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Jack Owen Spillman III (born August 30, 1969) is a serial killer from Spokane, Washington. He is known as the Werewolf Butcher.

User "Alex Nicoletti" recounts his thoughts on Jack Owen Spillman documentary on the "YouTube" website on June 2, 2020:

"Fuking Freak."


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Finance Manager (Current Employee) says

"Spillman Technologies was the leader in public safety software many years ago. I have been with the company for over 10 years and watched the transition from leader to industry lager. When the founder transitioned to Chairman he became a very hands off executive. The new CEO came from sales and really only understands generating new sales. This is his sole focus for the business. This causes much conflict within the executive team and business. Spillman ignores requests from existing customers for product enhancements. Spillman understaffs product support with very low compensated employees with limited technical knowledge. There is disagreement within finance and the executive team about where we generate profit (new sales or customer maintenance fees). The CEO will never say no to a new sale (even when it is very unprofitable) as this increases the number of customers. This conflict came to a head recently resulting in the CFO (and part owner) leaving the company in protest over the financial recklessness of the CEO. Existing customers pay significant maintenance fees. The CEO tells account management to raise these fees regularly as he knows it is very hard for our customers to transition to another solution. As a result, our existing customers are getting very upset with what they are paying in maintenance and their lack of influence over product direction. As I care about this industry I want new customers to beware, the CEO and sales team will promise you anything to get you to be a customer. Once you are a customer, the rest of the organization is not empowered Cons: No clear direction, unhappy customers, frustrated employees"

Support Manager (Current Employee) says

"The company only had a couple hundred employees. Four or five employees are leaving every week. The CFO left. The HR director left. Development people are leaving by the car load. Cons: Everyone is unhappy. CEO is yelling at everyone to do a better job. I can't wait to leave."

Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Spillman Technologies was once a great company. The founder has stepped back and given control to the former General Sales Manager. The new CEO is a very nice guy but is no way prepared to lead the company. Under the new CEOs direction the company has grown sales revenue but has failed to invest in new technology. As a result the company now has some of the most outdated technology in the industry. I have seen the CEO get more upset about Hostess going bankrupt and his inability to get Ding Dongs that the fact that development is not delivering. We have a strong sales team and keep generating sales but it is only a matter of time before customers realize there are better options available. In addition to being unprepared the new CEO is insecure and has surrounded him with executives that will not speak up. The VP of Development is particularly weak in his leadership capabilities. As a result development consistently fails to deliver on committed plans. Cons: Very weak executive leadership, no investment in future products, CEO that is way in over his head."

Grant Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Loved the job, grant writer, since I had the freedom to develop the job. Thoroughly enjoyed working with the sales staff and customers on grants. They were delightful, helpful, and often entertaining, Cons: Manager was unaware and unwilling to be flexible"

Sofware Engineer (Current Employee) says

"They don't pay you a ton, so there is a feeling, you can coast a bit. I think the culture tends to invite loafers in because they know there is little chance they will get laid off. Cons: Low base salary, no bonuses."

Quality Assurance Analyst (Current Employee) says

"For the most part the people that you work with at Spillman are great. They joke around and love to have a good time."