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StubHub is an American ticket exchange and resale company. It provides services for buyers and sellers of tickets for sports, concerts, theater and other live entertainment events. It has grown from the largest secondary-market ticket marketplace in the United States into the world's largest ticket marketplace.

Erin angrily mentioned, "I purchased tickets to the Blake Shelton concert in Milwaukee. This concert was scheduled for March 2020. Blake Shelton himself has said the concert was cancelled. StubHub refuses to change it from postponed to cancelled."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We really appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback. StubHub has certainly undergone significant change in the past few years, and with that, our culture is evolving as well. We are on a journey together with all Stubbers to create a culture that embraces our shared values and love of live experiences."

Customer Service/Sales (Former Employee) says

"This was the worst place I've ever worked. The management has no clue very unorganized. They treat you as a number. The pay is definitely not worth what you have to do for this company. If I were you I would definitely look for somewhere else to work McDonald's would be better than this"

buyer (Current Employee) says

"НЕЛЬЗЯ пользоваться услугами STUBHUB ! ! ! Деньги с карты списались без верификации банковской карты. Рекламацию в банке не сделать, так как юрисдикция сайта на территории Испании. Деньги вам НЕ ВЕРНУТ ! ! ! Доставка билета за день до мероприятия. Если вы в России, а концерт в Европе, то вы НЕ УСПЕЕТЕ посетить мероприятие !!! It is IMPOSSIBLE to use services of STUBHUB!!! Money was charged from the card without verification of the cash card. Not to make the claim in bank as website jurisdiction in the territory of Spain. Money WILL not RETURN to you!!! Delivery of the ticket a day before the action. If you in Russia, and a concert in Europe, then you DO not MANAGE to visit an action!!!"

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"A seasonal job preparing taxes for customers. Assisting customers on benefits the company had offered, I enjoyed making bonuses for the amount of sales I had made. I most enjoyed ensuring customers, and giving them the best quality service possible.Great Co workers"

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Market is slowing and management has no plan to grow the company. Decision making is stagnant. Poor mid level managers with no idea how to develop people. Most of the good talent has left."

Customer Service Representative/Call Center (Former Employee) says

"Was there for almost a year and glad I quit on a whim. Not a friendly environment, Adecco was not responsive with issues, not a great place to work. Perks of the job were possible shot at free tickets and free snacks. Downside is poor management, competitive, no real support, made me work on my days off on more than one occasion, works on a consequence based system more so than a reward to good employees.possibilities at free ticketstimed breaks, poor management, competitive work environment, awful customers"

Top Seller Support (Former Employee) says

"A few years back the management, career growth, and environment of the company was amazing. Stubhub was one of the best places to work for however after they were sold and bought by another company in early 2020, it quickly turned into a terrible work environment, with managers that lacked care for their own employees. I would no longer recommend working here unless you are looking for a high stress work environment with inconsistent leadership. Hardest part of the job was how unorganized they became with the new owner and all the constant changes they kept doing with little to no information given to the employees.Fun coworkersUnorganized, and terrible management"

Customer Service Representative/Call Center (Former Employee) says

"I worked at StubHub for almost a year in the customer service department. The managers (especially mine) were all terrible and almost none of them knew what they were doing because they hire them all from Ebay instead of promoting other reps who have put in the hard work. My manager missed 3 days a week and our call queue was always overflowed due to understaffing. I even got written up for using the restroom too many times in one day because i was not feeling well. Ultimately, I was let go because my wife had a medical emergency and i had to leave work even though a supervisor told me it was okay. Find somewhere else to work because other than free soda and food this place will not treat you well.Free food/sodaManagement is clueless about their own job/ Will write you up for almost anything"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Company made a lot of promises to hire on full time but ended up moving and shutting down the CT location. The management constantly lied to staff about opportunities and openings."

Member of Technical Staff I (Current Employee) says

"Bad politics Managers play favorites CEO doesn't know what to do with company Lots and lots of managers but people who work is actually less Layoffs even if you do your due to politics Not recommend anyone especially who is working on visa"

Trust and Safety Agent (Former Employee) says

"If management was more honest it would be a great place to work. Their is no job security even after working their 1 1/2 yrs. Poor Management.Free soda in the break roomNo job security"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"We worked for Adecco the temp agency they hired to get temp to hire employees. They promised you the sun, moon and stars that you would become a stubber. All lies, they closed down the CT location and left us all without jobs. Absolutely terrible!Free lunches, discountsTemp agency, lack of leadership, bad pay"

Key Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Es una empresa muy dinámica y muy joven pero eso significa también que el management cambia de ideas para prácticamente cada semana o cada mes y eso crea mucha ansiedad y mucha inseguridad en los empleados. Hoy están creciendo mucho pero eso no significa que mañana no van a despedir a la mitad de las personas. El bonus qué se puede ganar cada mes es realmente muy alto"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Standing for long periods of time and lots of customer interaction. Lots of food choices but no food discounts at most of the vendors. No lockers in a good location to lock up food and personal items. Great hours for going to school.Standing for long perios of timeYou get to see for free concerts and sports games"

Case Manager (Current Employee) says

"I was able to strengthen my skill set and refine my customer solutions steps while working for StubHub. The training process is very detailed and there is support in place to learn while you are working."

