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Subway is an American privately held restaurant franchise that primarily sells submarine sandwiches (subs) and salads. It is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the world and, as of October 2019, had 41,512 locations in more than 100 countries. More than half its locations (23,928 or 57.6%) are in the United States.

Rachel disgustedly mentioned, "My husband went into this Subway restaurant in Firebaugh Ca and got both of us a footlong sub. It is the worst subway sandwich I ever had! The bread has to be 4 or 5 days old, hard, crumbly and dry! How dare they serve this garbage to people. They are going to contribute to subways downfall in the future if corporate doesn't step in and make them do the job right!"


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Former Employee - Subway Sandwich Artist says

"Low wage No breaks 1 employee for whole store"

Former Employee - Sandwich Artist says

"bad hours and the management sucks"

Current Employee - Cashier says

"Bad management, horrible organization, delayed payments"

Former Employee - Subway Sandwich Artist says

"The owner would micromanage and over worked the employees."

Former Employee - Manager says

"I was overworked and not paid enough"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Your life is surrounded by subway"

Former Employee - Sandwhich Artist says

"It can be a battle between who works."

Former Employee - Sandwich Maker says

"It has very low pay"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Establishment can't even afford BASIC office supplies. No copies of documents, you pay to make your own. No register for drive-thru: yes, everything is handwritten."

Sandwich Artist (Former Employee) says

"I primarily worked at the northbound location however working the southbound location made me absolutely sick to my stomach. What made me quit was that one day working the southbound I spent my entire shift scrubbing that place clean and thanked me for it the shift lead chewed me out for not slicing extra tomatoes for the morning crew. I shouldn’t need to explain why that in itself is disgusting."

Dependiente de tienda (Former Employee) says

"Tener un sueldo que es de los más bajos del sector para hacer bocadillos y lavar cacharros hacen del trabajo en Subway España un trabajo indigno. Evidentemente depende del franquiciado pero en Madrid casi todas dependen de la misma persona. Te prometen todo lo que quieres oír en la entrevista y luego nada se cumple, ni el buen ambiente laboral ya que los horarios y condiciones del trabajo fomentan la competitividad y la enemistad ni tampoco la conciliación familiar ya que había que trabajar más horas de las firmadas en contrato que luego no se pagaban. Además si eres amigo de la familia el enchufe es evidente aunque no sepan ni dar el cambio. NadaSalario bajo y mal ambiente laboral"

Sandwich Artist (Former Employee) says

"The managers suck and you have to fight for a raise no matter if you’ve been with the district for 4 years. There are two assistant managers and a store manager all of them act like they don’t know what to do because our location is always out of product and they lie to customers and say it never came on the truck. The other employees are really the only reason to stay Free 6 inchEverything else"

Lead Associate (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balanceWork-life balance at Subway is dreadful and draining. Everyday I went in I wished I would struck dead before I finished clocking in. That place will never show you any respect.ManagementIn general, managers at Subway are the absolute worst. They treat you as if you’re a sub-par human who doesn’t deserve respect or decency. Forced to work while sick."

Sandwich Artist/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"My honest opinion is it depends on what franchise you work for subway as there are some that are way better than others. I have worked for subway before and have always been treated fairly but this time around the upper management doesn’t care about the store managers at all."

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"I hated working here. I got accused of stealing twice, would make a schedule plan with managment and they would fallow through for a week then i am back to my old schedule were i didnt see my family at all. I felt like I had to hide how I was feeling because rumors would start up out of the blue and managment wouldn't do anything about it.noneNo communication, rude employees"

Sandwich Artist (Former Employee) says

"The coworkers were great but the management is terrible. If you weren’t the managers favorite you wouldn’t get any hours. The manager is flexible but usually extremely rude if you need time off or make a small mistake. We never got actual breaks. We could sit down and eat our free 6inch sub when we had time but if a customer came we would have to stop eating and go help them. That’s the closest thing we ever got to a break, even during the occasional 10 hour shift. The company doesn’t care about their employees and also pay less than most other companies in the area. Free foodEverything else"

