rental needs."

Aracely Gonzalez says

"If would be possible I gave 0 stars to this abusive company... *** please PLEASEEEE BE ADVISE THIS HERTZ, THRIFTY AND ALL RENTAL CARS BRAND THEY MANAGE WOULD TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU CREDIT CARD... They charge mi card for an extra insurance coverage I never consented. Plus their customers service won’t help you at all. Please use uber or taxi it would be cheaper than rent a car"

Amber Marinoff says

"DO NOT recommend Thrifty especially in Denver. Our car had several dents, scratches and marks all over the vehicle. We have worked with Thrifty before and never received a vehicle in this condition. Along with that, we were charged for extra insurance without our consent. I called customer service and instead of helping a customer, he didn't do anything for the extra charge. We were given three pieces of paper and never given a contract. We will not be using Thrifty in the future. Especially during 2020, they are trying to charge me extra money, how sad. I DO NOT recommend their services. Go to Hertz instead."

Mk says

"Was charged $76.43 in fee and tax on a 3 day rental. The rental was $85.76. I only dove 76 miles. Charged $25.20 for dropping off car where it was rented NEVER AGAIN! SCAM!"

RJ says

"Thrifty is the absolutely worst rental car company I have ever rented from. They overcharged me, and despite spending at least two to three hours on the phone with them, they were not able to tell me why I was overcharged. Numerous email inquiries were unreturned. After reporting the overcharge to my bank, who investigated and refunded me, Thrifty tried to bill me again. Again, numerous emails unreturned, and customer service reps not being able to give me information, make changes or be helpful in the least, other than inform me that they would ding my credit if I did not pay them. Essentially, Thrifty are thieves."

Amber Cherrington says

"Terrible experience. Booked through Expedia for daughter and boyfriend. Thrifty took advantage of them and charged card for $951.00 when booked for $296.12. Thrifty added full coverage insurance even though driver has full coverage and additional insurance purchased through Expedia. I was on speakerphone with Thrifty agent and daughter and boyfriend-told Thrifty to remove all insurance charges as they were unnecessary due to driver having full coverage and extra coverage purchased through Expedia. Agent said she removed. When I hung up agent then added on liability insurance-which was still unneeded as driver has full coverage and extra through Expedia. Agent told daughter and boyfriend they could cancel insurance when returning car so not to worry about it. Agent did not document driver’s insurance. I called and was not able to speak to a manager until about 6 hours later because the agents kept hanging up on me. I explained to the manager, Joe, the situation. He said only way to remove would be for them to make an 8 hour round trip drive to break the contract. He also said no reason to contact his manager, Chan, because he and his agents made sure to document account “up and down” and that they can cancel the insurance on return, however no money back because it is a daily charge. Joe also went back and forth over discussing “personal” details of contract since I wasn’t a signer but in the end gave me all details except the name of the agent that added the unnecessary/overcharged insurance. If you need to rent a car-be advised of opportunity they will take to overcharge and add unnecessary hidden fees without telling you-BEWARE when using Thrifty rental car, the Portland, PDX location is the one we used, as well as booking through Expedia as they have no control and no way of forcing Thrifty to abide by reservation booked through them. Shame on Thrifty for taking advantage of first time car renters. Why, logically would anyone need to purchase insurance through Thrifty if they already had full coverage and paid extra for the Expedia coverage??? Not to mention all the other random charges that took it from $296.12 to $951.00. Steer clear of Thrifty car rental. Their direct phone # to desk at Portland airport location is 503-254-6565 option 0-not that it will do any good. Worst customer service. Hope it was worth the extra $169.95 you charged-it won’t happen again-lesson learned. I won’t use you again and will make sure anyone and everyone knows of my experience. I’ll even chip in for a more expensive car rental company to make sure no one else gets taken advantage of."

Jeremy Miller says

"MSP Car Rental through Thrifty - I rented a compact car for 9 days at $14/day. I returned my car with a full tank of gas one hour late and was charged $33.74, a full extra day (2+ days rate) for being one hour late. I called customer service and also spoke to a supervisor and was informed that their policy is to charge a hourly late fee, but in my case they charged an extra day and will not give me a proper credit. This has to be illegal as they are unfairly charging me outside what their policy is to charge a customer."

Reannan Maybury says

"Contacted us one hour before we were due to pick up a truck to say it was no longer available leaving us stranded for our move."

John P says

"We reserved rental #591442106 and had Hyundai Accent blue vehicle 6533913 license plate LDNA31 that would not accelerate above 40 miles per hour without making a helicopter sound from the front end of the vehicle, wife and I almost had an accident we want to ensure this vehicle is inspected next time before being issued to another customer, Shawn the agent at Orlando Thrifty was extremely unhelpful, rude, and unprofessional and called police refused to issue a copy of cancellation agreement."

Deborah Chipps says

"Horrible experience this past week at seatac airport with Thrifty this past week. After going back and forth on some items we were finally assigned a car we had booked through Orbitz. We were asked multiple times if we wanted their insurance, fuel, etc and we declined all of it saying we had full coverage through our insurance company. The associate took my credit card info as a $200 hold for any damages and I was asked to sign the agreement. I signed it (in a hurry because it had taken us so long to finish the transaction, thinking I was signing the regular rental agreement. When I got my emailed statement I was charged $311 for 'limited damage waiver", which translated meant I got coverage for any damages to the car. Which I had SPECIFICALLY told the man at the desk I didn't want. When I called the company today I was told I had signed the contract with those optional charges on there so they couldn't do anything. FAIR WARNING TO EVERYONE...THIS IS WHAT THEY SNEAK IN WHEN YOU'RE SIGNING FOR YOUR CAR. DON'T RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!!!"

Margaret says

"Charged for an unauthorized upgrade for $120. Customer service was no help. They basically stole $120 from me. I learned my everything on the agreement very closely. I rent cars several times a year...I will never use Thrifty again."

Honest John UK says

"Reasonable value but not surprised to see other bad reviews. Paid for a bigger car got there not available. NO REFUND ON THE DIFFERENCE. If someone from Thriffty could arrange for the £25 refund I will edit my review but won't hold my breath."