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SunPower Corporation is an American energy company that designs and manufactures crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and solar panels based on an all-back-contact solar cell invented at Stanford University. The company is majority owned by Total and is publicly traded on the NASDAQ as SPWR.

An angry customer mentioned, "My husband and I signed a contract in April 2020 for 10 panels. SunPower is attempting to change contract to 9 panels. SunPower agreed to install 10 panels on our home but now is stating they need to change the contract to 9 panels. We are supposed to be closing on our new construction home today as we are 45 days from closing. We would like to be compensated for the loss . This issue has been pending for 20 days and we can't close on our home until SunPower comes up with a resolution which may end up costing us more money as interest rates look like they will be increasing."


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Former Employee - Vice President says

"Low pay, low morale, layoffs every year"

Former Employee - Field Service Technician says

"Poor employee management. Unpredictable and Unprepared to set you up for the field"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The office was OVERCROWDED, the people are not there to be team players and will undermine everything you do if you are actually working and trying to implement changes to create a better workflow because it will point out what they are NOT doing and that is the job they were hired to do. School work and 2-3 hrs lunches are the daily norm."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"IT is bad, dragging down the productivity of everyone. Middle managements are bean counters with no vision. No opportunity of career advancement."

Former Employee - Installation Technician says

"The managers are not hired with respect to any expertise; the sales branch are such a mess they have the highest turn over in the company, The only people who make it to a few years are there because they know someone in a higher position, and their "safety" is a joke. They are good at killing people."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"customer service is awful at best"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor compensation, poor leadership from executive management team (aside from CEO)"

Current Employee - Staff Mechanical Engineer says

"Absolute anti Bay Area company. The Bay Area promotes creativity and open communication but this company runs like a dying oil company in Houston. Kissing behind and playing favoritism are the only ways to keep your job, which I only focused on for the last two years to keep my job. Its work environment is beyond toxic. So much gossiping and backstabbing. People who are recently promoted are totally incompetent. Some people don't even know how to type. Poor educational background and lack of experience."


"Fundamental processes don't exist and short term results are preferred"

Former Employee - Staff Industrial Engineer says

"no management, no leadership, no value of senior employes"

Service Technician (Current Employee) says

"Poor management, bad trainers, un-aprópiate behavior, safety protocols not followed, favoritism, short term job, run through third party agencies, ect"

Associate Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"OK startup culture. No room for growth. Ok benefits and compensation. Too much expectation from employees. No work life balance."

Project Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"You'll regret every minute. The pay check may say yes but as soon as you sit down in that desk you will realize you've made a huge mistake. Back patting, butt kissing, and backroom handshakes are how you achieve status, not hard work and experience."

East Coast Safety Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great benefits, can't be beaten for a private company. Bad management, not skilled to get the most out of their employees, construction groups work well and harmoniously. Very liberal company which tends to look down on conservative employees.Great benefitseverything else"

Production Operator I (Former Employee) says

"I was wrongfully terminated mmy employment after learning I have a limpolma and weren't too subtle about it. Treated horribly and forced to stay at physically demanding stations knowing it would be likely fo cause problems for me,B⁸ullies, discrimination- no integrity or real concern for workers"

Operations Production (Current Employee) says

"You take these educational modules/competencies about ethics, honesty, and being all about equality but I have a disability and I was a target of "³ and management insisted no one was doing anything. Demoralizing.$ I had to get help from EEOC and BOLI. Sunpower attracts people with high school only educations and they're and these people form clucks and gossip andonly educations who are click⅚only educations and there are a lot of eduschool gossip"

Rather not say (Current Employee) says

"A typical day is filled with countless useless emails, conference calls, and accomplishing very little. No accountablity as management is just as lost directionally than first line employees. Mostly understaffed and work life balance is non-exsisant. Good product with poor management and execution teams. Very few of my co-workers have been here more than 5 years, and most are looking elsewhere. There is a arrogant attitude throughout the organization.Quarterly bonuses even if the company isn't profitable, stocks, average payNo work life balance, no direction from management, change policies almost weekly"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Poor leadershipPoor creativity, slow progress, stucked with processes, poor innovation, ego mentality,"

Operations Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The benefits are great. There are very knowledgeable emoloyees who are very hard working and dedicated to the comapny success. Howver, there is poor leadership, unclear direction and lack of accountability. Trust is a major issue which makes it challenging to feel secure in your role."

