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From Everything.Sucks is an e-commerce website specialising in shoes and clothing created in 2009 as part of the company, created in 2006 and based in Grenoble, France. The name of the company was inspired by the gladiator sandal or "spartiate" from the town of Sparte, a major power in ancient Greece.

Nana angrily mentioned, "You don't get what you buy with Spartoo. The shoe that I received was totally different in respect of both colour and quality from the shoe that I saw on the picture. I doubt it was original Dockers. Apparently, their business model is based on the fact that 70% of people don't return and simply keep the inferior shoes. And, when you return the shoe you won't get refunded in full."


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Jose Leon Padilla Jr. says

"WOW. If you're from America, you better get the size of your shoes right or you're in trouble... I ordered a pair of shoes that came out too big following THEIR guidelines. They somehow shipped from France to my door in three days (which I was very happy about) but then, when I asked to ship them back because of the size difference and asked for a refund, I was told I would have to cover the cost of shipping it back? I then have to walk to my closest USPS, where they tell me the cost of shipping to France is more than half the price of the shoes (55 DOLLARS)! Oh, and they are not even shipping internationally right now because of COVID, which makes me think that the shoes shipped from a US warehouse in the first place! But somehow, I have to ship it back to France for them?! FOR MORE THAN HALF THE PRICE OF THE SHOES?! If you intend to purchase from the USA, I'd make sure that the shoes are the right size because it's becoming abundantly clear that I will be forced to keep a pair of shoes that don't even fit me. Once again, I have NEVER seen something like this before."

Holly says

"The returns policy is extremely misleading. If you're American, don't buy from here unless you know for certain that you will be able to keep the item. It's up to you to pay the return shipping of any item you don't decide to keep to send it back to France. For me, this will cost $71 through USPS for a pair of boots I purchased. The returns policy doesn't state this upfront unless you dig into their terms and conditions."

Bogdan M says

"I bought from Spartoo two trousers at October 8 with order 1050 0365 5978 1228 . I received and one of them was bigger even if was the same no. I refund the second and I received two messages: one because they received the pack at October 16 and for case solved at October 17. The second message announced the money refund. I don't receive my money around 80 euro amount for second trousers not now almost 3 weeks later and the European rule about refund refer at 14 days. I called Spartoo's call center and I spoke with Adriana. She said they refund money. I requested my account no. and swift in an email. The account communicated by Adriana and swift were real not wrong. I called my bank accountant and ask to investigate. She said that it is a lie. They didn't pay the refund value. She said also to ask about id reference transfer no. a unique no. who characterized each transfer. I called Adriana and ask about this no. She said she would ask the financially department and will send me in 1-2 days. I called Adriana other 3 times and said did not get this no. from financial.SHE SAID ALSO TO STAY CALM!!! I saw also it is a very frequent practice at Spartoo and involved a big part of customer. I work in commerce and I am very curious how register Spartoo these amounts from RM and other amounts from pay back refuse? I leave in a little town in Romania and Spartoo will come in my town in front of our local judge to explain for what reason don't pay back money from returned goods. Is not a joke. I am full of angry. I am disappointed about ECC office because I filled a complaint and they answer let's try to find understanding with each other. Ask about ECC: for what reason are you paid and what is the reason for your existence? Can you get understanding after 3 requests about bank operation no. and you didn'tget answer? Finally I am dumbfounded how person like Anthony and Jason argue customers who request money back for returned goods and about nerve of Spartoo's employees. The last aspect: I red more than 100 reviews: I never see so manny cases when seller request customer personal data. Do you make commerce or collect data? Did you hear about GDPR? We are not interested about your terms and conditions. I saw more than half terms at online stores complete illegal. You can write what terms you believe. That not mean the terms are legal. I saw a person who send a passport photo to confirm. Oh my god! I saw also I cannot answer to this review after naughty boys from Spartoo will answer. I want to clarify few aspects: I paid cash on delivery and I request money in my bank account with VISA attached card with same name like cash on delivery person, same address and Spartoo confirm real data for refund. OK. Send my money back urgent and review your politics."

Rouviere Ch. says

"Super site facile à utiliser"