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Experiential gifts also known as gift experiences and experience gifts, as opposed to material gifts or simply “stuff”, allow the recipient to have an experience, such as skydiving, kayaking, race car driving or touring a vineyard. Purchases typically take the form of vouchers or gift certificates via email or retailed boxes.


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Steven Cooper says

"Poor poor poor. I've now tried to redeem voucher at 3 different locations. All of them saying they no longer accept Smartbox. Complete rip off. Interestingly I've tried to redeem again Hard Rock Cafe London this week. Can't redeem the voucher however I can go onto their site and buy one. Rip off. Don't buy vouchers"

Diane Johnston says

"Hello. How can I call customer service if the phone number given is disconnected and email is returned. The family member who purchased this did so in good faith and again....the card says This gift card has no expiration!!!! And it was indeed purchased for use in the United States!!!! It is called Charming Getaways Great Lakes version. I can send photos of front and back of box which clearly shows only the United States. I would appreciate a correct email address for customer service."

Vicky Harrison says

"Was bought a smart box gift December 2019 which should have a 2 year expiry and due to Covid I’ve not had chance to book anything this year. I went to input voucher details on the site and it said it hadn’t been recognised I’m not best pleased and hope my brother hasn’t wasted £129 on this gift."

Dawn Poole says

"Was given this as a present. Very disappointed the websight is not easy you pick a date then wait for a reply to confirm this can take 24 hours. I have been trying to book a hotel my 6th different date. Surely it should only come up with dates that are available like I have waisted so much time and still not booked anything. Already told my daughter don’t buy me another one and I won’t be recommending this as a gift for anyone. Great idea but rubbish system. So now I wait to see if I have to try for a seventh time"

Gerard & Helen Barrett says

"We received a present of a Smartbox voucher. However when we went to book a property we have not so far been successful. On the booking form you are asked to insert your desired dates and a list of available properties comes up. You select one, and then have to wait 24 hours for a reply. So far we have had 3 refusals, the reason given is that the properties are not available on the dates we have requested. I think only those properties that have availability on the required dates should be displayed. It would save the person trying to book a lot of time and effort."

Mike Johnson says

"Ordered easily on Sunday 30th Aug for a next day delivery knowing that it wouldnt be despatched until Tues 1st Sept as Monday was a Bank holiday. Received a confirmation email late on Tuesday saying it had been despatched on a 3-5 day standard delivery, wasnt happy. Phoned up the following day to see what was going on and was told that the email was a mistake and it had gone out on a next day delivery, the agent done a track and told me it was at my local delivery depot and due for delivery that day. She gave me the tracking number so l could keep a track on it. When l went to check on it l found that it was still at the sorting office in London, and not at my local Royal mail depot, so it seemed that l was lied to by the agent in the morning and it wouldnt be delivered that day. The following day l phoned up to find out why l was lied to the previous day. I was given some excuse about there being a glitch in the system, l wasnt happy as this gift was for a special occasion on the 2nd Sept. But l was assured that it was now at my local delivery Depot and it would be delivered that day, which it was. I was told that l would get my next day delivery charge refunded and that would be confirmed by email within half hour of the phone call, it wasnt and lm still waiting for my refund, not impressed."

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