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SkyMiles is the frequent-flyer program of Delta Air Lines that offers points to passengers traveling on most fare types, as well as to consumers who utilize Delta co-branded credit cards, which accumulate towards free awards such as airline tickets, business and first-class upgrades, and luxury products. Created in 1981[1] as the "Delta Air Lines Frequent Flyer Program"; its name was changed to SkyMiles in 1995. Delta claims to have been the first major U.S. airline without mileage expiration, so travelers can redeem awards at their leisure, but others have since followed.[2] The airline also has a separate SkyBonus program that provides small to mid-sized business owners with a way to earn points for trips taken by employees, good towards free flights, upgrades, Silver Medallion status, and other travel awards.

SkyMiles is overlooking massive amounts of value that average travelers could benefit from and the frequent flyer program is hard to understand, according to a report published at by Kyle Potter

"Among the big-time points and miles aficionados, Delta SkyMiles are the butt of every joke. They’re derided as worthless, they get called “SkyPesos.” These so-called experts are missing the point. In focusing on Delta’s admitted shortcomings, they’re overlooking the massive amounts of value that average travelers can squeeze out of Delta SkyMiles. Let us show you what we mean. We’ll be the first to admit that Delta’s frequent flyer program is difficult to understand."


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Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Avoid like toothache. Offer no support and expect miracles. Bullying exists. Expected to staff a 24 hr call centre with no resource or contingency for staff absence. Cons: Long hours in dismal conditions and low pay."

Project Engineer (Former Employee) says

"A company purely focused on the bottom line. Management are only interested in candidates for thier CVs are winning jobs. No interest in professional development."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"KBR a multinational billion dollar company, Call centre in Swindon - which a the most unpleasant working environment this is a rented porta cabin in an industrial estate. This is a small reflection of the inner workings of the Swindon KBR Call Centre."

C&I Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company to work for. Poor facilities including desks and chairs. Not enough toilet and kitchen facilities. Avoid. Poor rates of pay. There is no reward for hard work. You are just a number."

Senior Program Integrator (Former Employee) says

"KBR is a global company with that type of mindset. Their benefits are lousy. Their "corporate culture" is merely lip service, and the leadership is only concerned with their own opportunities."

Machine Operator/Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Not speaking for globally, just Richmond,VA at DuPont the management there is horrendous. None of the managers are college educated and most only have a GED. Most of them lack interpersonal skills and are extremely incompetent. Cons: Everything"

Structural Iron worker (Former Employee) says

"They treated you like you were in a concentration work camp. Management was always very negative and never had anything positive to say. They practiced the good old boy system."

JM Scaffolder (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend this company to no one very clicky and they worked me till they hurt me and I couldn’t do my job than fired me management bunch of idiots Cons: Messed up pay a lot every pay was a issue people still fighting to get payed from weeks ago"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Not worth staying for too long. They don't really care about their employees, they only care about their accounts. They will lie to get you and once you're there they drop the ball."

HVAC tech. foreman (Former Employee) says

"THE WORST company EVER!!!! THEY will steal do blind and lie to your face... This company owes me and many, many more people a lot of money and they need to paid up !!!! Cons: THEY take as much as they can and expect MORE ..."

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Management is hostile and unfair. Its a good ole boy system throughout. Union doesn't support it's workers. They are so quick to write you up for anything."

MWR Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working for our soldiers over seas. I did make new friends and lifted the Morale of the soldiers and contractors. The company however did not meet up to any standards or promises that they had promised. It was all about money in Their pocket at the end of the day. I was put in dangerous situations that could have resulted in my death. Tell the truth and you will be punished."

Lead carpenter/Truck driver/all around heavy equipment operator (Former Employee) says

"I worked for KBR on several contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan. I thought the management was terrible, the entire operation was pathetic, but it paid well working in a war zone. In the beginning they were ok, but then they started hiring people from all over the world and unqualified people from the US that somehow obtained secret clearance which used to be somewhat difficult to get. Once they started handing out clearances to anyone the entire company went down the tubes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Everyone knew you just had to play the game to keep your job. What a waste!"

Tool Room Attendant (Former Employee) says

"They dont give out too many hours due to them not wanting to pay at least minimumwage. they over work their employees at times,since thay are diffferent language they will talk down on their workers in their language."

Piping Designer (Former Employee) says

"KBR is focused on how much you can do for them. Even though they hire you there comes a time when they don’t need you so they let you go with no reason no explanation just walk you out the door. Cons: Alot"

Instructor (Former Employee) says

"Don’t hire people over 50 , age discriminaton for years. One year they took away holidays to pay the share holders. Not a good company to work for. Boys club Cons: Everything"

ICC specialist (Former Employee) says

"Its a shocking company to work for. Management dont care about staff, they dont know what confidentiality is any problem you went to them about within hours the problem was known by everyone personal or not. Cons: Everything"

Mechanic 3 (Former Employee) says

"communication was non existent Team leads are rude and abusive shop supervisors are rude and abusive most all of the other techs acted like 3rd graders tried harder trying to get out of work than just doing there job it took forever to get parts"

Technician 2 (Former Employee) says

"KBRWYLE is a company that is not very friendly with people work with the company for over 15 lyear but could not get hire on only work on small contract jobs for a month or 2 get laid off then call back work again the same way.then I would get pass over for a family member they would get hired instead therefore this is not a good company to work for"

Logistics Clerk (Former Employee) says

"From the start my supervisor and lead did not like me and they did their best to make me quit. I would never recommend this company to work for unless your into highschool drama. Cons: Horrible leadership, clicky like highschool, miserable work environment"

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