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The Sparda-Banks in Germany are eleven cooperative banks which are consolidated in the Verband der Sparda-Banken e. V. (Union of Sparda-Banks). Traditionally they are specialized in the private banking business. The eleven, legally independent banks operate according to the regional principle, which means that each bank is responsible for a set business area and only accepts customers from that area.

User "wika566" calls Sparda-Bank' service in Bremen "Very arrogant and unfriendly" on a "TripAdvisor" review on June 4, 2018:

"Sparda Bank Bremen's customer service is very unfriendly and arrogant. My german is good to communicate but when I asked if someone can explain to me some of the contract's clauses that I do not understand, (as I wanted to open a new account), the woman was just like "no we do not translate any of our contracts in English. If you think you might not understand anything please bring your own translator." Come on guys, I went to Commerz bank and guess what, they asked me which language I prefer... and of course, for serious matters like signing a bank account contract, I want to understand everything. They spoke in English all the time. Well done to Commerz Bank and shame on you Sparda."


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