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Spalding is an American sports equipment manufacturing company founded by Albert Spalding in Chicago, Illinois, in 1876. It is now headquartered in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Spalding currently focuses on basketball, mainly producing balls but also commercialising hoops, rims, nets and ball pump needles. Softballs are commercialised through its subsidiary Dudley Sports.

A very upset customer shared his shopping experience, "Ordered a Spalding basketball hoop mounting system. Arrived in damaged box with no packaging. Parts and hardware missing. Customer service refuses to respond. Ordered product on May 25, 2020. Order number ***********. Product: U-Turn Lift System. Style #AC.316. Payment amount $240.52. Payment Method Visa Credit Card ending in ****. Placed order May 25th, 2020. Package arrived June 5, 2020. Package arrived in a makeshift, unlabeled box with zero protective packaging material. Box was actually 3 smaller boxes taped together with masking tape. Hole where boxes were taped together had nuts and bolts from hardware bag actively spilling out. Upon opening box, heavy metal parts were just tossed into the box with no packing material. Hardware bag was ripped open and numerous nuts, bolts, and other small hardware pieces missing. Two main brackets also missing from box. Attempted to call customer service number and advised that the call center was completely closed and to email customer service. Emailed on 6/6/2020 and told to wait 2-3 business days for response. As of 6/20/2020 there has been zero response. I have called and emailed consistently with zero response. I can go play mini golf during coronavirus, but they can't staff a call center or answer an email for 3 weeks?"


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N wilson says

"I would not use this garage again sold car to me with no service history and two damaged alloys When you could get hold of them they just fob you off with it is not needed any more just restart you service history and what do you expect for 10,ooo pound keep well clear you would do better buying a car at the side of the road than t c Harrison pinchbeck sharks"

Former Employee - Worker says

"Lazy personnel, No penalty for "privileged" workers who always late. Managers are literally mentally ill and with speech problems that made it impossible to understand them."

Director of Marketing/Sales/Sponsorships US (Former Employee) says

"Spalding is a great company/brand but their parent company doesn't understand the business unfortunately. The parent company should allow Spalding to operate independently."

Mr and Mrs S says

"Previous experience was good but this time round was a bad experience which has left us not wishing to return. Whilst sorting finance for a deposit - daily multiple phone calls from sales which caused added unnecessary pressure and then when the car was finally collected - the valet was not fit for purpose and the car was returned and was revaleted."

Former Employee - Project Attorney says

"This was not my first experience at a corporate firm so I was surprised by how the culture of the workplace is. First off, at the Discovery Center, you are completely separated from the main K&S building. It's not a far work but when you are constantly focused on meeting your billables, which if you're lucky is only eight, you don't even bother trying to be a human being a take a short walk. Life at K&S has no flexibility. Some managing attorneys treat you like a human being and really only care that the work is done efficiently and accurately, but the culture itself is toxic. It's not an environment where one feels like a working professional, let alone an attorney. The employees, whether higher-up or those who are new and sit at the pit, the environment is toxic. It is a mixture of high school and an unpleasant internship. You will find that people are very gossipy. You will find that those who have been there longer are rude. You will find that everyone complains about every little thing. And you will also find that no rules are followed and nothing really even makes sense. Even with HR protocols in place, the firm plays favoritism. They will let some things slide with some and then with others, there is a no-tolerance. Work/life balance is almost non-existent. I have seen people stressed out over childcare or other responsibilities they have in their life because simply, the work has to get done. There also seems to be poor time management that trickles down to the project attorneys. Don't be surprised to be told late Friday afternoon that you have to work that weekend because "things changed" or things come up. There is little to no advancement. We were told by upper management to not even think about a promotion until we have been there past two years. Also, bonuses are very confusing. Location is also terrible. Does not matter if you don't live far from Midtown, you will be stuck in terrible traffic. There is also construction in the area which will make morning and evening commute terrible. And no, you cannot go to work early to leave early. You will get in trouble, even if you completed your billable hours. My best advice is to keep to yourself as much as possible. And try your hardest to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Depending on your project that may be impossible for weeks and months at a time."

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"Very toxic employee base, would not recommend on that basis. Wages are competitive, advancement is is left to the workers motivation. Overall not terrible, but I would not recommend based on my experiences. (great for obtaining automotive experience)"

Former Employee - Project Attorney says

"You will be a number in a sweatshop. There's an odd competitiveness which is comical considering it's document review. People aren't friendly, nobody respects project attorneys, and the main work area is referred to as "the pit." So there's everything you need to know."


"not enough work to be happy"

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