Sandwich Artist and Cashier (Former Employee) says

"They barely gave any training and you are left to fend for yourself which obviously results in many mistakes. Then when things don't go well they blame and reprimand you. Quit after only a few weeks and they tried to claim they were firing me as I put in my resignation. Wouldn't recommend working at this company to anybody. The food is also awful compared to actual quality sub sandwich shopsDiscounted bad foodpoor training, terrible management"

Sandwich Artist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work. No respect off management at all. Expected to work through illnesses. Get a five minute break IF your lucky. Doesnt matter if youv'e been there all day. My 'boss' explained that if were slow we dont get a break!Free sandwichLong hours, stay over the time on rota, they change labeling of food to benefit them."

Subway Sandwich Artist (Former Employee) says

"They expect you to do everyones job for 8.50 an hour. The other employees never do their jobs so it falls on you. They change things there every week so you never really learn anything and the customers are rude and impatient. At least in gray Tennessee they are. We stayed busy and it wouldn't have been that bad if the other employees did their jobs but they didnt so it was always on you and if you didnt you got in trouble. If you are new there then forget being treated fairly. I'd rate this place a 0 if I could. Dont work there!"

Hourly Associate (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management constantly beat my supervisors to work. Had to wait on them to open the store ( late) on more than one occasion. Paid their friends higher wages. While some people with much more experience and better attitudes made minimum wage. They were disrespectful to the one senior(67) employee we had. Constantly berating her, and she was the best employee there. Didn't properly wash dishes (using the same bread pans over and over) I was only there a short time, but never once saw them check any of the covid-19 policies. Will never visit the location I worked at. I wouldn't let my pets eat there"

Shift Manager (Former Employee) says

"One never knows what is going to happen from one day to the next. You never know where you stand in the company. One day their telling you that your doing good and the next day they are calling you telling you not to come into work again without a reason."

Food Service Worker (Former Employee) says

"I didn't like the job culture there. the manager teams up with other employee to give hard time to newly hired and always speak ill of them to employer. i feel losing my confidence sometime. worst place i ever worked. never got appreciation, never got breaks and all the responsibility on one person. the next day manager will scold and give complains to employer. i saw no growth since i was working there for 1 year. They also laid me off in Pandemic because I used to rise my voice against the manager for doing lunchmanagement"

Sandwich artist (Former Employee) says

"Not good salary almost delay of 3months and no visa also and only giving money installment no proper in duty also and not following the standard of working"

Subway Sandwich Artist/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"First of all they would constantly do last minute changes to the schedule. The management was pretty bad the manager didn't do her job. My coworkers didn't do their job right and would take to long sometimes even avoided the customer entirely no prosno breaks"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I got fired for saying we didn't get paid fairly. Don't work for a boss that doesn't care about you as a person, it's not worth it. There are plenty of company's that will treat you better."

Key Holder/Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Manager was something people. Drama filled environment. working with low life’s that have no other drive to better their lives. instead want to work at subway for the rest of their life. therefore they thrive off drama cause they are bored with themselves Going home when you’re doneEverything"

Subway Sandwich Artist (Former Employee) says

"Management was rude and treated me unfairly, work environment was toxic with the employees and management constantly talk behind each other’s back, food quality was even poor"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Manager make 10$ an hour employees make 8.56 people there for 3 years make 8.85. They removed bonuses and dropped everyone's pay. They have new cooperate owners. So each week you have new rules you have to follow or get a write up. Managery drop like flies because of high amount of work but low pay.Get promoted to manager is easy. Just show self motivation. But even when you be come a manager expect to be paid hourly and minimum wage till they do their 1 a year review. And you MIGHT get bumped up to manager pay. but most likely they will find a reason that you should get a raise.monthly cooperate send out people to insoect your store. Even if spotless they just make something up. and if it not fixed next time you get marked out of compliance.The company doesn't care about its workers only about money coming in. Make guest happy even if they insult you or steal. Want a free meal say you didn't get a veggie you wanted next time you get a free meal.they didnt close for covid, they also wont close if your sick or if hurrican, plenty of hours to be treated like garbage."