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"This was a nightmare. It was work at home, but the scheduling was impossible. A schedule would drop on a certain day and everyone was in a mad rush to get their hours scheduled. Sometimes you'd be left trying to pick 30 minute to one hour shifts to try and get even 20 hours per week. It was one of the worse work at home experiences I've had."

CUSTOMER SERVICE (Former Employee) says

"this place is the absolute worse place to work, they are not family oriented, the pay is little for the amount of work that you do, The management team is cut throat"

PARKING ATTENDANT (Former Employee) says

"Very deisorginized and very terrible place to work during my time there. They don't give a set schedule and call in people randomly to work. I never got called again and management was terribleYou decide if you're free to work the day of an eventStanding still for hours whether is scorching hot or raining"

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"Difficult to advance, poor compensation. Reviews are dictated by upper management and no option for negotiation by direct managers is available. Your review "score" is dictated, and your manager must then come up with reasons to justify said score."

Phone Representative (Former Employee) says

"It's hard to describe a typical day at StubHub because every day was so different. I would come in every day and wonder if my supervisor was even going to be there or not. There were always longer holding times for our customers because there weren't enough supervisors to assist with calls, because they were needed that often. I would say that one of the hardest parts of the job is when someone calls in and the seller hasn't provided their tickets, or there was a mistake and there aren't any options for replacement tickets - so all you can do is offer a refund that'll take a few days to process. People tend to get pretty upset. All in all I felt like I wasn't actually helping anyone by working there, it was very stressful knowing that there was a lack of leadership every day. In the end I decided to leave to find something better, and my supervisor ended up leaving as well.Benefits, free food sometimes, free ticketsLack of leadership, unorganized, poor policies"

Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"If you don't fall in line with a leader as being a favorite, you get treated poorly. In order to suceed here, you need to be a kiss up. The work you do has no bearing on being promoted or given a good shift."

J. H. says


Andrea says

"What a completely horrendous company. Tale as old as time, girl buys ticket, covid-19 delays concert, rescheduled concert then gets cancelled, StubHub then laugh at me and tell me to take it to the government (seriously!) DO NOT BUY FROM THIS CRAPPY COMPANY! Stubhub emailed me on 6 December 2020 to tell me concert cancelled,they have still not updated the ticket status and will not refund. I bought another ticket directly from the venue for the same gig which was refunded within days so whats the delay Stubhub? If there was a negative star review option I would have used it. I am now going to my bank and small claims court in an effort to claw back my payment."

Martin Wolinski says

"First start with them 700.00 in fees. they get tacked on at the end. Their site stinks and it's very difficult to get your e-tickets. They ask you to down load their App and then the App directs you back to the website. Had to have the web help lady at the gate help me. Just a joke"

ispconsultant says

"I am a long term customer of Stubhub. I have purchases superbowl tickets (2 times > 20K) and NFL Playoff tickets ( more than $4000). I tried to buy tickets to Ravens@Titans - $5200. The transaction went through and then a few minutes later, they reversed it and then locked my account. Nothing wrong with my credit card as it went to bank and was approved and then reversed by Stubhub. I called and get people who clearly have english as a second language and wont tell me why my account was locked and tell me it will be 24-48 hours for someone to get back to me. No explanation. I cant believe this is how they are now treating customers. I even created a brand new account, bought the tickets, the charge went through, and then a few minutes later Stubhub cancelled the order and locked my brand new account. I think the management of Stubhub should be fired and they may as well close up shop. No one who buys sporting even tickets will accept this poor service. If I could give negative stars, I would."

Dan Ex says

"I wish there really was a 0-star option. Failed to deliver tickets and didn't issue our refunds. Changed their policy after our purchase. This was the Killers concert in Bristol UK /June 2020. Now postponed to June 2021!!! Like this will ever happen. By then I could be not interested anymore. Their advice is to sell unwanted tickets with them, so they can make some more money of them! Also we have never received physical versions of tickets. It's really a shocking experience. So they keeping our 300 GBP indefinitely?! How are they allowed to operate still? Stay away from them."

Tyler says

"Don’t ever use these guys! I paid nearly $2k for tickets to a game that got postponed. You’d think I would get a refund? Nope, I had to sell the tickets. If you have an another option use it! These guys will take your money whether or not your event occurs and then hide behind some bogus policy explaining how they can keep your money while you couldn’t use your tickets."

Fiona says

"Would give no stars review. They rescheduled Harry Styles concert due to Covid, I sold the rescheduled tickets and Stubhub refuse to give me the money until after the concert (which has just been rescheduled again). I have made a complaint to consumer mediation at as this is where their head office is."

