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Spyderco is an American cutlery company based in Golden, Colorado, U.S.A., producing knives and knife sharpeners. Spyderco pioneered many features that are now common in folding knives, including the pocket clip, serrations, and the opening hole. Spyderco has collaborated with 30 custom knife makers, athletes, and self-defense instructors for designs and innovated the usage of 20 different blade materials.

A discussion about Spyderco's wort designs took place at forum.spyderco.com, here is one customer's opinion, "Probably the worst Spyderco design, at least in terms of popularity, was the Turnbull T-Mag. Spyderco took a real bath on that one. Great looking little knife, would almost certainly have been a success as a UKPK style SlipIt, and an even bigger one with a midlock or Walker style liner lock, but the very weak magnetic "latch" was a deal-breaker for most."


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Former Employee - CNC Machinist says

"Bad safety,lying manager , terrible hr personal Do not work for this company"

Current Employee - Machine Operator says

"Deceptive and manupulative management that is willing to lie to your face to achieve an end. Absolutely no opportunity for advancement. If you want to work really hard to meet blatantly unrealistic expectations and receive no recognition for it this is the place for you. The off shift operators sometimes simultaneously run up to four or five machines and are constantly being harped on for more production numbers AND better quality parts."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It is a small company and it could use lots of improvement in many areas."