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Tapestry is a form of textile art, traditionally woven by hand on a loom. Tapestry is weft-faced weaving, in which all the warp threads are hidden in the completed work, unlike cloth weaving where both the warp and the weft threads may be visible. In tapestry weaving, weft yarns are typically discontinuous; the artisan interlaces each colored weft back and forth in its own small pattern area. It is a plain weft-faced weave having weft threads of different colors worked over portions of the warp to form the design.

A user tweeted this "I tried to do Tapestry and it is really difficult, I spent a lot of time and money and I could not achieve anything. Don't do it, you will only get frustrated and end up in a very bad mood. There are several videos where they claim you can do it by yourself, but they are just lies, they don't explain anything and they only look for views in their videos. Save yourselves the bad time".


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Reach Truck Operator (Former Employee) says

"We received 14 trucks a night. We would get called numerous amounts of times throughout the night for nothing. Best part of the night was leaving to go home...NaNa"

Our company's portfolio includes the Coach (Former Employee) says

"Organization is moving fast; strategy not well thought through. The overall corporate culture is not integrated with each of the brands, leaving the newest brand behind."

Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"The company does not win any work and job opportunities are few so job security is very low. Currently I do not have medical coverage in Saud Arabia"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"There is a mean girl culture, no respect for new ideas. Employees not paid correctly or timely. Employees have to open tickets to get issues resolved and then wait.Good discountsNot paid timely"

No Comment (Former Employee) says

"Work long hours and the salary does not compensate for having no life on the outside. Greedy company overall. Run fast because it is easy to become comfortable. Before you know it, years go by and you have gone nowhere.BenefitsLong work hours, no life"

Sr. Lease Analyst (Current Employee) says

"You have to be a self starter and know what you need to do. There is very little if any training, no process or procedures in place you will need to create your own."

Hospice Aide (Current Employee) says

"Company has lack of communication. The patients and staff are just numbers. So very sad. The workers felt alone and unappreciated. I love my job but not the company.patientstoo many to count"

Coach Leatherware Company (Former Employee) says

"If you want to just work and have no life this is the place for you. If you like to brown nose to move up this is the place to work They just want people who do office politics and stay real late and do not care if you do your job well."

Senior Support Worker (Former Employee) says

"Contacting service users and confirming the number of clients with the transport department that need to be collected and taken to the peer support groups. Coordinating escorts to transport. Ordering meals for the service users making sure that any special dietary requirements are catered for. Organising the activities of the day, liaising with my team members and volunteers to stimulate and support people living with dementia.serving lunches and supporting service users with any additional needs. To assist with loading the transport for the return journey home. During the session I would record members who have attended and and collect fees owed. I would prepare money for banking. I would keep records updated daily on all service users in accordance with company requirements. Input data for monthly invoices to be generated via accounts department. I learnt about dementia and it's challenging behaviour and how to support the needs of people with various types of dementia and Alzheimer's. My line manager was very supportive and an excellent role model until she was lost during the restructure. I had an excellent team of co-workers and volunteers who were knowledgeable and professional. The hardest part of the job was watching everything that was good being destroyed by the restructure. I enjoyed everyday that I was working in this environment.Very rewarding and enjoyableNone"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Underpaid,overlooked and use you when their done throw you out like trash. Manangers pormote who they like. Compensate employees they like. Company does not care about you."

Care Support Worker (Former Employee) says

"most enjoyable part of the job was the faces on the people you went in to help even just to make the a dinner and chat to them made them happy The hardest part of the job was to get support from head office and the managementwas nonenone"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"There are some really amazing people at Tapestry who work really hard, and then there are some who just are all about sucking up, do very little work, and who get promoted. You will work harder for very little appreciation or recognition. No flexibility to work from home, they only care about the time spent in your chair, and only recognize the people who are there late.Some really amazing people who love their work.Bad managers get promoted, little upward mobility, no work life balance, resources are limited so don’t expect training beyond the poorly written HR ones, bad culture."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Culture has changed for the worst. You are expected to work long hours with little to no resources! Nothing works.. the millions probably billions at this point spent on software and upgrades is a joke and has made it so much harder to be productive. When you explain fo upper management concerns they do nothing to try and fix it yet they demand unrealistic results. Very chaotic work environment no order"

Assistant Manager Retail (Current Employee) says

"Decent retail company to work for. Obviously hours are all over. No structure do if you can't work in that environment then it's not for you. Outdated technology in store but great digital presence"

Director of Product Development (Former Employee) says

"Tapestry (Coach) was an exciting place to work - they compensate really well. But in 6 months I had 3 different bosses and was working 16 hours a day. They really make you work for the money. super long hours"

Temp Product Development Coordinator, Coach (Former Employee) says

"I appreciate the opportunity, but if HR or management describe clearly the length of my employment would be helpful. I've quit a fulltime job from a small firm and thought the length of the employment is about a full year. Also, their payroll through the hiring agency is not very organized."

Server (Former Employee) says

"Perfect for someone who is patient and loves people, although some perks were taken away and work environment got bad due to a change in upper management."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Upper management running the company is terrible! They will expect you to be a one person show if ever needed. A lot of goings on about the union. So much turmoil because of that. Not enough recognition. Vacation days, forget it in the first year. They wont give you them until the second year, what you accrued. They didn't tell me that when I first started. The best person in management, was the hr director. The best hr member I have ever worked with! Deserves an award. Really knows how to treat people, unlike other upper managers there."

handbag designer (Current Employee) says

"设计团队年轻化,工作量比较大,每天工作时间较长,节奏很快。 公司环境整体比较好,整个公司已经形成比较完善的系统。"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Not the right fit for me. At least not this location. Lots of small minded people stuck here. It could have been a great place if not for the pettiness."

Lisa says

"Tapestry galaxy which used to be tapestryhut is not truthful. They claim they only use paypal when they responded to my credit card being compromised after using it to buy 2 tapestries which did not come and the credit card company got my money back . My credit card was used to buy the tapestries and my credit card has not been compromised in 10 Years....until right after purchasing from tapestry - hut - Which is now tapestrygalazy -"

trashelle Paxton says

"AWFUL !! I Got my order after 5mo. VERY DISAPPOINTED, I was supposed to use the tapestry several different ways, you CAN NOT. Either hang it on a "rod" of some type or place it underneath something t.v, or something. It also IS NOT useful for yoga mat,beach towel,maybe to cover your self with while @ the beach. WASTE OF MONEY ?. MINE WAS 58$ NOW,THEY ON SALE for 18$??, TRINA R.P."

Brittany McClure says

"Absolutely awful. Took 3 months to get my order and one item was only half of the picture actually wasnt even half of the picture maybe a third of it and the other item wasnt even what i ordered. Sizes are incorrect. Smaller than what i chose. I contacted them to return the items back and get a refund and they wont even respond now. I try to look at the order and it says error. Do not buy from this company. Waste of money. So disappointed! I didnt even want to give one star but i had to just to write the review..."

Kristin Costa says

"Ordered a tapestry and lights over 13 weeks ago and still have not received! The support states that customs is taking 6-7 weeks but here we are 13 weeks in and still have not received my order! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!! I found the same tapestry from Amazon for about the same price and it was delivered in 3 days. Tapestry Galaxy is refusing to give me a refund, and I am getting the better business bureau involved at this time."

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