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The THE multiprogramming system or THE OS was a computer operating system designed by a team led by Edsger W. Dijkstra, described in monographs in 1965-66[1] and published in 1968. Dijkstra never named the system; "THE" is simply the abbreviation of "Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven", then the name of the Eindhoven University of Technology of the Netherlands. The THE system was primarily a batch system that supported multitasking; it was not designed as a multi-user operating system. It was much like the SDS 940, but "the set of processes in the THE system was static".

THE multiprogramming system is primitive and lacks implementation details, Prasanna Kumar Jayapal published a report on

"Review of "The" Multiprogramming System. Overall, this paper gives a good overview of the Multiprogramming system. Although, it is very primitive and lacks some of the implementation details, it gives an idea of how the concept and the necessity of an "Operating System" began. A nice paper to start the "Operating Systems" course I thought. This Dijkstra's paper (The Structure of the "THE" - Multiprogramming System) discusses the design of the Multi-programming system, where in a single computer system can execute multiple programs concurrently. This is a well structured paper where he talks about the goals."


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Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I really enjoyed my job at first but they definitely play favorites and they don’t care about your well being or life outside of work, being able to take time off or have vacation time or good medical benefits etc... working for a call center of course you will need to be on top of your calls and with the experience I gained I would say I’m a pro now but they definitely don’t want to hear you out or dispute anything for you if your call gets flagged for stupid reasons. They’re very unreasonable and I don’t appreciate how they run things at all! Cons: Everything, from benefits to management it’s all horrible."

Customer Service Reprsentive (Former Employee) says

"low pay full of kids unorganized supervisors do not know any more than you do so you on your own. The place is also hazardous with hanging wires and plugs."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Do no work here! Worked here for 5 months. The pay is garbage and so are the benefits. They do not care about you at all! Some of the supervisors don't care if you are still learning about a new campagin and dont take the time to teach you. They just expect you to know everything in one day. They also will talk behind your back to other employees and supervisors and dont tell them anything personal because they will spread that around too. You can't trust anyone! This is place is very, very, VERY stressful. The supervisors play favoritism its almost like a high school over there. They have so many cliques and some of the supervisors act like children and they are grown a** adults They are very unprofessional! By far the worst job I've ever had and the worst company I ever worked for. This place is a joke. If you value your sanity and integrity do not work here!!! Cons: Short breaks, Pay, Management, irate customers, high calls, no benefits. I could go on about the cons all day."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"training was terrible no hands on system always freezing up or you cant get into them and if you cant get in them you cant clock in so you have to disagree with your hours every day and hope that you get paid for them, you have no support for hours when you first start taking call and this are the hardest systems you will ever learn when they could make it less systems and you asked a question and never get a answer. And you have to have your own computer and 2 monitors. So if you are looking for a unhappy place to work or bad mangers THIS IS THE PLACE!! Cons: work on your lunch systems always down. RUDE SUPERVISORS"

Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"Do not work for the results company. They hired me and gave me mediocre training. Once training was done they don’t have credentials for us to use to use the systems. And because they didn’t have everything prepared they will lock you out of their systems and fire you. It’s a very unprofessional place to work and if you want job security, DO NOT WORK HERE Cons: Too many"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"A complete waste of time and total disappointment! Cons: Everything"

Web Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"They lie to their employees about extra money. They have bed bugs and will not do anything about them even after employees getting bites. If you are not friends with hire up you mean nothing to them and will get over look for promotions. They do not care about you have a family. You get punished for having to take off (even for doctor appointments you tell them about in advance) or having to leave early. Terrible place to work! Cons: Everything"

CSR (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for almost 3 years. I was constantly lied to and told I would be up for advancement. I found out my OM was stopping me from advancing in the company. Horrible pay horrible work environment Cons: Everything"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company was extremely unprofessional in a lot of ways. The clothes they allowed employees to wear at work should have been inappropriate. And the leaders they had in place were not very good at setting good examples."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Never work here, they are a terrible company to work for. They will feed you lies about how they are going to work with you on your schedule and then when it comes time for the schedule you requested to come out they beat around the bush and find every excuse as to why the request hasn't been fulfilled. Would not recommend working here"

Call Center Agent (Former Employee) says

"So I started as an trainee during this pandemic, then I had a cough so I declared it in their daily health monitoring.. that same night I was asked to go home which I understand because of the pandemic going on.. what is hard to accept is that after I returned, I was cleared by the health authorities and their own clinic as fit to work... but then they just labeled me as truant and ended my stint with them.. they were the ones who asked to be truthful with your daily health check, there were a lot of people coughing and sneezing inside the office who never declared it and they get to work while I was honest and I was kicked out? They even made me wait 3 hours standing as there is no reception because of the social distancing protocol.... imagine going home at 1 am in the morning with no public transport and no place to stay because they you can't stay inside the company because they just kicked you out..."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"No raises ever for supervisors team leads or management. this is a company that has no care for its employees just for the money they make and its not fair."


"This is the worst place ever to work for. They give u days to use when missing work but when u use them they punish u for them like trying to let u go it was bad environment all the way around"

Agent/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I'd give it negative stars if I could. Most people are miserable there. Far underpaid and a dead end job. These deadbeats have been paying same $9 an hour since 2014. There are bonuses but they ALWAYS find a way to screw you out of getting one. Unless you are totally desperate avoid this place. Cons: Everything"

Call Center Agent (Former Employee) says

"I’d never suggest this company to anyone! This place is a big joke they don’t care about their employees and the supervisor don’t know anything at all. I was only there 7 months and I’ll never go back to that place! They treat you bad and expect you to want to come to work. Cons: Everything"

Supervisor/Manager (Current Employee) says

"The Director at Blue Bell does not morals. He lies to agents, Supervisor, any one who is listening. Get everything in writing. Supervisor makes less than agents. You don't get to take a lunch as management. No integrity. You can't trust them. You don't even get a cost of living pay increase yearly. Whatever pay you start with is what you make 5 years later. RUN. Cons: They use you and kick you to the curb."

Costumer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked there and was thrown from different businesses all the time and was not paid fairly and was treated like I was nothing to them. And the managers would argue with you on a daily basis and I felt unsafe there. Cons: Everything"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"It would be a better place without favoritism. The training is not long enough and there are only 2 good trainers. You work hard and they only pay 9.50 per hour! The bonuses are hard to get with all the goals you have to meet! They don't care if you're dying they don't except doctor notes which is against the law. Don't work here! Cons: Short breaks points for going to bathroom not enough training before you are put on phones"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"They don't care if your a single parent with no help. They're point system is ridiculous. The supervisors don't have any idea of what's going on. Everyone is out for themselves."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Results is a lousy place to work. The trainers do not know what they are doing or how to teach u anything. Lousy pay and long hours. I hate this company. Would never work there."

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