Jr. Sandwich Artist (Former Employee) says

"I am a former worker here and i definitely hated it !!! the mangers was really rude and they pick on me for no reason.. they have favoritisms( if your not the favorite your not gonna get any hours ) i seen roaches &’ spiders from where the other workers don’t know how to clean . the customers are very rude asl. but what made me quit was they didn’t let me go to my mothers funeral and i said that it i can’t take it here anymore with the unfairness and no hearted people . i will never ever work here. the pay is horrible as well. your suppose to get 11.50 and hour i worked all week with long hours and only got paid 70.69 now i know that is definitely foodno hours, short breaks, can’t take off from work"

Steve says

"I used to love Subway but since Covid they have sucked. The cut back on the menu, flipped over the staff, and have no appreciation or loyalty to their customers. I have a gift card with 38 dollars left, once that runs out I am done with them. I am a Jersey Mike\'s and Port of Subs customer now. After 25 years I am saying goodbye to Subway. "

PamA says

"Subway sucks. Done going there. Bread is half the size width wise then it used to be, which means you get half the meat too. Also they took away my favorite sub, the club. Ripoff!!!"

Baywolf says

"HORRIBLE website. Have never had it work. Today, telling there has been an error when trying to order. Damn Right..I made the error trying to use this POS website. You would think in the middle of covid, even the grocery stores can get it right. Totally sad, a world wide company like this cannot even get simple on-line ordering correct. I\'m done with SubSh-t. Jimmy Johns is way better and gets everything righ"

Robert E. Lee says

"went there to get a hot meatball sandwich it was cold when i got home to eat it. like it was just taken out of the refrig food sucks employees are f dumb "

Barberdoug says

"1/5 the meat they show on tv and it\'s the lowest quality there is. My dog walked away from it. "

Ruth says

"The wheat bread was flaky like frosted flakes and tasted old. Thought I was going to throw up."

Peanut says

"Food here sucks. "

Subway Sux says

"I will never eat there again! Bad choice in who they chose to be their spoke woman!"

Brett, Indianapolis says

"I have been to the subway on south street 4 separate times, and every time I order a steak and cheese, and 4 times there was no cheese.. I want cheese on my steak & cheese please!!!!"

Steve says

"Subway is a disgrace having that worthless lying American hating spokeswoman..... Screw her and screw subway for using her.... what a joke... DONE With Subway!"

TriedEATINGfresh says

"Pikeville Tn subway sucks. Lazy employees turn oven off early, put food away early to get out early and have trouble communicating with paying customers. Maybe not having a job is better suited for your attitudes."

M says

"I want to the elm st restaurant # 18284. I originally went through the drive-through this is approximate weekend half ago on Thursday. Ordered myself that was going to be for work the next day I felt that the staff rushed the sob it was ready by the time I got to the window which was odd cause I was the only one line. So After I Go away I checked this up the sub had no vegetables or sauce on it that I requested. I would back to the restaurant and when in this time and ask him to put the vegetables in sauce that I requested on the saab and that I paid for. The 2 male staff serve early attacking me and raising their voice at me. There was other customers in the restaurant at this time I was embarrassed and very upset. I told them to please hurry up and put on what I requested so I can leave I was about to leave without the sob at this point because they were standing there just yelling at me not doing their job. When I get home I wrote an email to Subway telling them what happened and how can they have staff That are verbally attacking customers especially a female. And this was to male staff i told them exactly what happened That I will never step foot in the restaurant's again in high will be writing review anywhere as I can about this. I received an automatic email back but attach the email was a second one period from some guy telling me he is very sorry that the other was a general email that he wanted my phone number to contact the person because it is unacceptable with the staff members did. It is now weak 1/2 later after I gave my phone number and I have yet heard from him. So where I never heard from him Subway is basically say saying that it is acceptable the way their staff of treated a customer verbally attacked a female in their restaurants and they did nothing about this period I have never in my life been treated this way expressione from a restaurant. I've worked in restaurants and you know what they say customers are always right and you do not argue with them that is very true statement. I was a valued customer Went to Subway a quite a bit and never had an issue with the original one I went with. But due to this 1 experience and Subway did nothing i will never set foot in Subway again. There was a lot of people are upset about what happened and a refused to go to Subway now"

