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Robert Schostak is a political consultant and former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, having replaced Ron Weiser.In 2011, Schostak was first elected Party Chairman for the Michigan Republican Party, and invested heavily in new campaign technologies, including the MI Team Dashboard and a more user-friendly 2013, Schostak was re-elected as Chairman of the Michigan Republican


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Bar Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not a good company poor management uneducated gm’s judgmental according to personal images. I would never work for a company that lies and pressures like they did"

Wendy's Crew Member (Current Employee) says

"Management is very poor, crewmen aren’t very nice what so ever, I’ve been working there for a month or so and how I feel about it is that I wouldn’t let my own family members work there. I get yelled at all the time by management, stuff thrown at me, hit in the head, treated like dirt."

Na (Current Employee) says

"This company turns a blind eye to employees. They act like employees do not matter. No training. Just an awful place to work. You really need to address the people you placed in upper management"

Assistant manager for Wendy’s (Former Employee) says

"Do not let them hype you up, they portray this upstanding image but are just as conniving and greedy as anyone else. They are dishonest and sneaky, definitely do not recommend"

Kitchen key/Neighborhood expert (Former Employee) says

"I recieved raises late!,i opened that store weekends and they had me literally hostage or i was fired for declining a double shift!That's their system Cons: No breaks after 8hr shifts (livonia)"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"didn't matter if my team and i was good at our job, the egos above didn't like us and had us all fired. store hasn't been the same since.If it wasn't for my team I would of hated being there , but I loved them because my boss was too much."

Wendy’s Crew Member/Cashier/Cook (Former Employee) says

"My time with them wasn’t horrible, but they only recently upped their pay to $11/hr. When I worked for them, they kept it at $9.45/hr, even after they promised increases in payment after 6 months, I never received it."

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"On paper, this company preaches the Holy Grail about culture and reality, it’s non-existent. Prepared food item labels are repeatedly changed to new dates after they reach the expired dates. This is rampant in all of their Applebee’s. How nobody has gotten sick is mind boggling. Line checks are all pencil whipped. Stores are disgustingly dirty in the kitchen and coolers. Staff are miserable and absolutely despise working Stay far away from this company. There is zero work/life balance.there."

Assistant General Manager (Current Employee) says

"If you are new to the company, you are treated very well. However, if you have been here for 10 or more years, they show no appreciation for loyalty."

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balance"

Crew Member (Current Employee) says

"they don’t treat the manager or the crew with respect. they over work the managers, 5:30 am-12am, for multiple days on end. there is hardly any Communication"

General Manager (Current Employee) says

"TSFR is, for the most part, a good company to work for. The parent company is a Real Estate firm so they have a leg up in the industry on selecting good property. Overall, they have a strong value structure that is very important to Senior Leadership but in practice they pick and choose when to live their values at all levels. So it's great to hear people talk about what's important but on the flip it isn't truly lived. Work/life balance is what you make of it, depending on the brand, as working in restaurants is tough. GM's are fairly compensated but their opportunity lies in their hourly workers. Most other competitors hire higher than what they offer. What strikes me as most confusing is they think and operate as a 'small family business' even though they employ over 7,000 people on the restaurant side and generate revenue of $100mil+ on the Real Estate side - and are constantly expanding. Leadership needs to realize they need to behave like the larger corporation they are. If they did, I think they would act differently about how they deploy their culture and would see higher retention which is sorely needed. Cons: Growth is nearly non-existent in positions above GM. With 5 brands being lead by different people, there is an equity gap in how culture is lived"