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Silversea Cruises is a luxury cruise line with its headquarters in Monaco owned by Royal Caribbean Group. Founded in 1994 by the Vlasov Group of Monaco and the Lefebvre family of Rome it pioneered all-inclusive cruising with its first ship, Silver Cloud. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd acquired a 67% controlling stake in June 2018, and subsequently took full ownership of Silversea in July 2020.

Ted, a monumentally dissatisfied passenger says about his experience, "Expensive cruise (cost me 10k with flight). [Silversea] staff never bothered (only waiters giving out drinks all the time). Partially disabled and ordered wheelchair to board the ship. When I arrived was told none available they had ran out but only a couple of yards to walk or wait 1/2 hour. I walked, Almost 100 yards. Struggled. Passengers asked if I needed help. Staff didn't bother to help. Lots of restaurants but charged 60 dollars extra in some. Food varied but always luke warm. Breakfast in cabin always came wrong. I complained the first time, to no avail. Even staff when standing next to doors seldom held open for you. Ignorant. The service wasn't as advertised. Packing case/unpacking. Paper on floor after cleaner had come in to clean. Was fed up with it all. The first night was asked if I wanted to sit with someone. I prefer this but was never asked again. Passengers asked me if I wanted to join them though. Found attention from passengers embarrassing- but very thoughtful . I'm not one to seek attention. I didn't think after complaining to steward I wanted to complain anymore and cause to be be singled out by the staff. I decided to leave after 3 days.

I wrote to Silversea to ask for partial refund. 500 dollar onboard credit never spent (couldn't have all been profit) but refused. The cabin was on standby and only booked a couple of weeks before. Cancellation I expect. Silver Spirit did offer 1k on future cruise. This was the last of finances and now on state pension and a bit of disability. Which I did convey to them. So impossible for me a future cruise. This was the cruise of a lifetime for me and the last one. Anyway if free wouldn't go again. Just a bog standard reply from them I expect. They really don't care (well, they do when you book) minutes to answer the phone. Week when you complain. Sign of the times."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Huge blame culture, micro management. Not able to take annual leave, no consistency between departments and how staff are treated. Senior management are looking to blame and find errors as opposed to nurture and develop their teams. Very unhappy atmosphere. No outlook on a changing travel industry. To focused on big money sales of HNW clients."

Former Employee - Personal Cruise Consultant says

"Very hard to earn commission and yourmicro managed"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"no moral or work ethics toward staff"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The management do not care about the staff - its all about the money The upper management have unrealistic expectations, do not value the staff, they are rude - they do not seem to know the meaning of motivation"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"None. I cant yjink of any"

Former Employee - None-ya-Business says

"Sr. Management is totally misaligned and the silos work against each other. Global politics are causing stress, friction and waste a lot of money. Morale amongst the colleagues is hitting new all-time lows monthly. Owner thrives on "Game of Thrones" in his company. To top it all off, the office location in downtown Miami is the ultimate commuter's nightmare."

Current Employee - Graphic Designer says

"There are many staff changes which makes it an unstable work."

Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"Difficult management who put ego before company Politics get in the way of achieving goals"

Former Employee - Deck Department says

"Very small crew cabins. Food sometimes not good quality. The company is an Italian clique. No meritocracy in employees handling & promotions. Very bad behaviour from some superiors."

Former Employee - Sales Consultant says

"Very cliquey, management have their favourites and let you know No training given to the Trainers/assistant managers who have zero idea how to speak to you Atmosphere is really strange, feels like a law office or something No diversity, only Europeans Never seen so many emails in any job! Turnover of staff is very high staff who have been there for a long time think they are above you Management comes from Monaco and they have no idea what's going on"

Entertainer (Former Employee) says

"Horrible, abusive managers. CEO who doesn't care about complaints from guests. Alcoholic bosses. Biased managers to pretty girls. Uncaring HR Manager. Bad production value of shows. Company doesn't put money into things that don't make them money (aka entertainment). SMOKING in the one place crew can hang out (bar)."

