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Stonhard, Inc. is an American-based multi-national company specializing in manufacturing and installing high-performance epoxy, polyurethane and methyl methacrylate floor, wall and lining systems. It is an industrial brand of RPM International. Stonhard, Inc. is an ISO-9001 registered company. Stonhard is headquartered in Maple Shade, NJ.

A former employee mentioned, "Stonhard haves a lot of problems that they need to fix with in the company. I learn how to look for different types of safety hazards in what is bad for your body to take in. I management is very reasonable with having days off but there is a lot of favoritism with in the company. For the most part some of the workers are real good workers. The hardest part with working for Stonhard is the hours. The best part about working for Stonhard is the pay check."


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Former Employee - Territory Manager says

"The company invests ZERO into technology improvements. Tons of manual processes. As a TM, you are required to do an incredible amount of administrative work while maintaining an aggressive quota. There is zero automation of tasks. Quote creation. Product Shipping. Monthly billing. Scheduling and Payment of the installation crews, etc all while being hounded daily about sales. The TM is the scape goat. The admins do very little yet they are worshipped. The organization as a whole is anti sales. They want the money but they don’t want to help you make the money. Awful sales job."

Former Employee - Territory Manager says

"ripoff artists, greedy management, they don't pay you what you earned. They treat their contracted crew labor like dogs!"


"Thanks for the review and I’m sorry that you were not happy during your tenure here at Stonhard. The tenure rate within our Sales Force is actually over 10 years and we’re happy that folks have come in for what they thought was just a sales job but has turned into a career for them. I’m unsure of how a pyramid scheme comes into this, but suffice it to say that if you saw anything that was questionable, either morally or ethically, we ask that you would elevate that to our HR Director or a senior member of the sales force management team. Best of luck in your future roles."

Territory Manager says

"Thanks for reaching out. We take great pride in our ability to manufacture the best products we can here in the USA! As a result of our double digit growth for the past 20+ years, we are always investing a great deal of resources into our training for both our Territory Sales Reps and our Sales Managers. The consistent growth has also allowed us to bring on more support both in the field with our sales management team, along with more resources at the corporate level. All of our employees have been a huge contributor to our sustained success. Best wishes!"


"Stonhard takes great pride in the work that our sub-contractors perform for us on our installation sites, but Stonhard does not have any direct input into what each sub-contracting company pays its individual employees. Those pay rates are left up to those individual companies, and thus should be directed to that sub-contracting company. We do review these sub-contractors regularly, but if you feel there are issues regarding inequality, please bring it to our attention immediately."


"Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback. We take pride in our product line and benefits through RPM, as well as the training of both of sales reps and sales managers. We’re constantly working to improve installations to leave every job a “10”. We will continue to strive towards complete customer satisfaction. Best of luck in your future endeavors."


"Company is afraid of change and there is zero communication between employees and management. Senior management has embraced an antiquated workflow and refuses to adapt to the new world and update processes. Not enough long term planning, everything is about today with little planning toward growth even while they are acquiring new businesses. Socializing with your peers is frowned upon and there is some serious morale issues. Not much room for growth because upper management has all worked there since college and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Most departments are very bare bones and micro managed. Department meetings are nonexistent and ideas and thoughts are immediately dismissed if even heard. Training is unheard of and if you are looking to work on technologies that are cutting edge move on and don't work there."

Territory Manager (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst job ever. You are not able to make commission for 1 year. No matter how much you sell. They are ANTI sales, ANTI technology and just miserable people. The amount of paperwork required to “do your job” is astounding. Working weekends is required. Holidays. You name it. Truly the worst sales job everNoneEverything"

Territory Manager (Former Employee) says

"They throw you out there to sink or swim with essentially no training. You go to “phase training” but that’s taught by a guy that knows little and all managers and TMs don’t respect him. He was just placed there until he retires. Management is too focused on their goals and forecasting that they don’t care to help you with the day to day work needed, especially if you’re new and trying to learn the systems. Every person in the company will tell you a different system to use for one project. Quotes take weeks to get approved because 4-5 people have to approve them. Makes you look like an idiot in front of your customer when they expect it within a day or two. If you don’t like working weekends then don’t work here. Installs are often on weekends and take up all your time but still expected to maintain 3-5 in person meetings day. I could go on and on about how awful this company and the people that run it.NoneHave to pay back your draw (“salary”), always working, no training, no help from management, terrible culture"

Temporary Worker (Former Employee) says

"Very poor place to work with no care for employee safety to hazards exposed to. No MSDS paperwork posted anywhere or available to the employees. When management is questioned about the paperwork and the proper masks being supplied they choose to let you go and fire you. OSHA needs to investigate the situation at the Fort Wayne Facility.NoneVery poor pay and very unsafe exposure to hazards."

