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The Counter Assault Team (CAT) is a specialized tactical unit of the U.S. Secret Service that provides tactical support to the Presidential Protective Division to protect the President of the United States. This is in contrast to the Presidential Protective Division whose mission is to shield the president from an attack and to evacuate the president to a place of safety.

Teamcat was involved in a scandal that damaged the agency's reputation and integrity, agents used cocaine and hire prostitutes during Barack's Obama visit to Colombia.

"This past April, during a summit that was attended by president Barrack Obama in Cartagena, Colombia, nearly a dozen agents of the Secret Service became embroiled in a prostitution scandal that caused severe damage to the reputation and integrity of the agency. Many of the agents involved in that scandal were members of CAT. CAT agents were engaged in a whiskey and cocaine-fueled romp with as many as 20 hookers at a posh hotel in Cartagena."


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