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SGL Carbon SE is a European company based in Germany. It is one of the world's leading manufacturers of products from carbon. The company portfolio ranges from carbon and graphite materials and solutions to carbon fibers and composites.


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Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Very poor management here. There's no future for advancement. Wages are poor. Very hostile environment. The filthy, unhealthy carbon dust there will give you cancer, copd, and other lung diseases.Big parking lotPoor wages, No future advancement, Health hazard, Hostile environment, Etc."

Millwright (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend anyone to go here in the maintenance department due to the fact that the management over this department is backstabbing and do not care one bit about the workers at all. I worked here,was injured within my 90 day probation period and I was told when it happened that it was not good I got hurt. Management extended my 90days up to 120 days probation and set me up to be let go after my 92nd day on the job. Maintenance department manager is a joke and will stab anyone in the back to get ahead in this company. Highly recommend no one try for this position!PayMaintenance management is a joke"

Maintenance Manager (Former Employee) says

"SGL was very departmentalized with everyone looking out for themselves. Very political environment with upper management making poor decisions and middle management being the scapegoat when things went poorly.compensationlong hours and no team atmosphere"

Supervisor/Manager (Current Employee) says

"There are some good managers and people there. But the managers that REALLY call the shots are terrible. They have a book of rules, but only use them when it’s convenient. Encourage you to break them, if they like you they will defend you, but if they don’t like you they throw you under the bus. The project is hurting for help so much that they are calling people that flipped burgers a year ago managers, and offer little support to try to set you up for success. Watch the media, it’s obviously way over budget, and on the verge of bankrupting 3 of the biggest civil GCs in the US. The culture is just bad and dangerous. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere if you can, but if you take the pay... be careful. I’m still here, but looking to leave soon.The pay is goodDangerous people who take extremely unnecessary risk to shave dollars off the bottom line"

Production Operator (Current Employee) says

"There's potential to make a lot of money. Lots of forced overtime and long 12 hour shifts. Benefits are changing and are going bad. In a lot of trouble to bonuses and cost of living increases cut.PaychecksForced overtime"

Teilbereichsleiter u. Arbeitsvorbereitung (Current Employee) says

"zuviele Narzisten in Führungs Positionen! Führung lässt zu wünschen übrig! die Mitarbeiter werden schlecht nach Qualitäten eingeschätzt.Gute Arbeitszeiten, IG MetalMenschliche schwächen sind groß!"

FLT Driver/Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"You are watched on cctv all the time and they dont like you standing around when it is not busy. You are expected to find something to do evenwhen there is nothing to be done in your department."

manutentore meccanico (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente di lavoro troppo stressante troppe ore di lavoro"

tecnico carrelli elevatori (Former Employee) says

"ambiente di lavoro stressante , con troppe ore di lavoro"

Janitor (Former Employee) says

"As a janitor the job is very relaxed you on your own but it can get stressful other employees complain. You neva get a raise and never get full time. Overall the job is okay I would recommend it to others but will let them know no future in it that’s the worst. The bosses are very nice and respectful the coworkers are helpful if needed. The work environment is good and I work less than 2 miles from my home. The hardest part is lifting really heavy big trash bags but if help is need some of the guys will help there is no women on the work floor .Close to homeNo full time for janitor position"

Excavator Operator (Former Employee) says

"Joe is the best boss man and the management sucks some superintendents hold grudges and will lie to get you fired but every foreman I worked for there was great and did what they had to to keep everyone safe"