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Tesla, Inc. (formerly Tesla Motors, Inc.) is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Palo Alto, California. Tesla's current products include electric cars (the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y), battery energy storage from home to grid-scale (the Powerwall, Powerpack, and Megapack), solar products (solar panels and solar roof tiles) and related products and services.

Sreelu, a Tesla owner shared his experience on "edmunds" in January 2020:

"My 3 months old Tesla model 3 was locked out. The car had to be towed and service center people had to literally break into the car. I was told that it is their internal security model issue that was wired incorrectly. And while breaking into the car, they broke the right passenger front window control panel. And from the time I got my car from the service center, I hear rattling sound and the air gush while driving. The service center technician tells me that it is the normal characteristic of the car. The rattling sound is the normal characteristic of a luxurious car? I am shocked. Service center technicians cannot fix it. I had Toyota for over a decade, but still, my car had good shock absorbers and a good drive. I expected a pleasant drive and much more than the regular car with Tesla. On top of it, Tesla does not have a support number/customer service number. I do not recommend Tesla."


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Former Employee - Customer Service says

"I worked at Tesla full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Managers are incentivized to overwork and underpay employees"

Former Employee - Marketing Specialist says

"I worked at Tesla full-time Cons: Leadership was lacking. They didn’t seem to care about their employees."

Current Employee - Production says

"I have been working at Tesla full-time Cons: too many to list, seriously."

Former Employee - Production Associate says

"I worked at Tesla full-time for less than a year Cons: Process for time off and LOA approval is nonexistent. They don’t care If you have health conditions or family issues. You’re just a number to them. You work overtime everyday just for them to treat you like garbage when you need assistance."

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"I have been working at Tesla full-time for less than a year Cons: Hours are very long, and management works you to death"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"I have been working at Tesla full-time for more than a year Cons: terrible management, and poor guidance"

Former Employee - Field Energy Consultant says

"I worked at Tesla full-time Cons: Working overtime and not paid ( Solarcity)"

Former Employee - Solar Specialist says

"I worked at Tesla full-time for less than a year Cons: I don’t recommend working here as it’s very unorganized and not customer centric at all. It’s driven by a culture that doesn’t value customers, follow ups or for through on projects, promises or deadlines. Also there’s no available internal resources or follow up with management or HR."

Former Employee - Program Manager says

"I worked at Tesla full-time for more than a year Cons: you are just a number, HR is designed to look out for management, Management drives you for results and then take the credit"

Former Employee - Autopilot Annotation Specialist says

"I worked at Tesla full-time for more than a year Cons: • Leadership is scattered and out of touch/don’t care about problems experienced by employees •Little to no development for individuals looking to expand skill sets or move forward in their careers •LOW market pay for job responsibilities presented in interviews along with empty promises of advancement •Management structure unclear, people often had little idea who to turn to"

Energy Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Training was one week not enough for the processes you need to take on each call. The contracts cannot be cancelled so they do not tell you 90% of your calls are retention with no retention dept the managers supervisors are not your friend and you will know who likes you and who doesnt fast! Cons: managers dont care about keeping you they will get rid of you for stats fast"

Supply Chain Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Extremely busy and no work life balance. I don’t recommend this company if you are not workaholic."

Solar Installer (Current Employee) says

"As I close I’m on my 90 days I am feeling overwhelmed. Tesla has failed as company to provide to their employees. I was hired full time only to be working part time. As I thought this job was the job for me I soon realized it’s mockery and unorganized management practices have sent this office into a downfall. I am beginning to lose hope in a sense that I have waisted my time with Tesla and they haven’t shown any gratitude towards wanting the people they hired to not feel left out. It’s only right they receive a negative review in hopes of fixing the issues they have created. Cons: Horrible management"

Delivery specialist (Current Employee) says

"Bad communication in this company, all friend politics, (high positions because they know eachother from outside of work) Cons: Too many"

Energy Customer Support Specialist-Remote (Current Employee) says

"Run...Tesla Energy Customer support is a complete mess. The training is way to fast and the spread through the info that you will need on the floor. Everyone is nice nice and helpful. But everyone seems tired and over worked due to continuous mandatory OT. Cons: Short breaks, training isn’t the best. Micromanaging is big here."

Vehicule readiness specialist (Former Employee) says

"Poorly organized, managers are always on your back even for things that are not in your power to change. Cons: Everything else"

Production Associate 3 /zone captian (Former Employee) says

"Your just a number, warm body, the will always find someone else. Too many chiefs! Same thing everyday and every shift. Your a robot that has no say In anything. Cons: Everything else"

Production Assistant (Former Employee) says

"he only cares about the amount of cars being built,dosen't care about employes or there well being just a horrible place to work they lie about everything the promotions suck the managers only care about to car and not the person working on it. never was satisfied working here. Cons: evrything about the business"

Fire responce specialist (Former Employee) says

"At first the work envionment seemed good but managment was terrible, it was always a negitive experiance dealing with them for simple things like days off. Cons: To many"

Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Tesla will expect you to sacrifice your well being for the "greater good", upper management's profits and credibility. A "Bully" culture existed in Costa Mesa service center. This prevented anyone who came from the factory to enjoy their work nor advance past their positions."

