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Connexity (formally Connexity Inc.) is a privately held Los Angeles operator of shopping web sites, including Originally started as comparison shopping website, the company changed its name to Shopzilla in 2004, and changed again to Connexity in 2014.Connexity operates websites serving consumers and retailers in the U.S., UK, French and German markets. The company is he


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David Heenan says

"PayPal and billity are in collusion with this company. they offer items for sale, when you purchase the item (and pay with PayPal because you thought you were protected), the vendor sends you an item with a value of a few pence. When you complain they tell you you must return the item for a refund, however the postage is way more than the item is worth. When you ask PayPal to resolve the dispute they find against you and in favour of the fraudulent retailer. In this case Three Kindoms."

MrBbarreda says

"I placed an order for a aerator on Shopzima and they quickly took my money but after payment through Paypal I was dropped from their website. When I went back complain with Paypal they said there was nothing they could do. I never received a confirmation of payment or any information regarding my purchase other than from Paypal that the money was subtracted from my account. I tried to e-mail several times with no respond from Shopzima. I am in the process of trying to get my money back, but I think it is a lost cause. I wanted to put this review out so no one else falls prey to this company."

YaBoiHue says

"ThEy OpErAtE bOtS!"

Eshay Francois says

"I have been trying to ask questions about uploading my files onto this net work which was called Shopzilla and peculiarly now called Connexity. They took my $100 and never told me that my items didn’t qualify until I called them over 10 times due to the FACT that I could no longer login to the system. This one person team, told me oh sorry your items don’t qualify. Um, if my items didn’t qualify WHY did you take my money and why don’t you have a list of requirements? From my experience BAD BUSINESS and I don’t recommend it!"

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