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SkyWest Airlines is a North American regional airline headquartered in St. George, Utah, United States. It primarily serves major air carriers via contracts with Alaska Airlines (as Alaska SkyWest), American Airlines (as American Eagle), Delta Air Lines (as Delta Connection), and United Airlines (as United Express). SkyWest is primarily paid to operate and maintain aircraft used on flights that


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Current Employee - Flight Attendant says

"Management does not care about their people. It is company and profit first. No union to protect t you from management."

Former Employee - Flight Attendant says

"Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We respect your concerns regarding training. We are committed to promoting excellent service and quality in all that we do. If you’d like to discuss your situation further, please contact"

Former Employee - Flight Attendant says

"Thank you for your feedback."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"You basically don't get paid anything at all"

Current Employee - Ramp Agent says

"Everything from pay to benefits is subpar"

Former Employee - Flight Attendant says

"Thank you for your feedback. We take reports of sexual harassment very seriously and work to ensure all employees experience a safe working environment."


"Thank you for your comments. We take these matters seriously and work to ensure all employees experience a safe, comfortable working environment."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Thank you for your feedback. We generally find SkyWest’s pay to be at or above the highest in the industry and work closely with our employee workgroups to provide exceptional benefits."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management allowed discrimination from staffs"

Former Employee - Flight Attendant says

"No union Low pay Upper Management very unhelpful Very few destinations"

Customer Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"Working here solely for the Flight benefits(which Aren’t that great). Upper and middle management are horrible. I understand seniority is a big thing in the airline industry, but most of these coworkers are awful to work with. Communication is non existent. Pay is absolutely pathetic. You can make more at McDonald’s. The level of responsibility put on us is ridiculous compared to how much they pay you. Very political when it comes to advancing within the company. Fly for ‘free’Terrible pay, terrible environment"

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"I worked with them for 10 months— they treat you like a number, have a high turnover, they do not care about the individual/employee personally whatsoever. Free flightsTreated like a robot"

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"I have been with SkyWest for almost 2yrs. A company so distant from their frontline employees! Never there for you when you need advice or a bit of training. Management extremely detached from employees."

Avionics / Aircraft Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"no recomiendo este sitio a nadie para trabajar por mal ambiente, racismo, falta consideracion con el empleado. No ascensos y deshonestos"

Crew administration Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Company is horrible. Everyone talks behind someone behind their back. Pay is horrible compared to other airlines. Benefits suck as you have to pay for everything. Travel benefits are horrible as we have to fight for the benefits to become active.noneyou pay for everything, always mandatory overtime."

Cross Utilized Agent (Former Employee) says

"Management is HORRIBLE! Very two faced, special treatment to certain employees. Hours are horrible. You do not get to use the benefits of flying very often. Just all around horriable."

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Skywest doesn’t care about their employees. Their turnover rate is unbelievably high for a reason. Had to call out of work to go to the ER for having stroke symptoms, I was physically incapacitated. Paralyzed on my right side, blind and deaf on right side and speech impaired from it. They fired me for this call out. Provided doctors notes and everything. They said it was no exception. So just a heads up, if you suffer from paralysis, stroke, heart attack, or anything life threatening or physically damaging, they don’t consider that excusable and will fire you. Welcome to the skywest “family”"

Cross Utilized Agent (Former Employee) says

"In recent times they would hire unskilled personnel to be supervisors and general manager. If you were not of the right job persuasion they would not listen to you if you had complaints and they would ignore that complaint or cover it up. It’s a very unfair place to work if you don’t play their game. Never ever complain or make any statements that caused an investigation or you will have an unpleasant uncomfortable stay in your employment at SKYWEST."

Cross Utilized Agent (Former Employee) says

"Pueblo is a tiny airport and yet SkyWest is always hiring. Raise any red flags? You work 2 hours or less per shift and can have up to three shifts a day so enjoy that unpaid commute to and from the airport for your $15. Minimum wage, no benfits, haphazard training and endless computer classes. Management is a joke - latest guy was gone for 6 plus months for death in the family and"

CREW SUPPORT (Former Employee) says

"This place pays poor. They have a system that protects them. They allow their Management to Bully employees. They don't give breaks, they lie to crew members, they falsify numbers to make crew legal to fly when they are not. They lie to their partners. They ask you to lie. When I wouldn't lie or go along with the crowd, I was blamed for being Hostile. HAHA if you ask those that know me they say this is not true. They retaliate, and they blame you if you are not in their clickYou can fly for free if there is a seat on the planeUnless you are single you don't get to fly much. Poor pay. Managers Bullies"

Cross Trained Agent (Former Employee) says

"1) Planes are always late/broke down 2) Management doesn't show up for days on end 3) Cross trained agents are to do up to 4 different jobs but are low paid with minimum wage and if they could payer they would... with no raises that are always promised but nothing comes through 4) A cross trained agent makes $8.50 per hourReally nothingLow pay, nobody cares about their jobs/no effective management"

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Company is just a sorority teen age high school competition always being threatened about loosing their own jobs to new more talented people. Not a good company at all to work fornoneeverything"

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Training manager is a liar and formulates ideas about employees that she gossips about to other faculty. Should handle work disputes more professionally. Would not recommend working at this job."

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"I was released a week before graduation because I got nervous on a drill when I calmed down a second later teacher said too late you were unsuccessful after I gave up my job, left my family for 3 weeks and took the drastic cut in pay. They need to work with people more like the larger Airlines. Complete waste of 3 weeks they asked me to return to start over and I would never go back who wants to repeat the entire class they should have said you can come back and pick up where you left off. Insensitive people, low pay, expect the world for the chump change and stress they give you. No Thank you ! I would never recommend them to a soul.Flight BenefitsLow Pay 1350 month, stressful, on call no schedule"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Overworked and underpaid. Terrible upper management. Cheap company. Compensation does not come close to matching what is required of the employee, especially when handling airplanes"

Maintenance (Current Employee) says

"So, if you work the ramp, or customer service. The company looks at you like your disposable. If you work in maintenance, watch your back. People will make it very hard for you to do your job. Management was ok. Great to work with. However, when they turn a blind eye to what's really going on, it makes it that much harder to do your job. I was really excited about working for this company until I saw how they run it and scandalous they really are. It's a good ol boys club and if you don't fit in, your out. Plain and simpleNothingCo workers"

Application (Former Employee) says

"Dramatic company! nothing good about it. the headquarters of company in the states of dramatic states, in dispositions of uncomfortable environment keep it real."

Ramp Agent/Baggage Handler (Former Employee) says

"poor management not fair, favoritism, a lot of supervisors will just take care of there friends in all ways hours, Overtime pay and schedule really bad place to work."

CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT (Current Employee) says

"very poor place to work. you never would recive any credit for a good job done. very little training and if you did get it it was poor. useless porsthey would fire you for anything"

Operations Agent (Former Employee) says

"The GM is a complete douche. Created a very lazy culture, 10 people to turn one plane, doesn't know how to schedule correctly. His favorites do half the work and get promoted. If you are willing to brown nose you will get ahead. People literally clock in and take a nap in the break room. Happens every day. Right in front of supervisors who look the other way. Lots of horseplay on ramp, bunch of idiots out there, love quarrels, etc. Very immature staff including upper management. Tons of unnecessary gossip. Not recommended. If you are lazy and like to do everything but work. This is your station.None.Lazy."