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Cupid Media is an online dating company that operates 35 niche dating websites based on religion, ethnicity, lifestyle and special interests. The network of sites are available in multiple languages and since its founding in 2000, over 35 million singles have registered across the company's sites. Cupid Media is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.


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Andru says

"this company is full of scammers there…

this company is full of scammers there was no link of people near my in spain in uk witch i reported it to them there was like 20 females in there in less than 4 days offline so still using the site, a witch no offence was pathetic for me to find someone out of that number of people, i was also online with Thailand and Asian they had more people and looking normal number of around single people online, how ever yet again a stupid amount of people just on there for scamming, ive run out of how many do this, but the company is not interested at all as long they make money off you they dont care, if they cared why dont they make people long into a new account with a 10P or cents etc charge to register the account as know as another scammer can then be blocked for good simple, i had one scammer 18 times through different accounts. go find a different account to keep you safe this companny is a sack of rubbish, they are skammers themselves on all three accounts on the sign off date they send you fake women again to get you to sign up again they are 100% their own kind of scammers"

Ceniex says

"unfortunately this is a fake website, after a few minutes the women ask for email address and then they want someone to set up an account at and"

Henry Wiersema says

"I like the site except for one thing . The translation from Thai to English is rather poor."

Mike says

"I've only just started to look for a young lady"

Kumara Kaluarachchi says

"Gm nice to meet you this site we will see how you can help me ok first thing is safety. Every body is staying in home 🏡 okay. Athers later. Okay iam from 🇱🇰 srilanka. Thank you 🙏 team"

George S. says

"Seems to be ok. It ain't a rip off and sure ain't no scam but I actually didn't find what I was lookin' for. This ain't a site to get u laid. Maybe had wrong intentions. Seems to be a site for something serious. Never mind. I wish I did not bother but if u wanna find a relationship with an Asian chick it may be worth joinin'.

Guys, if just wanna get laid use Asianwomen4u. You have to weed through some fake profiles but it freakin' works most of the times. Hope I was able to help you."

Shriranjan Sawant says

"Response is good .Lets check who are fake"

Wong Michael says

"Good experience so far but matches are not as much as I expected. Always seeing familiar faces and profiles. The search function is reset after I go to read or reply any means sage and I have to start all over again. It’s kind of draining."

Happy Fairy says

"Pic not full hd , i don't like that"

Harold James says

"Haven’t committed to communicating with anyone yet, but the profile information available is very comprehensive, if they decide to provide it."

Peter Gibbons says

"You need to be able to send my email and phone number"