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Skylark was a former Canadian pop/rock band, active during 1971–1973, based in Vancouver, BC.

Jamie Roseman blatantly stated, "Skylark sucks."


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Executive Chef (Former Employee) says

"Owner has a great heart. lack of any knowledge in hospitality industry. work culture does not exist. hardest part is a one man kitchen. very hard place to work."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Terrible administrator. Terrible training. Treat floor staff terribly. Overworked. Secretary is a rude old cow. No consistency anywhere with management. Cons: Administrator. Poor training. Inconsistent. Rude staff. Terrible secretary."

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work the management doesn't care the training is terrible they play favorites and treat the rest of the staff like garbage and the residents dont get treated well either"

Front Desk clerk (Former Employee) says

"My review of the Motel was fine in the office. I did not like the fact that there was only but one way out incase of an emergency. The office was kept clean." Sales executive (Former Employee) says

"Management will not accept any of there faults always bleeming employee pay is also not good , No working ethics, not ready any kind of changes for work"

Cook/Server (Former Employee) says

"It might be a good place to learn restaurant business but not for people who are looking for long-term stability. Most of employees are temporary contractors and part-timers. Therefore, the compensation and securities are minimum. Also the company provides very poor career advancement opportunities."

Assistant Cook (Former Employee) says

"I would only work one day a week so this was very flexible, however hours started at 6-2. I learned the basic cooking routine. Not many skills were required just basic knowledge was needed. Management was always around to help which was an advantage. Most co-workers were rude however i did not let this stop me completing the job. Cons: Unhygienic"

Data Entry Operator (Former Employee) says

"Skylark is new and famous BPO company they chance anyone for working they giving salary with incentive per entry Cons: 2.30 pm to 11pm"

Runner (Former Employee) says

"- Long hours and little breaks Cons: long hours with little breaks, salary"

Quality Analyst (Former Employee) says

"There is an expectation to always be perfect and the attitude towards sick leave is disgusting. However the worst part is that all of the committees and events are control..."

Shop Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Great opportunity to gain experience in the world of retail."

Admin Staff (Former Employee) says

"as a trucking company, I was assigned to do a canvassing for the orders of spare parts needed by a specific car. the management and the workplace was overall good, the cooperation among the team was good as well."

Sorter (Former Employee) says

"it was a low level job, I took it because as someone who hadn't had a job before, I really wasn't in a position to be picky or complain, as the job went on I started to feel isolated and bored Cons: isolation, monotonous work"

Dock Worker (Current Employee) says

"skylark management is one sided towarded the dominated race Mexicans.nothing else to say bout the company I was treated unfair........................"

Line Cook/Prep Cook (Former Employee) says

"it was a little stressful at times but we mad it through the day. i learn how to better my skills. management was okay i cant complain. mixed culture in the workplace.getting along with some of the co-workers was the most hardest because there was a mixed culture environment. the most enjoyably part was make some true friends. Cons: talking to some people that didn't have any interest in me at all"

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