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Beachbody LLC is a privately-held American multi-level marketing company that uses direct response infomercials, e-commerce, and individual sales consultants to sell home-exercise videos and dietary supplements. The company was founded in 1998 in Santa Monica, California. Their products include P90X.

Lehandra L. from Maple Grove, MN shared her experience using Shakeology in a review she wrote for INFLUESTER: "Okay, I’m going to be really honest here as I feel as though many reviews on this product made me done by BB coaches who have a vested interest in this product. Here goes- shakeology is the most disgusting them I have ever tried. Initially, the taste seems somewhat tolerable until the after taste hits you. I have tried this, my husband, and many of my friends and I have yet to meet anyone who enjoys shakeology outside of those within BB. I was recommended to try this product blended with other things; however, to me, the taste didn’t really seem to improve much and I was able to find better products on the markets that didn’t cost half as much as shakeology and tasted much better in my opinion. I’m sad that I have a draw full of this product that I will never use. Save your money"


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Independent Coach (Former Employee) says

"The company only cares about making money selling consumable products. While they do offer workout programs, the job is more about pushing the companies "health drink" and sport performance supplements. Other coaches will poach your customers if your not careful as wellwork from home business opportunityextremely cutthroat, you'll end up spending more money than you make"

Fitness Trainer (Current Employee) says

"Team beachbody is a great fitness company but people who would want to be successful with them you have to use professional development and have someone to look up to."

A Fitness & Health Coach & Independent Distributor (Former Employee) says

"Check up on People I Coached . Do Office Work Online . Leads Generator System .My Advertising and Distributing. Training the Coaches under me .The Caring for others .No Benefits, Not a guarantee Pay Check"

Venta y Servicio al cliente (Current Employee) says

"You sit in front of your computer trying to get someone to buy the product. You meet a lot of people and it is a good experience. It can suck the life out of you, and you may or may not make money. Everyone is great. Hardest part is to build your network with people that can do this. Time with the family.You can become a millionaire with these type of businessesYou may also go broke if you only rely on it and can't find people."

Fitness Coach and Coach Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend Team Beachbody because it is not what it proposes to be. It's a numbers game of how many products can be sold as well as how many people can be recruited into Team Beachbody."

Health & Wellness Coach (Former Employee) says

"The CEO has a great heart. The community is fantastic but they are going in a direction of more & more sales vs helping people. The constant demand for social media presence is exhausting! They tend to cater to the Super Star Diamonds in breaking policy which was devastating to learn. My heart went elsewhere.CommunityNo privacy, popularity contest"

HEALTH AND WELLNESS COACH (Former Employee) says

"get up, post on facebook about fitness, nutrition , exercise, family and supplements ,exercise programs through various marketing techniques.I read self help books, attempted word press, spend money on websites, and SEO, branding etc.Workplace culture was the best part because we all had the same goal to live healthy and fit lifestyles and the products were outstanding. I enjoyed being with the other coaches at the summits and going to different trips although it was costly and not a job where I profited from . Most of my retirement money was invested in what I hoped to be a successful business and it from homeno income, no benefits"

Independent Team Beachbody Coach (Former Employee) says

"You have to first go through your list of friends and family that want to lose weight or start a business helping people lose weight. You need a really good coach to help you do this effectively, if not you will go no where or it will be insanely hard to do so. You have to commit to it like it's a business. Part time work with full time pay is not realistic at first, maybe somewhere down the line.great seminarsno healthcare, no guidance, need a team or a coach that will walk, you through it like on the job training."


"If working for only commission is ok with you, Team Beachbody is a pretty good opportunity. This is network marketing. You have the potential to make quite a bit of an income, but it can hard because of customer retention. It is a working from home opportunity, where you do have to purchase their product monthly, but the product, Shakeology, is great. I loved using the programs, and still use them, as they do deliver results if you are consistent. A typical day is posting, posting, and posting some more on social media, and responding to interested parties. It can get frustrating when you try to get in contact with people who showed interest and they do not respond, but there are plenty of people to go around. The trips and other prizes you can earn are amazing, and it is a high-energy company with a lot of nice people.Prizes, trips, unlimited income, great way to get fit and healthy while working.Customer retention, performance based only, no paid time off."

Independent Fitness Coach (Former Employee) says

"well..... its a pyramid scheme. They make money off of you and the people you get to join your team. They require you to spend money in order to "make money""

Independent Fitness Coach (Former Employee) says

"You make your own hours so it is a great flexible job, but they require you to invest too much of your own money. It is easy to make supplemental income, but you have to look at all the costs that they require of you."

Coach (Former Employee) says

"I liked the idea of working for beachbody more than I actually enjoyed it. I did it for my own goals, and helped others along the way. I did make some great ranks, helped a couple handfuls of people, but in the long run I needed to grow in other ways."


"Absolutely horrible company. Never received product and I canceled services but they still took out money. Like it took the company over 4 weeks to ship products and I canceled and still did NOT receive the products. Stay away. If you want to lose weight it’s simple eat healthy, drink water, and exercise. Stay away for multi level marketing group"

Krisdan Rackley says

"Terrible customer service. I had money taken from my account, last month and they could never “find” the charges and wouldn’t refund me. I cancelled everything on the spot. I had to file a claim with my bank and still haven’t received the money back. I checked my account and had additional money taken from my account and they do not have my new debit card information. Such a disaster. Nobody can help me."

Randy Holm says

"The customer support is horrible. We tried to cancel and it is extremely difficult. It is a trap"

Tanya Moore says

"Be careful, they will charge you THOUSANDS of dollars over time without you noticing."

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