Sheryl Fillmon says

"Like everyone else on here I am not getting a refund either. 120 percent coupon thing I don’t know if I’ll ever use it! If baseball doesn’t come back or concerts who knows. Terrible way to treat people StubHub! Never again for me,"

Jamie Cavallino says

"Purchased tickets for Peppa pig for my kids for April, due to Covid it finally has been cancelled! I was told I would only get a refund if it’s cancelled not postponed! Well sure enough, I was told once it goes thru to “ events team” I would get a refund within 2 weeks. Now, I get an email for a “ credit “ which I don’t want! Called them to clear this issue, only to be told now it takes 120 days! This is a horrible game they play, changed their rules on their website for “cancelled events” you get a credit?? Never ever again, and taking this further! I want my $500 back! This company is a disgrace!!"

Joe says

"I have experienced the same as many others. Purchased football tickets in Feb 2020 for game in August. Although the game was canceled in around June, Stubhub kept showing game 'pending'. Calls to Notre Dame confirmed the cancelation AND that Vivid Seats, that ND partners with, had ALREADY refunded money to their customers ! Finally in August, Stubhub showed game cancelled and I could get a refund OR 120% coupon for other tickets. They sent me an email with the coupon WITHOUT even asking what I chose. Called again and demanded I get refund,which 'could' take up to 120 days!. Its now Dec 10th. No refund yet. Another call to them and they said it will be processed in the next 2 weeks... gee if its true its almost 120 days exactly. Did they just old on to the money along as they could? Will never use them again."

Joseph Auriemma says

"Bought tickets to an event in July. We were informed by stubhub that our tickets were canceled. $850 worth of tickets and we called to get refunded. Well, the refund won’t be made until FEBRUARY. Also, got hung up on twice today. Needless to say, we’ll go dispute our credit card charge and get it that way. Thank you for your ‘No customer service’ Stubhub. Won’t be using you to buy event tickets EVER again."

Shana says

"I would actually be giving zero stars but clearly that’s not an option. I see zero reasons why refunds cannot be issued. Especially during this time of Covid and people don’t know when they can use their credits. I bought tickets to game that decided, after I purchased them, no fans. This was a Christmas gift and I have zero intentions on buying tickets for anything in the next year. Because let’s be honest, who knows what next year will look like. So thanks to you stubhub..... not only am I now out this money, but I have to explain to someone why they didn’t get a gift."

Julianna Newman says

"Do not sell tickets on here! I tried to sell two tickets and got an email confirmation saying the buyer got them. Then they called me two hours before the concert saying they're cancelling my order even with the proof of email confirmation. I am out of good money because of this site, never using StubHub again."

Michelle Lynn says

"Can I rate a 0 star? My event was scheduled for March 18, it was “postponed” when I called Stubhub they told me that I would be able to receive a full refund or 120% credit when the event was rescheduled or cancelled. Fast forward months and months the event was finally canceled and when I called they are telling me that they changed their policy March 25 and are only giving people credits..."

Gregory Yule says

"From Australia I bought tickets for a concert in America cancelled because of Covid I could only have a voucher but they still want me to buy the tickets did not refund my money what a joke never again I’ve just blown $1000 disgraceful behaviour"

Anna P says

"I wish there were a 0-star option. Failed to deliver a ticket and didn't issue any refund. Stay away from them. Worst customer service as well."

Doctor Stephen King says

"I was robbed of 595 Euro. They sold my 2 Madonna tickets and confirmed sale, with a payment instruction to my Bank account. Nothing arrived. Thrre is no contact center, no reply to emails. No way to contact them. NEVER EVER USE THIS SCAM COMPANY"

Matt Johnson says

"If I could give a 0 I would. You can’t call or Speak with anyone about getting refund for cancelled event. I don’t want a 120% coupon to be used by Dec 2021 because who knows whether we will be back to normal by then. Horrible customer experience and service."

Courtney Rocco says

"Purchased tickes NOT BEING REFUNDED I purchased tickets to Virgina vs Florida State in Tallahassee last weekend. The game was cancelled due to COVID. We drove to Tallahassee, 5+ hours, spent $800 on hotels and food only to find out 4hrs before the game it was cancelled. I am now asking for a refund of the tickets OF THE GAME THAT WAS CANCELLED. Stubhub is refusing saying "the game" is not cancled becasue FSU rescheduled DUKE??? That makes no sense. I paid almost $900 to watch FSU v UVA, not DUKE!! I have been a loyal customer for 10+ years and feel this completely unfair. Is anyone else going through this????? In the current state of the world i expected that StubHub would be understanding and refund me the money for a game that was canceled? There HAS to be a better solution to this. I did nothing wrong and am going to loose a substantial amount of money. Any advice or suggestions on how to get my money refunded would be greatly appreciated........."

Sylvia Corinne says

"Thieves, immoral, RUN BEFORE THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY. I purchased a ticket for Coachella which was cancelled and was told I was not eligible for a refund. Once opening a dispute they locked me out of my account, which makes it so I am unable to see any purchase history. I am not sure what lies they told my credit card company but my case was closed, I have reopened again and I plan on getting my money back, otherwise I will take legal action."