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SPAR, originally DESPAR, is a Dutch multinational franchise that manages independently owned and operated food retail stores. It was founded in the Netherlands in 1932, by Adriaan van Well, and now consists of more than 13,112 stores in 48 countries. The company's name is an acronym of the slogan "Door Eendrachtig Samenwerken Profiteren Allen Regelmatig", which was used by van Well to describe the


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Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"You have the promise of full time, but are lucky to get 20 hrs weekly. No management support, no benefits and it's difficult to get paid. I do not recommend working for this company."

Independent Contractor (Current Employee) says

"Being a Federal ID'd independent contractor with this company for several years, it is disappointing to report such a low rating. If the rating could be lower, it would be. After, again having new management and being rudely informed, by lower "support", that a store needed correcting and doing so without including their superior in the message, this IC went over and above what was asked to correct it, with picture proof and dates/names and without charge to Spar. But not before being accused of untruthfulness and threats by the superior management and, again. providing proof. All was ignored. While reporting, it was discovered only one store could be reported, the others removed. In questioning management, this IC was informed that stores were removed and not to report stores not on the list, which is not possible and, earlier, on IC's llist. The "superior" management, after the fact, informed IC that stores were removed, via email. When IC responded, conveniently a "out of the office" message bounced back. Currently, this IC can still log into the website. However, all information, such as outstanding jobs and completed work are missing. To knowledge and as an IC, you must make best effort to correct any work in question. That was done without any management response, except jobs secrectly removed. There still remains the question of work done, inability to report it and, most likely, will not be paid. Not sure about anyone else, but when accused of being untruthful and threaten, the gloves come off. The only recourse remaining, is to have this IC's legal representative handleFlexibilityWay to many chiefs.."

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"I was promised work and a traveling position. I received one week of work. I completed the work, but never got paid. I also never received any work after that after contacting the zone manager several times.Please reach out to us directly if you have a pay issue so that we can provide assistance. Please contact us directly through one of the methods here: so we can help."

Independent Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Very unprofessional. The manager and the lead try to be nice AT FIRST BUT they are horrible people. You will regret working here. Please work somewhere else.NothingPay, job task, managementWe are very sorry to hear you had this experience and appreciate your feedback. Thank you for making us aware of your situation. SPAR Field Services strives to demonstrate that we value the insights of Independent Contractors, such as yourself. We would like to speak with you directly to discuss your situation."

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Most merchandising companies pay you by the hour but spar pays by the project which makes it impossible to pay your bills, some projects will pay 12.00 some pay 1.00, 2.50, 5.00 or if the shipment hasn't come in to complete the project they pay you 1.00 even though you got out of your bed and used your gas which they do not pay millage at all.This company almost made me lose everything, If you have priorities don't work for them.Management is horrible, They really dont care about the employees because they get paid well.Not to mention my check was short twice but no one could tell me where my money was, when you start you will not get a check before 30 daysnonenoneWe are very sorry to hear you had this experience. Thank you for making us aware of your situation. Compensation per project will vary, some are task based pay and some are hourly pay, Independent Contractors always have the option to change projects, if desired. Additional payments can be available depending on the type of project work you pick and is not applicable to all types of projects available."

Merchandiser (Current Employee) says

"I have been with Spar over 4 years and they have been going down hill for months. I have had 5 supervisors if you want to call them that. No communication. They pay by the project would you work for $2.50? Absolutely NO benfits plus they take a percentage of your check for quote " workman's comp" I personally am looking for another job you can do what you like but I do not recommend this company at all!NothingEverything even the kitchen sink"

Independent Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Make 12 bucks an hour..they take out workman’s take out taxes and you end up making 9 bucks an hour....if the project on the reset team isn’t complete then they ask you to put in 11 hours a day to get it done....not willing to negotiate if they really want the reset complete,but cry to you on the phone they are in trouble with the client..uhmmm not to me seems like you don’t want to get it done....I’m a 1099 it’s CALLED NEGOTIATION if you want me to bus my behind to help you out...most Broker companies when they are in trouble negotiate with us 1099 business owners to save face with their clientsNoneCheap Chickens.."