Entertainment Dept. (Former Employee) says

"This company has a lot to learn when it comes to treating their front men and women with respect. After three contracts with Silversea, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. There are many other companies to work for if you are seeking a job at sea that will treat you with respect. This company is as old fashioned and cut throat as it comes. The majority of officers are pigs who have a wife at home and still have little competittions to see who can sleep with the most girls (dancers) in the entertainment staff. Terrible living conditions and pay for the amount of work expected. Stay far away from Silversea!Wake up in a new place every dayRead my comments"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Italian management. I was told by my direct boss not to hire older applicants -- this is illegal as far as I know. If you're over 40 they'll discriminate against you. Inexperienced staff were given more money than those who had put in the time. A small group of hard workers took on the major workload while the direct sales staff weren't required to learn anything or really service the clients, just close the sale.Upper management refused to listen to complaints or address the issues.Travel benefitsKnow-nothing executives get a bonus for the hard work of others"

Sr. It Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Started at 7 am and usually didn't end until 430-5pm how to expedite issues the workplace culture is a lot to be desired it is very cut throat and unless you are part of the "clique" they will make your life intolerable It is a a European company and with the Italian culture it is very difficult. One half of the company wants hands on help while the other wants you tethered to a chairvery energetic non stop work which I liketoo many chiefs telling you contradicting guidelines, "favoritism" is a way of life here if you are not liked by certain people you will be miserable"

Bar waiter (Former Employee) says

"Early duty,longday at work,good management and accommodated. Learn always new skills,briefing with co-workers regards to safety and life at sea.The hardest part of the job are when the ship moves and the sea are rough and everything are moving.The most enjoyable part of the job are when you see most places on earth.Free everythingLong hours"

2nd Officer (Former Employee) says

"Good balance of working hours, as navigation officer i had good resting hours, manageable secondary duties, Workplace culture should improve, Skilled Management.Shorter contracts for officers"

Cruise Consultant (Former Employee) says

"many complaints sent in to RCCL regarding living conditions and treatment of crew onboard. although "official" hours are at least 6 per day, you regularly work closer to 10-11 per day."

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Diverse workplace with so many different cultures. Friendly staff/crew but extremely poor management. This company does not allow people who deserve it to progress, hence the massive turnover. Management and HR act like they are in the army and they rather punish than give good feedback. The crew is treated really badly which is a shame, otherwise, his could have been a good company.Free lunch and accommodationShort breaks or no breaks at all"

Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Typical corporate environment with all its rules and bureaucracy. But they do have nice benefits and the salary is fairly competitive. Also, free cruise a year."

Retail (Former Employee) says

"Très stressant mais bon avantages, expérience de vie mais pas pour toujours"

Service Assistant / Waiter (Former Employee) says

"If you r good they keep you in the same position to teach others. If you ask, they will find an excuse, if you say you quit, then they promise you everything..."

Reservation Agent (Former Employee) says

"The Sales Coaches are so unprofessional its incredible how they achieve any stats, monitoring is non existent hopefully with Royal Caribbean as the new Owner, the ethics will get better in The Reservations department. Commission structure never comes out with a report, you never know why you got what they gave you,always guessing.Amazing Hr departmentReservation department needs help"

Assistant Waiter (Former Employee) says

"lacking in promotional growth, job secruity & stability lacking in benefitsduty mealslong hours"

Barbara Edwards says

"Booked a cruise around the UK from, and back to Tower Bridge in November 2018. Paid in full December 2018.We were to travel 13th May 2020 In March 2020 the country went into lockdown, particularly badly hit was London. The cruise was cancelled, as was always going to happen, on 24th April. This in my view was far too late, as with the circumstances as they were it would have been extremely stupid for a cruise to depart from London, with I suspect many people who were over 70 and considered vulnerable. We were in that category. I telephoned Silversea several times, to always be told the same "at the moment the cruise will still be sailing" We now have to wait between 60 and 90 days to be refunded a considerable amount of money because they have insufficient staff to deal with the demand for refunds. Why? Because they have furloughed the staff and our government are paying them. They will have had our cash for over 18 months, assuming we get our refund in their timeframe. The staff on the telephone are very polite, and I feel sad that they work for such a poorly run company. Apparently they didn't see this demand coming! It was the first cruise we had booked with them, we did it on recommend, but would never use them again. Other cruise companies are treating customers much better. Very Disappointed"

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