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The Spinners are an American rhythm and blues vocal group that formed in Ferndale, Michigan, in 1954. They enjoyed a string of hit singles and albums during the 1960s and 1970s, particularly with producer Thom Bell. The group continues to tour, with Henry Fambrough as the only original member. The group is also listed as the Detroit Spinners and the Motown Spinners, due to their 1960s recordings with the Motown label. These other names were used in the UK to avoid confusion with a British folk group also called The Spinners. On June 30, 1976, they received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2015, they were nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Music critic Robert Christgau has called the Spinners "a renowned show group whose supersmooth producer inhibits improvisation".

A user "padillac" recounts his thoughts about The Spinners performance on the "Goldstar" website on August 23, 2013:

"Spinners were two hours late and the opening acts were terrible."


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Sign spinner (Former Employee) says

"This job ain’t worth the money. I can’t even afford to buy video games and the good stuff to relax. They don’t pay enough. I’m a grown man and I can’t even pay for anything. My girls car got too much miles on it now Cons: Low pay no benefits"

Sign Spinner (Former Employee) says

"Good work good pay bad communication with the boss the boss never wanted to communicate with nobody on the job I feel like communication would be much easier for u to get thur the job"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"I would never work at this company. They claim to have all these hours and flexibility but let me tell you the Nashville Market doesnt its very unstable you will make like $50 in a week its not worth the time or drive anywhere. Also they will hold your checks and expect you to come get them on THEIR time. IF you meet with the "assistant manager" umm just walk away if you complain to him or ask in a polite manner to mail your checks he will bash you and talk down to you he will call you names and tell you how much of a unreliable person you are . DONT work here trust me its not worth it at all. Oh the General manager of this market will just side with him as well so just walk to the other way its not worth it"

Spinner (Former Employee) says

"While employed with this company, I most enjoyed the chance to meet different people and take pointers from those that surrounded my work area with confidence of acheiving higher goals. Management was not so helpful though if involving flexible hours or steady hours. Many days it was not a friendly su[pervisor to help or give any motivations like an employee would work for and enjoy they're job in hopes of advancement. I felt very tired from this being a "laborers" job position and always disappointed from my supervisors inability to motivate as well as remain kind and calm in public settings. Cons: Less than enough hours to achieve a sizable pay check, inconsistent work hours (sometimes weeks without)."

Sing Spinner/ marketing director (Current Employee) says

"But the General manager is horrible she never answers her phone and doesn't care about her employees. They schedule shifts but then cancels them at the last minute without any notification. Cons: Not enough shifts, and a horrible general manager"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Unorganized and poorly ran by people that lack experience in their field of work. I liked you can throw headphones on and dance. They have a dog in the San Diego office. The office is not that clean at all. Flexible hours are nice. They sent me to temecula which is the hottest place to work on their schedule and I was always working there. Found that completely unfair after i started working in nice weather locations. Cons: Standing in tje sun for hours is not fun, should have had some shady areas"

Contractor (Current Employee) says

"Great company sells pitch in all but have not been paid other employees got paid before me have not received money in my direct deposit they give you the runaround avoid at all cost avoid company at all cost Cons: Don't get paid on time"

Sign Spinner (Former Employee) says

"I was told I’d receive more hours “bc one guy was working 35 hours a week.” So in the interview process that was already established but really they just needed someone to cover weekend shifts. They said they’d keep me close to home so I didnt Have to travel too much but every shift was 38-45 minutes away depending on traffic. So they said just clock in and we’ll count your hours that you drove. Simple enough right? Well... come time for my paycheck they didn’t count any of those minutes. In fact they just accounted for the shift and paid me $100+ less on my paycheck. I also found out that they make around $40-$80 an hour for their services but only decide to pay the people doing the long boring work $13 a hour. So there’s no respect for the work that you do and what goes in their pocket. All in all they were cool guys.. They just hid a lot of information they didn’t care to fill me in on. When I asked For them to resolve my check they fed me excuses. And didn’t have a clear answer. Until later when they just decided they weren’t gonna pay me on drive time. So run. They’ll just give you the run around and try to tell you you’re wrong. Cons: Short breaks, wrong pay, only weekends apparently, send you further out and don’t compensate on the drive time, very very slow staring at the road all day"

Sign spinner (Former Employee) says

"Worked at this company since mid December. Verified with company my new address 2 days before i was ever scheduled a shift. Was verified by my "supervisor" more than once where check would be sent to. Verifying my address was correct. Its been 9 days since they sent my check. Its been since December 20th since I was finally scheduled my first shift. I have worked 16 hours with the company, and haven't received a paycheck. Called the payroll representative and he verified an address that was filled out a month ago, not the updated one. Cons: Unorganized, unprofessional staff. Hardly any hours. confusion and frustration, unpaid required training."

Sign Spinner (Former Employee) says

"AARROW Sign Spinners has alot of developing to fo as a company before they offer jobs. The company constantly made excuses when it was time for payment and there scheduling is completely unreliable. Cons: Too many far out of way assignments"

Sign Spinner (Current Employee) says

"This company did not have there scheduling down nore did they provide adicuate work hours. They would schedule to many workers for the job or not enough. Cons: not enough compensation for the job"

Not Applicable (Former Employee) says

"Misleading post-the job says it's location is in Ft. Worth but when we discussed location of the job there is only availability in Dallas or Plano. I was looking forward to trying this company out.."

Sign Holder (Former Employee) says

"Nice tricks. We're supposed to get paid when we attend a practice but we don't. Working was really lonely cause it's just you a a sign on the corner for hours"

Sign Spinner (Former Employee) says

"I worked during winter and they would get upset when I bring a jacket and covered my work shirt. They really expected me to not wear a jacket in 20-degree weather? After complaining they gave me a regular thin jacket."

Sign Spinner (Current Employee) says

"AArrow Sign Spinners was an okay company. It just didn’t fit my way of working. I did like that the managers were very lenient and easy going. They were very good people to work with"

Driver/Operator (Current Employee) says

"Work where all customers are always having excellent customer services at all times. Meet new people and learn how to be a group leader. And a TEAM LEADER. Cons: Short breaks, no health care, dental, or 401K"

Manager (Part time) says

"This job is not support everyone. If you went to spin a sign for the rest of your life and work here. I do not want to spin a sign for the rest of my life. No benefit whatsoever"

Intern (Former Employee) says

"I did not receive as much direction from management as I wish I had. But the experience really helped me realize what my passions are. Cons: Little direction"

Assistant General Manager (Former Employee) says

"AArrow is always growing and adding more people who are willing to be responsible. Promotes growth from within. Growth in the company is entirely dependent on the employee and how fast they want to improve. Cons: requires a lot of commitment"

Sign Spinner (Former Employee) says

"Fun sometimes quick, sometimes long, shifts. Best suited for people with cars (i dont have one). Management for some areas are way better than others and im not naming locations."