Sr. IT Infrastructure project manager (Former Employee) says

"SunPower aspires to change the way the world is powered and had much growth and success from 2004-2016. Unfortunately, the company grew too fast and became "Corporate," started hiring people that had more ambition to climb the corporate ladder and less passion for the environment. Shortly, before the company's declined, corporate consultants we contracted to "better" direct the company direction. Consequently initiatives of corporate priority swept across the company with much recognition by management, but showing resulting in little if any productivity improvements. One such program, tried to improve employee alignment to corporate mission. Honestly, too much time, politics and money were spent, management lost direction and were unprepared for changing market dynamics that would eventually lead to the downfall. The corporate babble continued well into the layoffs, became incredulous and talent drained from the company. I am grateful for the time with SunPower. My skills and experienced permitted me to contribute to the propagation of solar energy. Proudly, I celebrated with my peers to monumental milestones achieved and goals attained; they meant more to those achieving them than to management. With pleasure, perseverance and gratitude we attained our objectives. I will forever, be grateful for having worked at SunPower, but now seek new endeavors of like aspiration worthy of my time, experience, commitment and passion.Once had vision and courage to achieve global changeLost it!"

Multiple roles in Sales/Business Development (Current Employee) says

"SunPower has the best technology in the solar industry, bar none. The higher cost model has made it challenging to compete in head-to-head situations with Chinese manufacturers.I would summarize my 5+ years at SunPower with the following statement: Everyone says the right thing, very few people do the right thing.Because that is the everyday culture at SunPower, especially among senior management, it can be very challenging and frustrating to build a career here.dynamic, cutting edgezero accountability, doesn't live it values, overall employee morale"

Sr. Project Manager - Distributed Generation (Former Employee) says

"Many training classes being offered at various levels. Good place for young eng. and business folks to learn about solar industry. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians to manage projects"

Construction Manager (Former Employee) says

"In a typical day at work, there were disagreements with contractors, public whippings by internal management, with long hours to make up for it. Workplace culture was one that emphasized and rewarded domination and authoritarianism. Best part of job was getting sent out solo to support failing projects, where I did not have deal directly with managers. Worst part was arguing with managers and failing to bring them around to sensible behavior.Lots of travel.Bad management attitudes throughout the company."

Professional Engineer Of Record (EOR), Licensed PE (Former Employee) says

"This was a great solar company used-to-be. The organization structure became clumsy and it was not productive. Their products are no longer unique, and investment in infrastructure of solar panel was so high, they are on the path of dwindling. Sad newsGood team and Thursday beer bashNow you know"

Lab Supervisor for R&D Cell Lab - Backend (Former Employee) says

"Sunpower under invested in R&D, lost solar market to Asia competitors! Management not top tier. Sunpower did deliver a work class solar cell at 25% efficiency.World Class solar product"just in time" - contractors and vendors went unpaid several times!"

Senior PCB Designer (Former Employee) says

"I was not a "direct" employee, but rather a contract resource. Although the possibility was broached (twice, in fact) of going "direct", and both times I expressed interest in the possibility, both times the offer was rescinded without explanation. Later, I was labeled as "contentious", although no examples or explanations were provided. Shortly after this, I was scheduled for dismissal, although I was retained for some months to train my replacement and then to complete a high-priority project. I held this position for over two years prior to my exit.Opportunity for expanded experience on CAD tool.Expectations inconsistant with stated goals."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Sunpower is a longtime leader in the solar industry and has a well-established reputation and relatively strong financial position. However, despite recent success and growing market demand for solar, senior management has refused to grow the workforce to adequately keep up with demand. This has led to chronic over-utilization of employees and burn-out in many departments.1- Strong company mission, 2- industry-leading product, 3- Strong financial position (relative to most solar companies)1- Focus on managing operating expenditures leads to chronic understaffing, 2- Senior Mgmt is not responsive to ideas / grievances of low-mid level employees, 3- low annual salary increases, 4- very hierarchical decision-making with cumbersome and time-consuming approval processes"

Sr. Web Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"Although SunPower makes the most efficient solar panels on the market, they have strange hiring policies. There is a never ending rotation of contractors here who can only work 9 months in one consecutive year. This prevents most conversions to full time and commitment to long term projects by contractors and management. SunPower seems OK with this policy as long as costs are cut and the stock goes up. One caveat; this is not true in every department. R&D and engineering usually get what they need in terms of full time head count. Marketing, IT, legal, sales and operations tend not to have the needed headcount to meet SunPower's ambitious goals."

