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Former Freelancer - Temp says

"Got tinnitus at their site, L&S Sweeteners, because they didn't tell me to wear earplugs. White guys are much more susceptible to it according to medical studies, and I was the only white guy there besides two other guys. I can hear the ringing as I write this, and it is over a year since I worked there. They made me stack nearly every day. I developed a nervous system issue in my back and shoulders such that they ache a lot from disuse following intensive use, but they ached non-stop for several months after working at L&S. It is standard for temp agencies in Lancaster to make you do repetitive motions, typically while standing and doing something with a box, but this was the second worst of 7 I have had. However, the others didn't leave lasting pain. Before L&S they sent me to Maple Logistics which paid me $9/hr and offered no breaks. I complained about it to the one lady, who tried to get me in trouble with the boss and then started to nag me until I told her to stop doing so. I was trying to advocate for her and my interests in having a break, and she fought against it! Avoid Tempstar. They'll send you to horrible places. If you confront the guy who runs it about the awful sites, he will say it was your fault for choosing to do business with Tempstar and accepting the sites, and meanwhile, they don't tell you how they'll be ahead of time--at least not whether you get breaks. If you confront them about bad things they do, they will try to manipulate you into thinking they like you or that they have done nothing wrong or cannot control what their clients do, but if they were more principled and moral they wouldn't mind missing the business of bad clients. They want the money though. I would say to try every other temp agency and use Tempstar only if you are desparate, and even then if something seems bad about the site, leave it ASAP. You don't owe it to Tempstar to put yourself in a bad situation."

Various Temporary Assignments (Former Employee) says

"I never had a stable job, and they were horrible with finding you a job. The people there was great but its nothing I would ever go back to. Cons: never a stable job"

General Laborer (Former Employee) says

"the management is very rude, they do not follow with your application, or resume. they aren't helpful at all."

General Laborer (Current Employee) says

"i was with them for about a month and they never got me a job, the manager and other employees for tempstar staffing were rude especially if you are white"


"it was a temp agency so i didnt know from day to day if i was working, the people i work with were fun to work with, the hardest part of the job was woundering if i was goin to work"

Temporary Employee (Former Employee) says

"Workers in the temp agency are rude, they rush you on the phone and they are very secretive lol on what’s on your profile! Many companies use temp people and fire them for either no valid reason or they simply don’t give you one even if it’s a TEMP TO HIRE position. Highly don’t recommend this one go try out express employment! Cons: Low pay, rude"

Clerical Employee (Current Employee) says

"I would get up and call in to see if anything was available and the answer was usually no or it was industrial. I would also apply for online positions and not receive callbacks. Cons: no assignments coming in"

Order picker and packaging (Current Employee) says

"A typical day is not knowing what time you will be done working. The company doesn't give you any room for advancement or even give you job security. Cons: No End time, No room for advancement"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"I think temp star needs better paying jobs plus insurance and there's no job security plus they need more local jobs no 401 k plan if you need fast money temp star is the place."

General Laborer (Former Employee) says

"To many general laborer jobs just was working there but try switched me so much and other days I didn't have work at the time they had me packing picking lifting boxes just about everything"

Temporary Employee (Former Employee) says

"Like many temporary services... Most jobs are temporary. Benefits are offered and the family package wasn't that expensive. I enjoyed my time there and wish there where more jobs they could have offered."

Packer (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed the warehouse that I worked at and I had room for advancement but the temp service I was under didn't allow me any growing room or pay increase. And not enough consistent work. Cons: no consistent work or room for advancement in pay or position"

Temp Worker (Current Employee) says

"Tempstar is a good way to make good money if you need it. But its no career and no one really goes anywhere through Tempstar. Some Jobs are really easy, some are not. They are pretty fast to get you a job so in the long run a good company. Cons: No Advancement, Not a place for careers"

Metal Fabricator (Former Employee) says

"Tempstar was professional and quick in finding a suitable job. Cons: Dark, dirty, Loud"

General Laborer/Warehouse (Former Employee) says

"Well whenever I was able to get to a job assignment they were decent.. there were times I was given an assignments address and it was the wrong address. So I ended up either late or not arriving at all. Not due my carelessness. Other times they would say an assignment was long term and i'd show up the next day just to be told it wasn't and be sent home without a job. Cons: Not to relible"

STAFFING SPECIALIST (Current Employee) says

"Tempstar has taught me a lot about the industrial field. It usually is a hectic day. The hardest part is firing people at the end of each day. A company will contact us and let us know which employee needs to be let go. It's our job to call them and handle it with care. It's hard when someone starts crying because they lost their entire income to support their family. Cons: Rude co workers."

Temporary & short term assignments (Former Employee) says

"Different positions, picker, packer, inventory, mail handler, cleaning warehouse, machine operator, different shifts, bike assambler, fork lift driver, etc."

Temporary Worker (Former Employee) says

"Working at Tempstar Staffing was an interesting one.I would have to call Tempstar every morning, except for weekends; to see if they had work for me that day. More often than not. I did not get a job for the day. Cons: Not enough hours, having to call on a daily basis"

Staffing Coordinator and Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Laid off from company due to downsizing. I staffed the clerical end of the business which was in half of the building. Company decided to combine clerical and industrial office. I enjoyed assisting co-workers Cons: I was laid off"