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Springboard is the name of a business incubator formed by Cambridge-based company Red Gate Software. Over the course of ten weeks, Red Gate provides startups with office space, money to live on, food and mentoring, including weekly talks from successful entrepreneurs. In return, Red Gate doesn't take equity or seats on the board but instead hope that the program will benefit the tech eco-system in Cambridge in general and help Red Gate forge useful relationships for the future.

A former employee said this in a review “I worked at Springboard for a while and hated it. No encouragement, motivation, help, training or support. They want you to take as many calls as possible. No management help either. Do not recommend!"


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Cysry Gs says

"It is waste of time and money.You had better start master degree in this field instead of bootcamp way.I got 500 rejections simply I have SP background.I talked many managers and they said they have bias to bootcamp learners.I never took assistance from them that I expect for finding a job."

Gautham Shenoy says

"I have taken up the datascience course from springboard last year 2019 April for 1.95 lakhs and here is my honest review Curriculum: The curriculum is taken from different websites(youtube,datacamp,etc) which can be available free of cost.. Springboard does not have their own content.The curriculum is also not at all ordered, you don't have any link between different units of the curriculum, thus I rate the curriculum as low class.You don't have to buy the( free )content offered by springboard for 1.95lakhs Mentorship: This is the most interesting topic.Springboard India claims that the mentorship is their strongest part of the course.I was looking forward to something good,and the response that I got from my mentorship is completely opposite.Very disappointing.The mentor does not help with projects and tries to avoid questions by sending you some random googled links and telling to study from that.So it is evident here that the mentors are not aware of the curriculum and the curriculum is definitely not industry standard.The mentorship does not work! I believe each individual can learn datascience without springboard.I actually got depressed after enrolling to Springboard.I regret spending my hard earned money on this Career coaching: They give you(freely available) links to prepare your resume, they tell you to update your linked in profile and whatever we update on our profile they say it's fantastic! Last but not the least,career coaches scout linked in for job opportunities and they copy it in a word document, convert it to a PDF doc and send us that doc via mails to apply for the jobs ourselves.So basically I'm paying my 1.95 lakhs for nothing here! I can find jobs myself on linked inThey don't have any job portal or any partnership with any companies.I have made a bad choice but I hope all data science aspirants do not chose this course from Springboard"

Komal Kshatri says

""Springboard India is a Trap! Don't fall for it at any cost." I started this Spring board India data science Career track program with a broken promise that I will become a Data Scientist in 6 months and get 40-60%hike on my current pay. But trust me, they have made their course in a way, that you will never be able to complete it on time and further the curriculum is not at all appropriate. Basically, it contains YouTube links and a few modules of Datacamp. There is no one to monitor your performance and the Q & A sessions are just a waste of time. Trust me guys, this program is not designed for students to be successful. Not a single assignment was graded or was any feedback given. Save your time and money. Spring board is one of the most expensive bootcamps out there. It is definitely not worth the money they ask."

Bijay Kahar says

"Vry Bad , dont go. connect me in linkdlen- Bijaykahar ask me over this for proper review I was a student in springboard outcome is nothing they just make me a fool. took 1.65 money and no job support. they make fake promise. only good thing in spring board is good salesperson to fool you."

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