Operation Manager (Former Employee) says

"Too many politic from ex-cypress employees, insecure environment. Job scope is very good and clear. Because of the politic and too many org restructure, supervisor didn't support the team well, acting more like individual contributors. Too many meetings that not necessary and deferring of decision making. Seem likes the stock owners and the boards pressure executives a lot. Lost company's purpose because trying hard to get good numbers in the book."

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Been here 4 years, company might be making a turn around finally but they don't inspire much confidence. Talented people leaving in droves, management has no interest in keeping them onboard. I'd still take a job here, but it's not the kind of place for a long term career. Work/life balance is poor, everyone is overworked and deadlines are constantly missed. Everything is "just get it working" rather than "do it right". Comp is good and bonuses are always good, even when company is struggling. Health insurance is amazing.benefitswork/life balance, career growth"

C. Murphy says

"The Worst Solar Company On the Planet 4 years of a dead system. Damage to my roof and home. Out thousands of dollars on a lease. Beware they will screw you over. I’m tired of the fraud, it’s time for action."

sara arika says

"’ve had Sunpower for about 3 years and now I am in the process of selling my home and the new buyer agreed to take over the lease. However, Sunpower is forcing me to pay a $300 filling fee in order for them to provide UCC filling documents to the mortgage company of the new buyer. This is during a pandemic where I am barely surviving and able to provide for my family which I’ve mentioned to the representative that I was speaking to but none of that mattered to them. This is a lesson learned, I will definitely look into other companies in the future because of this experience and also, my monthly solar panel bill was $81 which is more than any other solar panel company out there. Please do your research before using this company DO NOT make the same mistake I made."

Avinesh P. Chand says

"Sun power product is of very low quality. Have it on the roof for last 2 years. Have problems like 2 -3 months a year. And the customer service is pathetic. Maintenance will be rescheduled again and again. Don't waste your time, find someone better."

Lynne Metoyer Martin says

"Horrible customer service. Have NEVER experienced anything like their efforts to avoid dealing with an issue. Our inverter went out last year. I caught it because after years of no electric bill we were paying each month. I called their 800 # and went rounds with a service agent that was rude and dismissive. He ignored logic (e.g. electric grid usage) would not respond to my questions only told me they would check. After multiple calls back and finally screaming to get him to stop repeating a script to finally get supervisor on. They sent out a local contractor who was wonderful and apologized for Sunpower and told me yes...the inverter was dead like many that age. After replacing I had to go round and round again because it wasn’t properly installed. And months later it’s still not performing as before. Exhausted. Do NOT go with them if you have any choice at all"

William says

"We signed a contract with Sunpower in August 2015 for the installation of solar panels on our roof and a 20 year contract (the solar panels are actually leased to us and we pay a month flat energy bill to Sunpower). We were told the installation would take a couple of months and we would be supplied with enough solar energy to meet our expected needs and save a lot of money. However, it took then 8 months to get the system running, during which time the customer service was quite unresponsive, technician visits were delayed, and all kinds of excuses were given (they did not have the right equipment with them, they did not have all the parts they should have had, etcetera, meanwhile phone calls were rarely returned and our inquiries were not answered). Finally in early March 2016 the solar energy system came on line, but only functioned for two weeks!, at which point it malfunctioned. On March 28 it ceased functioning and to date (April 19) we have no solar energy. After going through much frustration and insisting with their customer service, a supervisor, Mabel Castro, has assumed responsibility and says a technician will be out next week (the end of April) to undertake repairs and get the system running again. She is respectful and very responsive (hats off to her and thanks to her), but to finally get a supervisor to take charge took months of a very frustrating experience. And bottom line? - in 9 months we have only had two weeks of solar energy."