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for weeks at different locations , east and west..didn't pay me for gas or milage just wanted to know if I could go to work ! The pay is so Terrible I wouldn't suggest ANYONE to work for this company. I worked at least 3-5 hrs everyday for two weeks , did all the work I was asked and even previous employees work that quit on the company.. overall I was paid $44 for my two weeks worth of first check was $40 and they sent me another check two weeks later for $4 and some change . A complete waste of time, hard work and gas and on top of that I was 7 months pregnant putting in all that work for just $44 !Work around your own timeVERY low pay!!!"

Independent Contractor (Current Employee) says

"Poor pay.We lost the Anagram account to another Merch company.Mckesson is a joke they only pay 9.25 hour and it cost more in fuel than you get paid.They always want you to travel 3-8 hours away from home.Sorry not worth my time and wear and tear on my car.So if you are even considering this company you will be better paisd at acosta,driveline,premium.can pick your jobspay, long travel, etc"

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"I worked 6 or more stores for this company, and the hiring management would never answer the phone when a issue came up, and when everything was said and done, they refused to pay me for the work i did and on top of that she avoided my emails and phones about my pay. I wouldn't recommend anyone to work here.NoneNo pay"

No thanks (Former Employee) says

"So if "Most of the merchandising work performed for our clients is set around a client s window of time rather than specific hours, allowing you to set your own...", how does one set their own schedule? The work schedule can't be both."

Retail Merch (Former Employee) says

"Don't waste your time. Slave wages.It's just a little above minimum wage. If they can't get anyone to work there maybe they will raise the hourly wage.No prosThe pay sucks"

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"This company is very disorganized. The pay is half of other merchandising companies. I'm still fighting with them to get pay for hours I worked, but somehow they say weren't recorded. You also work a lot of off time hours printing papers and organizing it all. Some weeks I would print 100+ papers. For the cost of ink and rate of pay, you're losing money and wasting time. The management is also very disrespectful. They refuse to answer calls when you have questions and will completely ignore you when you start questioning where your pay is.You can choose your own hours with reasonLousy pay, if you get paid at all, no benefits, unprofessional management"

merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Jobs come and go..cant feed your family on area jobs unless you pick up some from another state. lots of driving and fixing other peoples work they did not do correctly. independent contractors are what you are when you work for this company,for 10.00 or less a hour..i would find a company that respects the people that work for them..and with more job and hours.fill in time when you have nothing too donever know if you will get paid or have work"

Travel Merchandiser/Trainer (Current Employee) says

"I have worked for this company for a little over a year dedicated my life, car, and loyalty to them. When I started after awhile I began having problems with getting my mileage reimbursement on time which never stopped. I have had to basically fight for my checks to be accurate every pay period. This resulted in my manager giving me advances to make up for my lack of pay being correct. The lack of pay has progressed to the point that I will no longer dedicate myself to them. I am currently sitting here on the verge of loosing my car, my phone, my stuff I put in storage so I could travel for them. In addition to this the attorney general asked them to deduct my child support this did not happen in a timely manner so now I'm being drug into court by the state of Texas for enforcement of child support payments . So right now due to the negligence of this company I am homeless, no car because it broke down working for them , phone about to get turned off, and the last year I have given to them has left me in this position. I can only hope and pray I will receive a real check, not one that says we don't care about good employees. I can't really figure out if its the company as a whole or a problem with the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. In addition to this I know they pry into private lives of their employees. And if you speak out you will be retaliated against. Last I thought my check was lost, it showed up today and the normal process is to wait 14 days before a stop payment can be put on a check, however my supervisor that was on vacation comes back and isMaybe the new CEO can fix this problem."

Field merchandiser (Current Employee) says

"As another reviewer mentioned, SPAR Group did not send out pay checks on time in August. This is true. I am also in the Midwest region. They claimed the delay was due to Post Offices closings which forced mail to a new distribution center. I called the U.S. post office and was told there were NO Post Office closings. I then called the SPAR offices and spoke to a high level employee. As I questioned the situation, she told me to "be quiet". She was rude and nasty. It was an unbelievable experience. If you complete your work, there should be no excuse and you should receive a timely payment. SPAR Group DOES NOT offer direct deposit. I suspect this is due to cash flow problems. SPAR Group does not value its merchandisers. We are considered contractors and in their eyes we are a dime-a-dozen. They take accounts away from you for no reason even if you've been serving the account for a long period of time. They simply don't care about you. In their view, merchandisers are a commodity that are easily replaced. Management takes on new accounts without having the manpower to complete the work. This results in disorganization and panic in the districts. DMs are forced to reorganize their work force resulting in re assignments. As a merchandiser, your voice does not matter. You are expected to do what you are told. SPAR Group is a publicly held company. Their share price has remained static for a long time. This last quarter (8/15) they lost revenue which is never a good sign. They recently hired a new VP of Business Development (8/15) so hopefully they will add new business andFlexible hoursLate payments, lost accounts, disorganized, management works in panic mode"

