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Streamsong Resort is a golf and spa resort developed by The Mosaic Company in Bowling Green, Florida on a 16,000 acre property near Fort Meade, Florida. The resort includes a 228-room hotel and three golf courses built on the site of a former phosphate strip mine. Fishing on various lakes and clay-shooting are also offered.


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Bar Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not worth the long drive and seasonal hours. Too far to drive and not enough hours for little pay. There is a high turnover rate between all departments creating ongoing unnecessary conflict."

Golf Services (Current Employee) says

"This place could be great but it’s just a giant money grab that’s gone on way too long. Management is full of snakes that will fire you for looking at them funny, the staff is full of people that are just angry 24/7. Pay is complete trash when you factor in the drive and tips get pocketed by co workers. All around streamsong is horrible and not a good job if you are an adult."

It doesnt matter (Former Employee) says

"Work you to death!!! If you miss day, you will take a vacation day!! Termites called sawdust. Dont care. Your mom could die, and they still want you to work. Roaches, evidence of mice. And you cant tell anyone, you will loose your job. Everyone is out to get you there. Endangered species on property, like Florida Panthers, and you better not say anything!!! Free lunch will make you sick!! Many people with food poisoning or parasites!!! Will work you 9-10 days straight before they give you a day off. Over and over. They expect way too much from 1 person. And if you ask for help, they laugh. Management will sit in office, while you are busting your butt. Cons: Everything about the job"

Server (Former Employee) says

"F&B needs help across the board. It’s chaotic and inconsistent. The management has high turnover because of this, resulting in poor customer service given to guests leading to poor reviews about the staff and so on and so forth. It’s a vicious cycle resulting in unmotivated staff."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This is a evil corporate run company. They do not value integrity or character. The management is worse than the staff. No consistency in SOP. They will work you to death with no appreciation. Cons: No breaks. No sanity."

HOSTESS (Former Employee) says

"Although I enjoyed most of my coworkers, it was a very cut-throat atmosphere. The service industry is hard enough without the management treating workers unfairly."

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"This company is very under staff and the team members are very unhappy with their place of employment. Cons: management, work ethic, under staff"

Front Desk Agent (Current Employee) says

"Streamsong is a nice place to work and pays well, just keep in mind that you may deal with a lot of people who are ok with just doing their jobs and going home."