Visimaxx marker (Former Employee) says

"Stohard haves a lot of problems that they need to fix with in the company. I learn how to look for different types of safety hazards in what is bad for your body to take in. I management is very reasonable with having days off but there is a lot of favoritism with in the company. For the most part some of the workers are real good workers. The hardest part with working for Stonhard is the hours. The best part about working for stonhard is the pay check.getting a nice pay checkworking horiable hours"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Place Not Funny, manager has favorites, no place for advancement , plans change all the time with no results, management is of questionable ability wouldn’t want my worst enemy work there"

Process Technician (Former Employee) says

"The environment and upper management was horrible! A lot of unfairness and favoritism in the work place. Actually could be a good job if had a half decent management minus the hazard. I meet some good co-worker but too many of them was so negative. I went in with a smile everyday but that soon changed to a frown after being around all the negativity. The only thing that was nice was the benefits that's really about all.BenefitsManagement, Negativity, Broken Promises, Health hazard"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Management unbearable, favoritism unbelievable, safety program is a joke, and pay is only above poverty level if you work over-time. Questions left unanswered, problems never find solutions, run by uneducated managers, discrimination is profound. Sexist, racist, and general negative comments are the daily routine. No reward for hard work.NothingEverything"

Commercial Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"This is a great place to work as long as you invest in it. Prospect, build relationships with accounts, and learn from their training. They equip you well and really make it impossible not to find success quickly. However, once you've sold between $750K and $1M, start looking around for a new opportunity. Every year management will ask you what you expect to sell based on the following: your jobs that are forecasted to close, your relationship with accounts that you think will buy from you, and residual sales. However, they will raise your quota above what you expect regardless of the opportunity you have to meet it. If you have worked to prospect, built relationships with accounts, and learned from their training, then you've done all you can. But in the end they won't take that into consideration when they raise your quota and you cannot achieve it. Another thing and it is just as important, since you should be focused on building relationships. Management is more worried about short term revenues than long term residual business. I've seen, on a number of occasions, situations where the management team would rather charge the customer when the product doesn't live up to the expectations that the customer has instead of taking even partial credit and pay for any sort of repair. Of course this jeopardizes future business with the account and makes it even more difficult to meet the quota that management sets. One final comment, you cannot trust the managers. I knew an employee on my team who made the company trip to the Caribbean, his 3rd time in a row. This employee"

Office Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"There is no support and also there is no balance between work and life. They don't hire many employees and just depend on the ones there to get the job done."

Sales/Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Strict standards for sales quotas/quotes per week. No excuses. Expect to work most holidays and weekends to complete installs. Never expect a worry free vacation. You are in charge so keep your phone on always bc if something goes wrong, it's your fault. Make sure to get in writing from a manager if you are asked to do something "unethical" or crossing the line for company standards. You WILL be asked to do these things and will need a non company email address to cover yourself when told to do something wrong. Excellent benefits! The best! Good money if you are in a good industrial area."

Quality Control Technician (Former Employee) says

"I was not comfortable working in a hostile environment with harmful chemicals but the compensation was good for northern Indiana. Overall, management does not believe in continuous improvement. In most ways, they want to continue to do things in ancient ways and put out frequent random fires. Communication was horrible between Supervisors, Quality Department and Production. Most supervisors have their favorites so rules do not apply to all. My experience was not enjoyable at all. I became a very negative complaining person due to the environment and culture of the Fort Wayne plants. I would not recommend this job to anyone that is looking to grow with a company. This is definitely a step stool place to work with decent pay and benefits.employees, pay, benefitscommunication, environment, culture, respect for each other"

Grinder (Former Employee) says

"The fun part about working for this company is traveling and working inside of different industries. I learned about many techniques that is used to preserve our food and what gives metal its shine. I learned how to safely use hand tools and how to work with chemicals. Management was tough to get along with and when I started none of the fellas wanted to teach me anything. The hardest part of the job was working on my knees all day. I enjoyed the pay and the friend I thought I had."

Accounts Payable (Former Employee) says

"Many years ago but worked long hours with no additional pay. Low commission and little room for advancement. Large potential but run like family business.No traffic commutesLong hours low pay"

Epoxy flooring installer (Former Employee) says

"Sleazy , by the seat of their pants type of company. Often not given any warnings of up coming work shortages. And bounced around from job to job on a whim. Back breaking work.Great memories amonst fellow installersGiven jobs at the lost minute, left in the dark with no work for weeks on end."

Floor Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I loved traveling, and working with the crew. this job is not for a family man and must have endurance to do manual labor and learn chemical compounds that adheres to concrete. Some job sites Include Military bases and N.A.S.A so some security clearance is needed.traveling, per diem, good paylong hours and very physical"

Floor Specialist (Current Employee) says

"It is a very busy job but there are days where I stay home for about 1 week because it gets slow and I’m always away from home and always on the road and it’s never a stable schedule."

Sales Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Constantly working and busy throughout the entire day. The salesmen are also project managers, which require two different skill sets. Most are usually not good at the project management part of their job which directly effects you and makes your job more difficult. The good, smart, dependable, and capable admins don't stay long due to the low salaries especially compared to the responsibilities and no room for advancement. Great position to develop your project management skills. The company has some good perks like lots of holidays off and a pension after five years. They support many charities which is nice.Holidays off, decent benefitsLow salary, no room for advancement, no leaving the department"

Line Operator/Process Technician (Current Employee) says

"Daily work is fast paced and can have many changes during the day so flexibility is an important tool. Work consists of loading pallets with product. Maintaining equipment.Good health care"

Shipper/Receiver (Former Employee) says

"Good group environment. Must be able to work in a team. Sometimes they make you stay a lot later even if you have things to do and you already worked a whole shift. Good overtime."

Territory Manager (Current Employee) says

"Working on weekends, holidays, third shift can get very difficult over time with a family. You have a lot of responsibility and its very hard to step away ever."