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Timarete (Greek: Τιμαρέτη) (or Thamyris, Tamaris, Thamar; 5th century BC), was an ancient Greek painter.She was the daughter of the painter Micon the Younger of Athens. According to Pliny the Elder, she "scorned the duties of women and practised her father's art." At the time of Archelaus I of Macedon she was best known for a panel painting of the goddess of Diana that was kept at Ephesus. Ephesu


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Ga says

"They used the Hungarian Post instead of DHL. It took a lot of time to recieve my parcel (actually I still don't have it). I would have never ordered from them if I knew they would use a different parcel service - Hungarian Post is by far the worst.
Tamaris did not include my complete address on the parcel, they mistyped it. They did not put my phone number on the parcel either.

Tron says

"Delivery time is longer then the 2-3 days written on website. Servicedesk says sometimes this is possible, buy most times it's longer. Waiting for order more then 1 week."

Artur says

"Nothing exceptional, but also nothing wrong.

Delivery on time. I've missed option to track the parcel en route.

If I find something nice there, I would order again from them."