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Taxware, LLC is a division of Vista Equity Partners that specializes in sales, use and value-added tax calculation. Taxware is based in Wilmington, MA. Founded in 1979, Taxware offers its customers various products ranging from simple rate files to complete end-to-end solution automation.

A former employee mentioned, "Convey Compliance (the Minnetonka Office) was an extraordinary place to work. The culture was fantastic, pay was competitive, and the work was fun. Once they were acquired by Vista Equity Partners and merged with Taxware (Wilmington Office) the Executives of Convey were let go, and the Executives at Taxware took over.

The Executives were in-charge of a small and failing company until Convey was merged with them and provided a much needed infusion of money, experience and expertise which was quickly alienated.

The culture changed rapidly to a churn of employees to satisfy the reduction in Cost of Goods Sold in order to position for the next sale of the brand.

Human Resources is a joke, you are more likely to be fired for looking at them the wrong way than to be able to discuss real issues relating to your employment."


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