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Founded in 1899, Sonoco Products Company (NYSE: SON) is a United States-based international provider of diversified consumer packaging, industrial products, protective packaging, and packaging supply chain services and the world's largest producer of composite cans, tubes, and cores. With annualized net sales of approximately $4.9 billion, Sonoco has 19,900 employees in more than 335 operations in


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Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"Hard to work with Customer Service"

Former Employee - Packer says

"Lunch is only 30 minutes no break"

Former Employee - Electro-mechanical Technician says

"Management structure is horrible No work life balance Takes advantage of the hard workers while others slack Takes 8 months to fill positions while overloading and depending on 1 maintenance personnel Doesn’t recognize hard work like they should No back bone or core values Takes 2 years to get even close to the pay most companies start out at Shouldn’t hire supervisors that have no experience in manufacturing and brown nose their way to stay"

Former Employee - Staff Accountant says

"The management team is not very professional."


"Management wants to control everything you do and say including in your outside lives. There is no work life balance. Managment needs to stop micromanaging its employees."

Former Employee - Finishing Operator says

"Management shows favortism. Will not promote more qualified and senior employees. Inconsistent with discipline. Constant forced over time. Expects employees to pull extra duty without compensation. Will lie to employees about pay rate. Training for job is a joke."

Current Employee - Customer Service says

"Plant manager supervisors so unprofessional talk to you like you some you're some kind of a stepchild make a plant's nothing happen this plant really need to be looked into bigger turnover I ever seen can't keep no one there due to the way they treat you training is poor when I talk about safety but at the same time they put on a lot of pressure on all employees it's the talk of the plant"

Former Employee - Human Resources Coordinator/Safety Coordinator says

"Nothing is worth the way long term salaried employees are treated. I had to take my case to the EEOC. Plant Manager was a horrible self absorbed hateful man. I filed complaints with HR, nothing happened. The stress this man put me through caused me physical illness. Stay away from this company unless you want to be berated by management."

Operator (Current Employee) says

"Is not a equal opportunity employer do not like to hire Within like to trap employees in their positions do not follow rules change them according to how they see fit"

HR/Safety Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Benefits are not bad, but the pay cannot compete with other companies in the area. Poor pay and poor working conditions. Safety is important, but production is more importantGood benefits, nice peopleVery low pay, not competitive with other companies in the area."

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"I was promised a job with the company in 2018 after being referred by a temp agency. I was given a training start date and was enthusiastic about getting back to work, but it almost didn't happen. Despite receiving a formal offer of employment I was told I could not start training. After contesting this decision at the highest level I was given a job two months later but they made my life a living h***. They looked for any excuse to get rid of me and eventually hiring an attractive young woman for no reason other than to create the plausibility that I hit on her. She was on our production line for a total of 5 minutes on a Monday and I was out the door within 20 minutes of her visiting the line. Worked there almost two years, never missed a day. Do not trust these people, they are the sleaziest people I have met in my life."

Mold setter (Former Employee) says

"Sonoco needs a little improvement I enjoyed my job duties and the people I worked with I made a lot of working friendships but its the same as the last job management does not help or want you to improve you do one thing that's not up to their standards and they fire you no warning no write just plan out fired. I don't feel like I was given the chance to improve anything or move up for as a far as that goes."

Packaging Associate (Former Employee) says

"Packed products for other companies. Products were packed in display cases and were then packed in larger boxes. The products I packed wre toothbrushes, batteries,razors, and shampoo."

Process Technician (Former Employee) says

"Managers are always worried about the product and dont seem like there there to worry about well being of employees. There is no smoking on property so if your a smoker you have to leave the grounds"

Op de empilhadeira (Former Employee) says

"Ótima empresa para trabalhar, pagamento em dia,faz reunião constante com os funcionários sobre segurança do trabalho e etc!"

Welder/Fabricator (Former Employee) says

"There lighting is almost 100 percent gonna make you blind and it pretty sad that they don’t even supply you lenses for your hood I had to come out of pocket every few days"

Reel assembler (Current Employee) says

"Not a very good place to work the plant manager josh has no manager skill and does sneaky behind your back stuff so there is no raise. And the office lady jody dockery lies on paper work , hours and steals company hours So my advise is not to work for sonoco in Carrollton GaNothin at all just liesLies, and uses the temp services to finish orders, then wait until temps get home then call to say they dont need help no more, not right at all"

AELO (Former Employee) says

"This place is a joke, they don’t care abou your work life balance and even if you want to move up you better make sure you are considered “cool” to the rest of the people there because it’s like high school all over again with the drama. You’ll be working long hours with no respect from anyone while they literally stand around doing nothing or goof off at work. They will promote someone who knows someone before they promote the person who works hard and has the willingness to move up"

Assistant Spiral Winder Operator (Former Employee) says

"Imbecile managers, out dated broken equipment, joke Teamsters local that does nothing, Employees are ex-cons and Illegal aliens that constantly fight and sabotage the workplace. Picking grapes with day laborers would be more enjoyable than working here and constantly having conflicts. Prison would be more enjoyable. This joke company is probably going to closed soon . You have been warned !!!"

machine operator (Current Employee) says

"Working isn't fun at all because their equipment are all scrap and very old.. they don't perform. Don't go there. Being there is very stressful it feels like prison. I won't encourage anyone to work there.No free lunch, no lunch timeVery long hours"

Millwright (Former Employee) says

"if they dont have a rule for something they will make one up dictatorship........micro managers..the one in charge takes direction from south Carolina directly...cannot make a decisions on his own"

Press Operator (Former Employee) says

"I would not recomend anybody to work there the managers dont care about the employees only about how much money they can get. They dont give you paid sick days. You have no retirement fund and they work you 12 hour shifts 5 days a week.The people i worked withThe pay and medical"

Builder (Former Employee) says

"The job was ok at first but the person over ateendece was not capable of doing there job was accused of missing 20 day when in reality I missed 3 besides that it was decent jobWorkBad Human Resources"

Slitter Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"do not work in that place they do not have good benefits the bosses are Mexican and they do not want to let people only do they want they do not have good benefits they only help those who are family or friends of the supervisors those are the ones who have better positions do not have sickdays they only give a 2.5 percent of your increase check per year work or not that is what they give they are always pressing you for that they are looking for people because they are not going to because they are not good"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"New management took over a year ago and had to go over their head several time to get issues resolved which seemes to upset the new plant manager it was a hard job streuous and very hot"

Packer/Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"they lack a lot skills and they don't respect anyone they really didn't wont do the job the right way and never honest eith people as they should be not a good a job"

sorter (Former Employee) says

"sonoco recycling is the worst place to work they make you work in below zero temperture they pay is herrrible you work 70 to make a god check i wouldnt advise anyone to work there"

P.s. specialist (Current Employee) says

"Fast pace work. 7day work schedule Fair wages. Large company quality product. Safety focus. Clean work place. Been around a long time . Don't lay off."