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UBET (TattsBet) is the provider of totaliser and Fixed Odds betting products in Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. It merged with UNiTAB Limited in 2006, the previous owner-operator of the TABs in Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Lets go horse racing mentioned, "TattsBet is so far behind the rival TABs in New South Wales and Victoria that the holds are an embarrassment. And it is not as though it is restricted to Queensland punters – with South Australia, the Northern Territory and Tote Tasmania also part of their equation.

They are a standing joke when it comes to Fixed Odds, not interested in exotic forms of betting that prove so popular – especially with the smaller punters interstate – and are not even regarded as competition to the corporate operators.

Complaints continue to arrive that they are changing the goal posts where Fixed Odds betting is concerned with their only interest the profit margin and they could not care less about the punters. It’s time they gave horse racing away and stuck to the pokies."


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Customer Service Verification Advisor (Former Employee) says

"the management was bullies and poor and made me ill that I have to sign off work for stress. The was the customer service department. No chance of progression."

N/A (Current Employee) says

"My immediate team is great and there are some cool people trying to change the culture. Those people + the flexibility to work from home is the only thing that's kept me sane. Otherwise, it's an old boys club. Extremely toxic. Politics and favoritism everywhere. Extremely unrealistic deadlines. Weekend work is demanded from contractors but then they're forced to take 4-6 weeks off (unpaid) over Christmas to save budget. The company is fast trying to implement immoral procedures that toe the line of regulatory and legal constraints but take advantage of the fact that those laws haven't kept up with tech advancements. Contractors in one department get pay rises of hundreds of dollars per day but permanent staff are refused pay rises at their annual reviews. I've heard colleagues threaten to push each other down the stairs (serious threat). Racist jokes fly think and fast. Middle management stomp around like big babies who need a nap and seem to offer little value. They fire good people so they can hire their own mates. Then they realize their mates are inept, fire them, and it's impossible to meet deadlines because of the high turnover. Every department is so siloed, nobody knows what is happening in any other department and it makes it impossible to innovate. Constant jokes are made about our customers being drunk and stupid - I guess respect for the employees is too much to expect from a company that doesn't even respect their customers. Revenue is bleeding out - the belts are tightening and it's being taken out on the employees."


"Worked in an iterative change environment. High expectation on Senior Management to implement changes & deliver results whilst in transformation mode."

Bar Attendant (Current Employee) says

"I enjoy the work I do. I am an outside bar attendant when when important Harness racing events are on (Hunters Cup etc) and New Years Eve. The people I work with have always work well as a team."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Management isn't great. Fun environment but no career prospects for the regular worker unless you know someone high up. There is a lot of favoritism and discrimination."

Waitressing (Former Employee) says

"Wasn't the best atmosphere, there management skills were less then ideal, weren't helpful with workplace bullying or any serious issue. Work was not enjoyable but had to be done.discounted meals when workinglong hours"

Desktop Support Analyst (Current Employee) says

"It is a good company where you will be happy to start. However, the payment is low and the management is chaos. And you will be hard to find an opportunity to change roles or get promoted.Good company for starterlow pay, no career path"

AGENT (Former Employee) says

"Fun workplace We learnt on the job I was assisting the Event manager we worked as a team for 8 years We worked out the best strategies how to co-ordinate our daily routine with Special events ETC: MCG Etihad Stall gift various racecoursesNo LunchLong hours"

Manager Tattsbet Agent (Former Employee) says

"Essential, open communication, punctuality and honesty. Management, banking, customer service, long hours but enjoyable and able to work as a team and independent.Own bossIndependence"

Client side Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Working at Star Casino presented complex strategies to allow the facility to function whilst remaining in operation. Maintain security, communications and fire life safety disciplines were paramount.Exposure to a unique industry.None really, all employees worked towards completion of the project."

MANAGER/AGENT (Former Employee) says

"A Typical day would be to set up the Race Meetings for the day,also the Sports events,attention to accuracy,re scratchings jockey changes.Cash handling,multitasking,Customer focus. I learnt to build a strong relationship with my customers,i made it fun telling jokes and also very knowledgable with the events of the day,which builds respect from customers. Management I was responsible for a business with turnover of 5million a yr,I managed 2 staff and about 30 customers on Saturdays,of course Melbourne Cup day being our biggest day of the year. My workers were respeonsible,and I had a strong relationship with them. The hardest part of the job was dealing with aggressive customers whom had lost their money,this I handled in a calm professional way,in order to calm the situation,and help or advise the customer of other patrons in the store. The strong bond I built with my customers was the most enjoyable part of the job,considering the environment I was in,i was always able to make their experience entertaining and enjoyable.i worked long hours 60 a week"

Data pro (Current Employee) says

"Salary is not as per expected Overall its a good start with Tab Working environment is great and relaxed Offices are nice too Work life balance is good example to share"

Undisclosed (Former Employee) says

"Very busy role, however thought the micromanagement was a bit over the top. If you were 1 minute late to work twice in a month, all your positive performance stats at the end of the month would be affected and your stats would be dragged down to the very bottom! Anyway, lots to learn, versatile work which required a lot of training. Very busy, would have liked a longer lunch. Shifts were all over the place as well as all the tea breaks and lunches, couldn't adjust or establish a sense of routine, one was always trying to check or remember their next tea break or lunch? Again it was a vicious cyclone because this in itself could cause you to be late! If you like a really busy busy atmosphere and being micromanaged down to the last minute and you like to be on your toes all the time, then thats great, work for them! I won't, I prefer structure and a bit more routine, although I can adjust to change and like change from time to time (but not this much change). Then the hot-desking as well, there was struggle to find a seat every morning, sometimes I was "late" to work because I couldn't find a seat and my stats were affected - felt like a panicking chook in a pen!Good rate of pay and nice customersMicromanagement - too much of it!"


"The office was situated in one of the easiest accessible places in London. The office was filled up with great, friendly and enthusiastic people who made working in the company an enjoyable experience as well as a place you can get your head down and work."

Prize Administration Officer (Former Employee) says

"People are nice, its a good job, good pay, easy recruitment process, my experience was a little bit tainted due to a poor choice of team leader but no job is perfect aye!Good pay, easy recruitment processLittle bit repetitive, groundhog day style"

Waitress (Former Employee) says

"Tabcorp Park is a great place, good food, good cooks and the managers are nice, you just get along with most of the people and sometimes it can be hard but most of the time it’s all just fun.Soda after workBusy nights"