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Telecinco is a Spanish free-to-air television channel operated by Mediaset España Comunicación. The channel was previously known as Tele 5, because it had first begun its experimental transmissions on 10 March 1989, and a year later, it was officially launched on 3 March 1990, becoming the fifth of the national terrestrial television channels and the second private channel in Spain. In 1997, Tele 5 was rebranded as Telecinco, dropping the biscione-absent flower logo seen in other Mediaset channel logos.

Junk TV is defined by the issues it addresses, by the characters it exhibits and places in the foreground, and, above all, by the distorted approach, it uses to deal with those issues and characters. That would be the exact definition of what the private channel Telecinco represents and its programming full of ordinariness, bad taste, and high doses of morbid.

For the twitter user, @gmrlsrc Telecinco sucks "I have never liked it and I never will. The only thing they know how to do is get shit out of everyone. I hope they close the chain". Telecinco has been since its arrival in the 90s television that has promoted morbid, sensationalism, interference in private lives, and sentimentality.


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Responsable del Gabinete de Alta Dirección (Former Employee) says

"Empresa con grandes profesionales y mala gestión directiva. Poco respeto a las individualidades y a la vida privada. Directivos que imponen un estilo muy definido en el que no se aceptan críticas constructivas ni divergencias. Cons: Management caótico que genera conflictividad laboral"

System Manager (Internship) says

"IT support in the News and Sport's Department from a TV (Telecinco). You have to attend the whole area if someone has technical problems. It's so productive. Proactive and learning how the users work their programmes to solve later on."

Auxiliar de producción (Former Employee) says

"Enorme aprendizaje laboral y personal."

Becario/Prácticas (Former Employee) says

"Buen ambiente de trabajo para amenizar el día a día."

Former Intern - Intern says

"I worked at Telecinco Cons: location, tasks, salary, monotony, opportunities"

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