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TGW Logistics Group is supplier of material handling equipment and automated storage and retrieval systems for warehousing, production, picking and distribution, headquartered in Marchtrenk, Austria. The company engineers, produces and installs material handling solutions in different sizes, from small conveyor installations to complex distribution centers. The company name TGW comes from its original German name Transportgeräte Wels.

A former employee mentioned, "Everyone at TGW makes really good money but have no clue if they are foot or horseback. The level of stress with any of the positions is ridiculous. They run their shop employees like they are poo on their shoe. No communication between shop and office. The union was a joke, so much so that union meetings were a time to come in late. Not a lot of people at them either, and I don't wonder why because the union rep doesn't care either because the higher powers that be are a joke to deal with. Ask anyone there and they'll tell you it's like the Wizard of OZ in there. In this case it's someone behind the curtain in Austria. Office people are afraid to see manual labor taking place."


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Billy Clippard says

"I placed an order on 9/1/2020 for a pair of golf shoes you had on sale order number k365707 I received an email saying the order was canceled Even though the website had they were in stock and still has they are in stock. I called customer service to ask why my order was cancelled and the Lady I talked to said that they were out of stock.I told her the website says they are and she said that happens didn't try to offer replacement it as if she didn't care."

Dean says

"Very poorly managed, ordered shoes, order confirmed by notification, order shipped by notification, 10 days later I tried to track the order using the tracking code provided only to get a response that the tracking numbers was not found. contacted customer service only to be informed that the order was cancelled because the items does not ship to Canada yet the website indicates international shipping and the order was accepted and processed. Further more, when looking deeper into my credit card the amount debited for the order was $151.16 yet the credit to the card on cancellation of the order was in the amount of $150.87. I guess it will take them a while to get rich at it, but if they screw enough people out of $0.29 at a time, it will add up."

andrew ludwig says

"Tried to cancel an order where they flipped the color of the golf shorts on the site and I didn’t notice it until after paying. Called and emailed immediately and told them to cancel the order. They acknowledged I wanted to cancel and did nothing. Sent the order anyway. Now I have to take 2 months to get my money back if I get it back. Nightmare. Don’t buy from them"

Rabib Rafiq says

"Waiting for resolution. Ordered a $350 product and FedEx is saying it was delivered. The item is not in my possession and so far TGW has been good and swift in action(they have opened an investigation with FedEx and said it will take 10 days). It is bewildering to me why a product costing this much money wouldn't require a signature. I will update my review when I get a resolution: overall very anxiety-causing experience so far and had I known, I would've gone to the local sporting goods store and picked something up. I even paid extra for 2 day shipping because of an upcoming tournament which I'll surely not have this item for."

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