Administrative Manager (Former Employee) says

"Working at Spar, you have no self time. Working 12 hours a day. Managememt not disciplined and have no respect for staff. No training is given. Does not tell you what is expected from you. Unfortunately thats why the customers is complaining, staff can only do so much. Not always have stock available."

Merchandising Expert (Former Employee) says

"One of the worst jobs I've ever had, company never paid what I was owed, never compensated as promised (ended up in debt after working at this place). Most managers have no clue about the job you may take on and can offer no support if you get stuck in the store with a major/minor project. Now working with most store managers they will support what you decide to do if you can not get approval from you're company. When it comes to working hours it's all over the place, you can spend 20 hours working in store and 20 in driving yet only get paid for 3 hours. That dose not even include the insane amount of time it takes to file and report the paper work which is not paid. They offer no heath, dental, 401k nothing! Over all this place works more like a scam, you will not get paid and they will offer noting in form of compensation.Meeting new peopleLow pay, No compensation, Not paid for time of work.We are very sorry to hear you had this experience and appreciate your feedback. SPAR Field Services strives to demonstrate that we value the insights of Independent Contractors, such as yourself. Although projects may vary depending on location and time of year, we strive to provide as many projects as merchandisers want. We would like to contact you directly to discuss your situation and ensure you receive the appropriate compensation."

Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"First job was a reset and after being guaranteed I’d never work before 7am (single dad, getting kids to school etc) the night before my first day, they called at 10pm and said “Times changed, be there at 430am ok?” I said that was impossible and that I was guaranteed in writing and was cut off and told “no excuses, you agreed to this job now we expect you to be there” I arranged at 11pm to have my retired neighbors take my kids to school and the next morning drove 35 minutes and was there 15 minutes early and I waited and waited and waited.... By 515 no one showed up so I called and no answer. I was UPSET at this point and called again. Manager picked up and long story short, he told me he got the days and jobs mixed up and said he was sorry and he’d compensate me. 3 weeks later still no compensation and average pay is less than minimum wage after taxes because these low IQ people can’t figure out how to add overtime or do addition and realize if one works 6 days at 7 hours, that does not equal 32.1 hours. Needless to say I quit after 60 days. Filed a complaint. AVOID FIELD WORK AND DO NOT FALL FOR THE “DOING RESETS IS SIMPLE WORK FOR HIGH PAY” line.NoneAvoid this placeWe are very sorry to hear you had this experience. Compensation per project will vary, some are task based pay and some are hourly pay, Independent Contractors always have the option to change projects, if desired. We would like to contact you directly to discuss your situation and ensure you receive the appropriate compensation."

Retail Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"The company sucks. The management is incompetent. Does not pay travel. No benefits. They harass you about your proposed visit dates at all times of the day 7 days a week. Nothing good to say.Direct depositpoor management, poor communication skills, poor pay"

Tj Tj says

"The older staff in the Compton store are awful, they are miserable, constantly moaning, have terrible customer service skills, all praise to the younger staff, don't know how they put up with the older."

Paul Allen says

"The sign on the door says 'Compulsory Masks In This Store' therefore I cannot and will not come in. What about the people with exemptions? Can they not come in now? I could not see anything to explain this. Most other shops do not have this sign. Also I have seen customers still queuing outside. Why is this, if the masks are so essential???!!. Sorry Spar I think you need to explain to the Government that they are now causing you to lose customers."

Peter says

"Spar in Middleton state signs it’s is compulsory to wear a mask then going in the store none of the staff are adhering to it along with customers. Get a grip of your stores and take action through Covid. Discussing"

Mr William Guttridge says

"I went to my local spar here in Hartlepool for some cans of Lager. When i noticed quite a few of the 4 packs had been taped together as there was no plastic holders ?? on them. I left them alone because if they had been dropped by the staff they could have when opened sprayed Lager all over."

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