Clay Harig says

"I went to this subway and ordered a footlong, when I got to the condiments, I found out they where out of pickles and cucumbers again. I told them I didnt want the sandwich anymore because this happens all the time with them. As I was leaving, I was told by one of the employees ( a lady in glasses) that I didn't have to come back if I didnt like it. I was shocked, I can't remember the last time I was treated this rudely. I told her really? I'm going to contact managment and she said she didnt care and that she would leave the store right now. With all the food options around here, I decided not to go to any subway ever again because of this. I also plan on leaving a bad review for the store on a few webistes. You should fire this employee before she costs you alot of customers. You may contact me at my email because I never can make it to my phone during the day. The store is located at 800 28th St SW, Wyoming MI and the store number is 1676."

Raka Rao says

"Dear Subway Leader : We visited the Waukesha Location in WI - store number 14623-0 .
Very alarmed at your negligence regarding health and safety in covid times and your governance mechanism on responsibility - which you mention on your website. The employee who was preparing our order was not wearing a mask and refused to do so even after we asked her to. She cited asthma as a reason. The other lady, who appeared to be the supervisor was not in her station which really delayed the order. She was not wearing a mask either. He kids and friends about 10 in number entered the restaurant - none of them wearing a mask. FIX YOUR STOR EMPLOYEES - ACCOUNTABILITY - GET IT DONE SUBWAY. YOU ARE SYMBOL OF HEALTH THEN BEHAVE ACCORDINGLY - IRRESPONSIBLE"

Javier Aguila says

"The guy that was getting our order was in bad mood or something because he had an attitude with every customer in the store at the time. Once my family and i were eating he started having an argument with another customer. The customer was trying to ask questions and the worker cut him off mid question multiple times."

Troy Greenwood says

"We bought 2 protein bowls for $19. Booooooo! Two salads for 19 bucks? Booooooo!
Never again. Its really a crappy, wanna be chef salad. Boooooo!
The tomato slices weren't cut into quarters or even in half and the dressing was already on the salad. Booooooo! Learn to make a decent chef salad or stick to subs. And stop calling it a protein bowl, it's just an ill prepared salad with cold cuts.

Deborah Mathis says

"Today i used the subway app in my town Burgaw,NC well I order 2 meal wraps with soda and cookies. I paid for my order thru my cashApp and the money was taken out total $20.45 so it said you can pick up at 5:50 pm order was placed at 5.32. Well went to get my order and they stated they didn't have an order for me, so I asked wheres my money that was taken from my card. Long story short I was not given my money back and I was told to see manger in the morning"

Stephanie Salisbury says

"Last night we bought 3 foot longs and 1 6 inch sub,store was very busy .Sat down for dinner and 3 put of four were hard as rocks when I called to complain I said I thought they were over toasted to which the manager replied it couldn’t be I tied to explain the only good sub was the one that wasn’t toasted. So she implied I was lying and told me I could only get a refund if I returned the subs so I guess I should have taken her my bag of trash and she could pick them out of the trash.The only other explanation would be they were serving stale (bad) bread.This store was in Manchester Pa. 17345 store #6432-0 . So please if you visit this establishment please check your sandwiches before you leave the premises because if you call them after you get home they might call you a liar because that’s what she has to deal with daily."

