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Site selection indicates the practice of new facility location, both for business and government. Site selection involves measuring the needs of a new project against the merits of potential locations. The practice came of age during the 20th century, as governments and corporate operations expanded to new geographies on a national and international scale.

An anonymous former Site Selection employee talks about his experience working for the company on the "Glassdoor" website on April 23, 2020:

"I worked for the business development team in Costa Rica, we had to set up appointments for conference calls and got 10 bucks if the person agreed, we where getting paid 2.90 dollars an our, had to work holidays local and American, with the Covid-19 situation, we tried to make the team know we where expose by going to work, and they didn't allowed us to work from home, we never get paid for any closed deal. So basically they go to a third world country and pay as little as they can, and they are the only ones getting benefits. It's sad because they get rewards in USA but they don't care about the people they have in Costa Rica's Call Center."


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