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Simson Softwares are leading software solutions for insurance brokers in and outside India. Apart from that, Simson also has product for private railway companies(TroMa) and recently also launched a new product “SWAP” for web aggregators. SAIBA insurance broking management and SARB reinsurance broking management software are leading solutions for broking industry.

A Senior Software Developer en Mohali, Punjab claims in a review for GLASSDOOR that Simson Softwares is "Worst company. Stay away" Worst management, Lala company, No appreciation for good employees, Long notice period about 4 months(60 working days) may be extended if client requirements not full fill. Feel like classroom environment not IT environment, Can take only one lunch break, HR can change policy any time. Too far from main road.


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Inventory Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Worked for this company for couple of months. In all my career this was the worst job. Management is clueless & incompetent, co-workers are unfriendly, malicious & bully, they'll belittle new employee & pick on petty things. The management will hire you for one position after couple of weeks they'll press you to take responsibilities of other positions. You'll end up doing the job of three people for the wages of one. HR is inept, won't solve any of your problems. Don't seek employment with this company if you are looking for a long-term employment in cordial working environment.NoneThe worst company to work for"

Mechanic, Electrican, field technician. Foreman. (Former Employee) says

"The long and short of it is there is nothing good about this place anymore. There hasn't been for along time. When I first started working there many years ago I was proud to be apart of the company. It's been a few years now since I've worked there and even now with their current standing I feel embarrassed to let people know I used to work there. By the end of my time the company was on the fast downward spiral. I'm only glad I got out when I did. Do I regret my time there? No. I worked with a lot of great people during my time there. I learned from some great people. I even taught some good people. Unfortunately upper management got this idea in their heads that they could do anything and the public would have no choice but to deal with it. As they were the only Deutz, Perkins, and Industrial Volvo Penta dealer. That was when it all went downhill. As it stands right now I would go out of my way to avoid any dealings with this company now. They are unreliable, in both sales and especially service. Now normally I would never even post a review but I read one that was clearly posted by upper management. It was more like a job posting than a review. Following true to their deceitful ways. Which after all my years working there and seeing this first hand, figured if I can save 1 person from wrecking their career there then it was worth it. I truly hope that Simson-Maxwell learns from the mistakes they have and are currently still making and turns the company around as it could be a great place to work again. But unfortunately at this time it's not.Alot of good people no longer work there anymore.No training, thrown to the wolves, zero customer service, poor company reputation."

Service Admin (Former Employee) says

"Working for SimsonMaxwell was a very disappointing experience after great hype."

Generator / Heavy duty mechanic (Former Employee) says

"Preferential treatment. Use of drugs on site. Disorganized due to inefficiency. High turn over rate. Excellent parts department. Valuable training related to the job."

Service tech (Former Employee) says

"working for Simson Maxwell was as said before very disappointing after all the big hype. A promise of seeing lots of overtime was a shamb - seek approval for anything over one hour! Get real. You are paid less then average ticketed rate to do a dual ticketed job. You aren't compensated for working out of town and if you pay for something on your own dime the company beats around the bush when it comes to reimbursement. Consider yourself warned."

Field/Shop/PM Service Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Service manager likes to run his dept. with fear and intimidation. He tends to tell the employee one story and his senior management a different story. He is very narcissistic and not to be trusted."


"Fun job if your a self starter , there is no direction and management has no clue .Very minimal training ,and advancement,put into situations of promises and no follow through with company , run by other branch administrator with no clue of geoghrapy or job scope, terrible data entry records or cordinators just to lazy to care , or undertrained! Was dismissed for no apparent reason and told corporate restructuring! No notice walk in and gone , alot of hard work for nothing!Copany vehicle, BenefitsPay cuts and pension cancelled reduced work hours"

Service Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"very busy throughout day coordinating service calls with customers and technicians. Technicians very easy to work with and accommodating through out the day as needed."

Shop Foreman (Former Employee) says

"very low morale , Very unorganized ,Very bad discussion making and planing, very little social skills, lack in training for there productfree lunch every three monthslocation"

Office Administrator & Safety Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Working with Simson Maxwell was like working with Family. Every one worked close and everyone got along great. Company functions were a big part in every day, As the president would say ``if you weren`t having fun at least 3 out of 5 days then you weren`t happy with your job``"

R Speechley says

"Con artist middle men. Do not use this scam site, ripping off people who think its the gov website, they are crooks charging ridiculous amounts and fooling gullible people. The genuine website is this website will not let me post the full website but genuine sites are not which indicates a commercial company therefore conmen"

Vicky says

"I ordered x2 birth certificates on the 26th September 2019 absolutely annoyed is an understatement.!! I still haven't received them and it's the end of November 2019.!! Not a good time and now lost over £45 :( STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY..!!"

Michelle Simson says

"Wished I came on this site to read reviews! Ordered birth certificate on 1/10/19 on uk website! Paid £22. Thought it was a genuine website. Still nothing and can’t find phone number for them! Can not afford to lose money as a single parent with the run up to Xmas. Will be reporting them!"

Tina Theobald says

"Stupidly ordered from this site thinking it wS a trusted organisation received a email stating there was a problem sent several emails and no reply have been scammed out of money feel devastated that I have list money to scammers I'm going to report this to police now as I can't afford to lose money"

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