Angela Marie Lightning Bolt says

"I have had multiple orders messed up at the division store and they refuse to replace my meal. Called corporate and they told me to contact the manager at the store and I did and she was rude and directed me to corporate. The subway I am referencing is the one at 45 division ave Eugene Oregon 97404. They said that I needed to bring in my food for a refund. By the time I realized my food was wrong it was gone. I have never had a restaurant want me to bring my food back in especially right now during this pandemic. this was on January 5, 2021."

adriana Dominguez says

"When I went to subway they did not give me any vegetables on my meatball sub when I specifically told then to add vegetables."

John Janerico says

"I ordered a footlong, double meat, steak and American cheese, no additional toppings. I paid over $10.00 for the poor excuse of a sub. The sandwich was squashed with finger indents in it. It looked like the clerk who made the sub was irritated because after she put it in the microwave to warm it up, I asked her if she added the extra meat that I previously requested. She gave me a look like I was putting her out of her way and said "$1.50 for one $3.00 for two." I have never been so dissatisfied with Subway as I am today. It was so thinly compressed, that I actually was able to touch my fingers to my thumb around the sub. I wish I could post a picture of this "pancaked" finger indented sandwich.
I don't think I will shop at the James City Subway at 3:00 PM (December 30, 2020) for quite some time if ever again.
Disrespecting the product a customer buys is reprehensible, insulting me by trying to pay me back because she either didn't hear me or couldn't be bothered is another."

Shasa Porter says

"Usually I am provided well service at subways and in them there are usually kind workers however tonight my partner and I visited the Glasgow Shandwick shopping centre where my tuna mayo was placed on my sub via glove due to the fact that he had just "washed all the stuff and can’t be bothered to do it all again" which was a disgrace! Do not recomend visiting this subway !"

Erin Schmitt says

"Rude, impatient, unable to effectively communicate the 2 female employees had music on. with them an I masked they could not be heard. The eyerolls an other extreme nonverbal communication was terrible.a few months ago- Having already been unhappy with the mt royal location ( preordered online received email back...that it was received an paid for by the gift cards. I went to pick them up. They said they never received the order. When I pulled the text up. A sorry, they then said 10 min. Till bread ready. I left an returned 15min later. No one in front of shop. Waited another 5 min. Called the location I was standing in. They answered an 3... people came out front. I asked was my order ready? Looked shocked an asked how they could know? I replied that I received the text an that almost 35 $ by gc paid for the order. I showed them the text. My family was home awaiting food. I called them. If the bread ready order now, pay an we will contact Corp. The staff we found it " someone cancelled it" they showed me a printed letter size paper with our order, accepted gift card credit, the reservation#. Was he it must have been the system canceled it. I reordered the hoagies ect. Paid took over a hour. My 1 son verified that from the time I called him in the store till I returned home with food, that a text saying that the store location cancelled order. We decided no more buying subway gift cards only use what we have on hand & never return to that location. They never apologized or admitted they either by accident or on purpose cancelled the order. So today my guys said let's use those gift cards, my 1 son said go to the etna,pa 15223 location. Store # 65140-0. At 300pm today 12/28/2020,spending 34+$$. I will not buy myself subway again. My family has a few that were gift( g cards), they like I am, are disgusted with working hard an being treated horribly. Having paid off our mortgage, we try to assist are local small local businesses. The shame is that only 50% currently appreciate are spending power. Usual we even leave a tip. As through high school and college we both worked these entry level jobs. That prepared us both for our professional lives. We are both in our 50s now. NO one's doing me a favor by working for a living. We both have been working for 40 years. Pride in accomplishing a good job, providing a needed service allowed us to develop a ability to respond appropriately in a variety of circumstances. Today's employees could use some developmental humanity. It's a shame that due to the corporation pandering to the whinniest in humanity will gain your corporation and those multiple employees very little. Save your money, time and nerves for something much more important than employees that rule the shop."