Production Associate (Former Employee) says

"I hated working at this place due to long hours and bad management."

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"It sucks don’t work here trust me no room for advancement mangers are shady and the breaks are too short for how long we work. Forced overtime wouldn’t want to work her again."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"This job was a complete joke the recruiter forgot the interview time and schedule at first horrible hours petty management just read all the reviews. About this place they are all true Cons: Everything"

installer (Current Employee) says

"- immature managers and leaders Cons: doesn't pay all of the bills"

Quality Inspector (Former Employee) says

"I learned a lot at this job. But the work environment was terrible. Managers would get fired randomly and replaced with new ones. People there for the most part were ok but it felt like a sweat shop. They work you 12 hours a day 6 days a week so say goodbye to your personal life. Cons: Horrible parking, poor work environment, disgusting restrooms"

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"Lots of fun.... lots of organizing....lots of jobs....lots of things to happen all at once...drinking and smoking lots of that at yimes but very happy and blessed Cons: Short breaks"

Licensed Journeyman Electrician (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balance"


"You work in a warehouse. Cons: Everything, not enough space to list."

PROJECT COORDINATOR (Former Employee) says

"If you want to work for a company that will never value you, this is not it. If you are ready to be just a number to a company, go ahead. If you like having no direction and having no reliable upper management for assistance, this is your place. If you like lying to customers and covering up lies for your company, go for it. This company hires to fire, they perform mass lay offs and you are NEVER safe. There is absolutely no room for growth. Cons: Everything but the health benefits"

Production Associate (Former Employee) says

"I had been worked as a production Associate and the day when i started working i felt i became slave of this freaking Company and pay rates / compensation is really low which noone can’t even survive to live nearby Company in the Bay Area Fremont Factory and more than enough presure from every aspect on employees within Zero work environment management Cons: Zero respect and slavery behavior"

PS says

"Woeful customer service. Trying to change the app to my name. Spoken with three offices and at least ten people, still no joy. Communication is appalling. Strongest advice is stick to the main manufacturers. Tesla is honestly the worst car company I have dealt with in thirty years. Imagine something going wrong with dealings with a budget airline. This is a lot worse than that in my experience. Take note."

Shu Z. says

"Nice car but ... It is a nice car and a joyful experience to purchase if you have no issue in dealing with the centralized sales team. If you buy a Tesla (in the UK), there is no designated person you speak to about your order, so when something goes wrong, like the invoice has the wrong name (such a simple thing)... they cannot sort it out... Instead, you are sitting on the phone all morning talking to 4 different people, still not sorted. Of course, you have the right to cancel, and they are not even afraid of losing you as a customer, because they are tesla and some 'strong pride' comes with it. So be prepared. If the back office is this incompetent, then not sure what to think if I encounter issues on the road!"

Noel says

"Have now twice tried to book a test drive, and twice I have received a call on the morning cancelling the test drive which they claim their on-line system should not have allowed. Very poor service"

Ian James says

"My car on autosteer steered itself over to the oncoming lane of traffic on a major road (the A47). It took me over 7 months of being passed from pillar to post to get an answer from Anton Baboglo (Country Service Manager UK & IE) that Tesla had no interest in coming out to see if we could recreate what the car decided to do on 'Autopilot'; no interest whatsoever in offering any compensation for me going over 7 months without a family car and the running/depreciation costs while I waited on their answer; and that they would not even deliver the car to a friend who said he would try to sell the repaired car for me! On top of that the car arrived with deep scratches, which I had to take time out taking the car (twice) to someone at Tesla to get repaired; I was shown a video in a herd of people picking up their Tesla with no warning about the 'autosteer'; and Tesla's defence was there's a couple of lines in the manual, even though they were happy enough for me to drive away without reading the manual! These guys show through their actions that they have no care or pride in building their cars or looking after their customers. It even made zero difference that I bought one of the first Model Xs in the UK for £120,000 (by the way, in the early days of that car with so few customers, the customer service was good) ... unfortunately, there policy of pile them high and ignore customer complaints and hope they go away deserves to drive what is an incredibly innovative company out of business. Elon Musk's hype that this car could drive from West Coast to East Coast of the USA on autopilot ... well there'd be a lot of terrified other road users if he tried with my Model 3 in the state it was in late January 2020! The worst purchase decision of my life. Please take the marketing blurb and sales pitches with a pinch of salt and realise that UK customer service won't give a stuff if you have a bad/disappointing experience. p.s. My life partner inherited my Model X ... she's experiencing terrible and random functioning of the air conditioning like others who I've just browsed through here. She also let me know after that occasionally her 'autosteer' would make a random move like steer into the side of the road suddenly - she's learnt to only trust and use it on the motorway and even then she's super wary and vigilant; I wish I'd been as smart as her and had a couple of taps on the shoulder before my new Model 3 did that out of the blue. Like all technology, it's great when it works ... sadly you can not rely on the technology in a Tesla. I deservedly will be banned from driving which is a horrible work and life consequence. Thanks for nothing Tesla! Ian"

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