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Serafini Transportation Corp, is a company that specializes delivery of exceptional transportation services.

A upset former employee said this in a review about the work environment "I didn't like working for Serafini. They have poor communication skills, improper training, low wages and no benefits. Too much of back stabbing, gossiping and immature that went on this company. Run!!!"


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Bus Monitor (Former Employee) says

"I didn't like working for this company. They have poor communication skills, improper training, low wages and no benefits. Too much of back stabbing, gossiping and immature that went on this company. Run!!! Cons: Immature, poor communication, gossiping, lack of training"

Bus Monitor (Former Employee) says

"The building is not well maintained, the management is sketchy at best, good luck getting full time hours if you're not a driver and the place was audited after I left and found that I wasn't being paid properly and had to send me TWO checks after the audit."

Bus monitor (Former Employee) says

"Minimum wage at any given time. Once a month bonus for perfect attendance and cleaning bus. Long breaks spent in the breakroom upstairs. Not on the clock all day. Monitors have to clean up urine and vomit. Annual Christmas party. Even kids as young at 4 or 5 swear."

Bus Monitor (Former Employee) says

"You start at 6:30am and usually don't end until 5pm. I learned about differernt personalities. Management was good. The work place culture was more for special needs people/ children to get to school/work in a safe manor. The hardest part of the job was getting the wheelchairs on the bus and strapping them down securely. The most enjoyable part of the job was the people i worked with on a daily basis."

Bus Monitor (Former Employee) says

"I meet some very nice people and some not so nice but I did my job they had they pets that they would send out more than others I was not one it was a lot of drama there no good work environment at all bathroom not well kept and sometimes not working"

Office Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Mostly I answered the phone and took requests for medi-van transportation trips. I also keyed transportation schedules for the following day and I completed the billing costs sheets for the trips. I learned how to complete billing for Medicaid clients and I would fax the completed forms weekly to the Medicaid office in Binghamton. I would also complete financial reports and fax them to the owner Nick Serafini on a daily basis. The hardest part of the job was listening for the incoming faxes while answering the phone. Multi-tasking I could handle as I was used to it from my previous jobs. The most enjoyable part of my job was pay day which was every Friday. Cons: No healthcare"

Anthony Smith says

"Delivery time (from China) was excellent but $85 for a clear and obvious fake. I would avoid this website at all costs."

Leo Serafico says

"I ordered a 59$ jersey and they charged my card with 81$ and I was nervous about buying from the site in the first place and that didnt help. I still havent received the package cuz I just ordered but right off the bat this happened. I'll see if I can get the money back but no one's answering. Very bad/sketchy website."

Asif Mahmood says

"Took over a month to deliver & the Juventus 4th strip is actually a fake, will never be ordering from this company. Also when I’ve attempted to re-deliver the product the company as of yet don’t seem to accept it, they have missed delivery 6 times so far, so be very aware of this company."


"I ordered a Jersey 1 month ago i haven't nothing yet, I don't what's going on ,am really disappointed"

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