Cindy says

"Why can't customer service ppl do their jobs well? I had a very simple order, philly steak & cheese, nothing else.. No sauce, no peppers etc...My mouth is on fire, the worst philly steak & cheese i every had....
Was the Subway in downtown ,Kokomo.."

billy Woodruff says

"super bad service rude crew"

Ashley says

"12/20/2020 at 12pm. Beyond rude ‘lady that wouldn’t give me her name’ said I would have to pay for a sandwich that she only put the meat on bc I asked “that is that the last of your chicken?” She said yes. Well I continued to say I didn’t want that sandwich then. They didn’t have any other fresh chicken for my chicken teriyaki!! She told me I’d have to pay for the sandwich. I said absolutely not bc I don’t like how your chicken looks!! I asked for her name and she said “I dont have to give you my name.” I asked her if they wear name badges (bc she was not). No reply. I asked what her employee number is so I can refer to her and she said NO. I asked what is the store number. She said it’s on the front of the building. And it’s not. Look at pic I posted. After cashing out, I saw this RUDE subway lady wrap up the sandwich I said I didn’t want, put it in a bag, and took it in the back. I probably provided her free lunch for the day!!! On Mon I will be calling and speaking to the owner and corporate office about this RUDE WHITE LADY THAT HAS A THICK ACCENT. MY GUESS IS RUSSIAN. She clearly doesn’t have ANY customer service. Not only did this subway loose $$ bc of her rudeness (I was going to get many more subs, now just myself) and they prob have a thief on their hands eatting customers unwanted subs. But hey that’s just my opinion on what I saw. Oh and HOW UNSANITARY is this during Covid times."

Alicia Cheek says

"I was extremely disappointed in Subway today. No one was wearing masks, and we are under a mask mandate due to an extreme Covid 19 outbreak. The gloves were not charged between customers and the place was packed to capacity. I would not risk my health to return to a Subway restaurant."

William Frederickson says

"No Swiss cheese, and no beef. If you like chicken and cold cuts, this is your place. If you want a REAL sndwich shop that has these staples, you will have to find another REAL sandwich shop. If you ask them about it, they act like you are unreasonable. So, I have decided that since this is NOT a real sandwich shop, I have no need to go there ever again."

Brian Reiss says

"Well I walked into the subway about 15 minutes after they open and the girl was busy trying to get the bread in the oven and I told her to take her time while I read the menu and as I read the menu I thought they had a breakfast special and it showed steak egg and cheese and when I asked for it she said it wasn't available but I couldn't understand because when somebody's wearing a mask and they turn their head away from you you can't understand them plus my glasses fogged up so I couldn't really see very clearly either because wearing a mask is the dumbest thing I've ever seen but that's what the requirement is by the powers to be who's trying to kill us all so anyway they only could sell me pork-based product like ham and cheese or bacon and I don't eat that stuff so I just said no thank you I don't eat pork and walked out so it's a waste of time and it was very frustrating trying to have the person explain to me three or four times in a row and I thought gee am I stupid or I just can't hear very well I told her I can't see very well and I can't hear you cuz you turn your head facing away from me and you're wearing this big thick mask."

Kayleigh James says

"Terrible website. Clicked guest checkout...and was taken to a page where i had to sign up for an account when I did not want to. Only TWO breads were shown as options, and I had to WALK into the store to ask for the bread I wanted. Don’t even get me started on the food i received. Terrible website and even worse food."

Samuel Simmons says

"good sandwich on the go staffs not nice tho"

Honeylady says

"San Bernardino subway off Palm Ave -215 Fwy Girl -Mexican - very rude health issues, Per CDC gave me a right to enter without a stupid mask . She said no mask no service. So f...k Subway. I hope you enjoy loosing $$$ today . "

Hank says

"They don\'t have deli mustard. Their chicken looks lije they stole it fron a cheap pot pie. Really bad."

El Cuervo says

"How can Subway claim to be a deli when they no longer serve Roast Beef ? Thanks for this I can now confidently go. somewhere else."

Man who has never worked for Subway says

"I understand that many of the workers would be unhappy with the money they make for being an employee for Subway. I also understand that every fast food chain pays low. It\'s a fast food chain designed for kids in school and half retired people. Its not a career. If you were payed like you want to be payed then sandwiches would be so expensive people would not eat the shitty sandwiches to begin with."

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